Bringing Coats for Kids in Need

(quiet guitar music) – So today we had approximately, a little bit over 100 children, and we had coats for all
the kids, different sizes. It was really interesting
to see how happy they were. – This is fantastic. The reserve has been excited,
the kids are excited. This is the very first time
this event ever happened, and the first of its
kind actually in Canada. – There is need for Coats for Kids. Where in the wintertime, the skin gets frostbite very easily. – Our Supreme Knight Carl Anderson said, okay, I want to see if
we can improve relations with the Native-Americans
in the United States and First Nations in this country. And so the Coats for Kids
program is one of those where we have a visible sign
of The Knights of Columbus to look after people. God is great. – I am hopeful the the Knights of Columbus can be an instrument of continued
healing and reconciliation with First Nation’s people
and with native communities. – Well, the tangible things for each of these young children,
young boys, and young girls that just saw, you can see
the excitement in their faces. So when they come home to
their mom and dad tonight, they’ll say, look what I got. And I think the fact that our Knights as a fraternal organization
is part of this, believe me, the rewards are gonna be many and the benefits will be life-lasting.

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