Bridal Gown American Bustle Tutorial & How To Make The Loops. Avoid Paying High Priced Alterations.

Welcome to Jiex DIY! In this video, I’m granting
2 requests from my channel. Um… one is to make the loop… this loop is for the bustle. Someone requested that I would do it in a slow motion. So she can see how I do it! And second, it is to do the up bustle more than 1. So I have 3 here. I already sewed the buttons on. So
now I’m just going to make the last loop. I already did 2 of them. So first, I have my thread ready. So I doubled it. And I’m going to thread my needle. So I have four. Okay, Let’s pretend that the bride is wearing her dress. This dress don’t really fit on
my mannequin. But… Pick up the center! This is the center back here. And then, pin it up…there. And then just play around with it. And… pin it where the princess line in the back. Or princess dart, whatever. Some people call it princess line, some people call it princess dart. Just like that! That way it shows her beads and applique. And so now, I’m just gonna
finish one loop because I already did the other two. So… sew it like that! Okay, so grab your thread. Repeat it 20 to 22 times until is big enough for your button. I think it’s big enough. Just make your when you sew your loop in that it’s flat. The lining is all flat and lined up with the chiffon or whatever the shell of the dress. And Flip it! Wrap it around 3 times and pull it through. Just to make sure, do it again. That way it will not come off. And it’s done! Take the pin off! Okay! So twist your loop, and put your
button through, same with the center…twist it. Because if you don’t twist it then it will come off while she’s dancing around. Opps! There, you go! It’s done!!! I hope this is helpful to you! And until next time, this is Jiex sharing the joy of sewing one
stitch at a time!

26 thoughts on “Bridal Gown American Bustle Tutorial & How To Make The Loops. Avoid Paying High Priced Alterations.

  1. Hello Jiex, my daughters wedding dress is a handkerchief style. I'm finding it really hard to try and do the bustle, would you have any suggestions? I wish I could send a picture for you to see. Thank you, Brenda

  2. Thank you so much. I am taking in a wedding dress for a friend, and had no idea how to bustle a dress, which she also needs to have done. You have saved me hours of anxiety on trying how to figure this out. You are a great teacher!

  3. Thank you for this! My daughter has a high-low style dress for a school dance and the low part is just a bit longer than she liked and didn't want it to get stepped on. So when she picked up the back part of the dress into a bustle, the lightbulb went off haha. Thank you for demonstrating how to make the loop.

  4. Great video – very clear instructions and demonstration. The bridal store wanted $100 to do a single bustle on my soon to be daughter in law. They are on a budget so every dollar counts. Thanks for showing me how to do this.

  5. Many thanks for the excellent instruction and very helpful hints. I've been sewing for many years, but you taught a couple of great tricks!

  6. Hi, my skirt and the lining are both about the same length. Do I put bustle buttons on both, or just sew them together with the buttons and where the loops go?

  7. This is insane!! I'm looking at the dress and noticed that it is my same exact gown! I'm having a hard time finding someone reliable that can do this for a reasonable price.

  8. UPDATE: I found a seamstress who works from home and only charged me $15 to do this and it looks amazing thanks to this video that she referenced before touching my dress!

  9. great video!!! Thank you so much! I was really panicked to try this, but found your step by step instructions very thorough.

  10. wow she used that type of pin some fabrics are very delicate and will leave a big hole in it than around the bottoms you can see all shrink thats what you get when trying to get a cheap inexperience person to do your alterations

  11. I was looking for a way to bustle the train on a black prom dress. I like this technique! Thank you for posting this great tip.

  12. Jiex, I am so thankful I came across your tutorial. I've been sewing for over 40 years, but had never bustled a wedding dress. This was a daunting task, but what you demonstrated was exactly what I needed to see. Blessing sweet lady!

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