Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel Today I’m joined with one of my sisters Hello, I’m Ricky It is October that means, that it’s Halloween season Τhis entire month is literally Halloween. I don’t care if anybody says HALLOW-tober *I hated that* So few weeks ago Safiya Nygaard filmed a video where she had her boyfriend Tyler, go to the store and buy her a bunch of different outfits that she thought would look good on her So for today’s video, me and Ricky are copying her because we’re unoriginal And we both … Hey, we maybe gave it a twist! … We gave it a twist, we did! So we both went to the Halloween store and picked out three different costumes So we don’t have boyfriends, so we’re being substitute boyfriends today Yeah For each other Yeah So … Tinder is not going too well, Ricky’s asexual so … Exactly! Basically we picked out three costumes for the other person and at the end We’re gonna choose which costume we liked the best and then put a makeup look on The person to match with the costume So we have like go above and beyond here! So Ricky’s about to show me his costumes that he picked up for me He has been SO serious all day long about me not seeing them like literally … Yo! I’m all about like a natural reaction surprised I don’t want him peek, so he didn’t he didn’t see ’em Okay, without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started! Let’s pick it somethin’ spooky! Okay, wooo sweet! Right? Okay! My favorite word right now! Alright don’t look yet! Ricky, we’re filming the video! Don’t look!! OKAAAY! I’m not looking! So this is called… Sinister Sister *Screams* I just walked in, and my eyes went to that and I’m like no way! So I had to get it for … You’re kidding! my favourite sister! YES! But I have some items too, so hold onto that! Okay A nice weapon Ooooh! So you gonna walk around and be like a scary sister Okay You know A spooky sister And then I also uhm, go … Ricky I’m still not looking Okay let’s go and try it on, okay! Or else! *Gasp* Oh my God Hi sisters! *Giggles* Uhm okay, the next one. *Gasp* This one’s good It’s the original IT *OOOOHH* I didn’t want to just be basic and be like “Oh wow Pennywise” So I got some more fun things for it. I got you clown shoes Aren’t they great? Aha! I got a clown horn! *Squeezes* Go and try it on Okay! Show me your inner clown Okay! *Horn sound* I want to die This is your punishment for dragging the IT movie *OOH* Alright the last look is probably my favorite one Took me a while to find something that I wanted to do, but I thought I was like “okay” It’s like a “sexy Pikachu” costume Oh, love that! Yeah, that’s fun! If you’re gonna have your pokeball purse OOOOH, love that! And you just carry a random pokeball cause you’re a Pokemon Oh my God you really went a lot for this ideas … I did! As I was checking out, I saw this and I was like “I have to do it” Oh my God A matching fidget spinner! Ooh … It’s Pikachu colours Could’ve definitely wouldn’t thought that *Giggles* Okay, so honestly, like those three were all kinda, like “looks”, so you kinda did … J: A really good job
R: I went for it, right? Yeah! Thanks! Hopefully my costumes are equally as good (They’re not) They better be! After trying all three those on, I think that my favourite one that I want you to do the make up on me for is Sister Pikachu Good, I hope you say that Okay Yeah, I have a cool thing in mind so Okay Let’s do it! Okay, so let’s go head over to the beauty studio, and get glam! So let’s get started! Hello, sisters! We are now in the glam room, and I have my cute little Pikachu costume on Honestly kinda living for this look, I have really … R: It is pretty!
J: It’s like the cutest ever! So I’m gonna pull off my lashes.. This makeup has been on, oh my God for like, eight hours now! And this feels amazing After like a full day make up, I look like this So, Ricky is now going to do my makeup over top of my makeup Which is gonna be the most disgusting thing ever … R: Yeah
J: But … If you couldn’t tell my makeup has been done! Gotcha! R: James …
J: I’m sure they couldn’t tell! Okay, what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna give a nice classic Pikachu look here Pikachu is yellow I’m gonna give James yellow foundation, and then give him a nice red cheek Can’t wait! So today, I’m gonna be using this … “Makeup forever Pro” flash palette Yeap! Look at me This feels absolutely disgusting *Boop boop boop blab blab* R: Now I’m going to blend
J: We love a beauty guru R: You’re a great client!
J: Oh, thank you so much You’re welcome! That’s enough Mmm, nice and blended Yeah! Uhm, I’m going to give him red little circles cuz Pikachu Has his red circles when he uses, like his attacks.. They like light up! *Gasp* Oh my God R: That’s fun!
J: Fun?? *fun* *FUN* *fun* Other side was better, but whatever Okay, so here is the finished product, as you can see I turned this regular boy into an actual Pikachu J: Mmm thank you!
R: Welcome! Well, this is what we came up with R: Yeah, not bad honestly
J: Honestly not but If you guys enjoyed today’s video *please* don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and subscribe If you haven’t already, click on the notifications bell I post videos, sometimes during the week And I would love to have you join the sisterhood Like we said in the beginnin’ of this video it is officially October meaning it is Halloween month I have so many fun Halloween videos planned so definitely leave me comment down below Tell me what you guys want to see me do for Halloween costumes and tutorials Don’t comment Pikachu, cause, you already got it! We’re now realizing that we planned this very very poorly, because now you can see Ricky’s final look But! In our defence, there’s a full fashion show to other very good Halloween costumes that I picked up for Ricky over in his channel, and then I did this J: Wonderful vampire make up
R: Yeah, you can see this process So, go over to Ricky’s channel, subscribe if you have not already, and check that video out because That one is also going to be equally as interesting, if not more interesting than this one If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey, you can follow me at Instagram or Twitter They’re both as “James Charles”, and my Snapchat for behind the scenes stuff is “James Charles” then an extra “s” after “Charles” And all of Ricky’s social media will be down below R: You do that pretty fast!
J: I know But you can like understand that, I understood what he said This week’s sister shoutout goes to Julia! Thank you so much girl for always following and supporting, you know I love you so much! If you’d like to be the next video sister shout make sure always re-tweet the video links when they go live on Twitter Alright guys! Thank you so much for watching, we love you so much! Happy Halloween month and I’ll see you in the next one! Goodbye! Subs done by -JacquelineAL
Hope I did a good job, bye guys! πŸ™‚


  1. That was seriously the worst makeup done on James! It seemed someone had raped him! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ok kidding lmao

  2. u cheated u cant make faces that are wayyyyyyyy better then mine 2 make the costumes look even better on u

  3. Dear, Sister James And Sister Ricky You Guys Both Clickbaited Me So Hard First I Thought Ricky Was Leaving Youtube Then I Thought You James That You Had A Boyfriend I Even Sister Said Yes SIS And for Ricky I Said OMG TEA BUT NOOO ok i will calm down it just Makes Me So Confused Sorry Love You Both Evelyn

  4. nthat no NOT OK



    NOT GUY…..

    Im.. no just.. hand me the bleach again….

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