ladies la I'm gonna waited into Zara it is the day before Black Friday I'm filming for you now I hopefully will put it up tonight I'm gonna see what might be on sale for tomorrow and a general whiz around for Christmas okay so I do know for a fact we went up and asked them that how all outerwear is going to be on sale knit wear shoes and t-shirt I think so knowing that all out or be on sale what's worth buying as a coat you're in the sale you can do a second coat would you do a leopard coat if you don't already have one and would you do this leopard coat now I've got my favorite top top one from this season but I've been admiring this coat I do not need another leopard coat but do you but you can see a leopard coat goes over everything incredibly well whatever you're wearing it was sort of work I'm in a small it's relatively long I've got very long arms very cozy nice length I'd say that's worth the purchase it's currently 99 power support come down to I don't know 20 or 30% off that's what we're hoping okay that was number one I saw this online and I love this idea for those of you who don't want to carry anything it just carries your phone I mean how often are you the kind of woman who goes where's my phone it's like where's my spectacles this is the spectacle necklace for your phone I think that's actually something I should merely give every single woman over 40 for Christmas because it's just like comedy phone got my phone so that was in the sale I'll be buying that it's 12 pounds I think that's just I think that's a brilliant Christmas present when going into Christmas presents to here ladies okay that's a I'm in fact gonna get one for me and one for my sister and one for my sister-in-law and one for my best friend I think that the best presents yes okay I've got that that I did see this online yesterday I think I even at 1:00 in the morning put it in my shopping trolley you know when you did that kind of shop when if you've done that kind of shot where it's 1:00 in the morning you can't sleep I st. Claire we a couple of emails I'm sure I said half the office emails at between 2:00 and 3:30 in the morning but I also made a Zara shop and I look this morning and I thought am I mad so this is an alternative it's gonna be a coat haul today that's like a faux fur addition of your granny's coat of Chloe's grandmother's opera coat it's fake it's a nice color I think you've got to be the right shade to wear it so I think really really blonde or chestnut brown hair it's beautiful I think I'm sludge Lee I think a blonde when it when it becomes an extension of your hair I don't think faux fur coat works I think there needs to be a little bit of contrast but as a coat with the structure and what it looks like it's very nice and the furriness is quite furry and faux fur nowadays is relatively warm you know you don't think it's that cold I keep seeing these here I'm just gonna look at them properly this is kind of like a Chanel necklace something I don't if it's a belt or a necklace this reminds me so much of the 80s but I'm thinking would this look nice on a dress you know if you got a boring dress for Christmas that you've brought out every year as your Christmas dress would that improve it would that make it more fun could you wear it also as a necklace I quite quite like it I don't know if I think it looks a little bit cheap but if you wear things like this piled on top of each other with a lovely you know off-white ecru silk blouse then it could look quite nice I just keep passing and thinking they're quite cute so I don't think they'll be on the sale they didn't mention they didn't mention jewelry now we're here one of my favorite occupations for all my god children is to give them so our handbags it might seem little but use always find the dinky little bag I mean that is the dinky little bag and it's 29 pounds and it's got a little chain it's funny you know we know the from Sarah's so we think they're not so special but I have so many bags and sorry I love that I feel really special I see I think that's quite a special bag you think Chloe you're sweet isn't it really cute hello yes I think that's a rather sweet little bag I always like when I'm at Zara even though we're predominately looking for sale here it's turned into Christmas shopping and party outfits and big coats but last chance to buy is a great rail at Zara always really had their first because the amount of times I've rushed up to the large chance to buy and I've been thinking oh when somebody's come in and swooped over me and taken the one thing that was never in the store I'm in because last chance to buy contains things people have bought online and bring them back here and there have been a few things this season that Zara beautiful things and there's our studio that were much more expensive that were only online and I miss them and I was so gutted I missed them one thing though that is here is this jacket and if you didn't get it yes yet you must get this jacket because this is such a superb jacket I'm going to have to take off everything to show you this jacket it's my favorite jacket I don't know how many of you remember my wardrobe to know that I had a black velvet jacket I've worn endlessly last year and it had a little silvery embroidery on it and this is really the gold equivalent so it's now I got two smaller size let me just see no there's only extra small so it might not be around online anymore but in case it's here just look how pretty that is okay I take small or medium in this but it's just beautiful really beautiful jacket could be a sort of 300 pound jacket alright all these jumpers are always on sale and they're kind of great there's polo necks here I don't often wear polo necks but they generally have a round neck and a cardigan right oh that's a very nice layering shirt it's a really interesting shirt look at that that's a great see if I can get one in my size to show you ladies this will probably be in the sale I haven't seen it before in the store and it's just the kind of thing that if I don't want to show my bottom when I'm wearing something slightly smart I feel the length of this is going to be quite good now so if I if I tuck that in underneath it's a small little thing this but it's a kind of shirt that you could really benefit from because you can kind of have it over something you can do it on you just have this extra bit covering your bottom and if you feel funny about your bottom you could put on a shorter jacket and it's just grazing without being weighty very good things to have in your wardrobe some of the jackets might be on sale and I have one of these jackets which is less structured it's more of a the one I have is a polyester this is a cotton velvet the one I have it's a polyester velvet but I'm just going to put that on like velvet jacket it's a great thing to have in your cupboard goes with everything nice very nice civilized would you say nicely made slightly short sleeve but very nice velvet and I like the way that the buttons are covered you could do it with one of my favorite trousers the season I don't if they're going to be in the sale but these trousers not these ones there's two kinds actually this trouser you need somewhere with a huge heel but it's such a cool trouser it just gives you a skinny leg and if you've got a bigger hit the kind of weight and the width at the bottom is going to narrow your hip they're very good and back to handbags these are I've got two of these already for adding on to my to my gifts for God children one is 49 pounds I don't if they're beyond the say on the other 49 pounds but they're just so pretty and they just they're like a vintage bag opens up like that do you think they're gorgeous Chloe that's so gorgeous on it did they make you happy they make me happy no I don't I don't know if the cashmere will be in the sale they're cashmere is 99 pounds is it better or worse than M&S M&S is probably 69 maybe 70 this is quite a short cashmere but it's gonna have a long arm it's going to be floppy it's gonna be a better shape than the M&S one and the color that's a very pretty dove gray cashmere jumper love that tempted tempted to get one for my little bunny I might just get one of my little bunny you can tell these all gonna be in the sale because everything's just moved around the store a bit I'm not a camel coat wearer very much that's quite nice camel coat but I feel the fabric it's 119 pounds and I just don't think the fabrics going to last beautifully it creases a bit it's not the same quality they usually use in that all these are gonna be in the sale black boots over the knee boots you know if you don't like your knees anymore and you're wearing a dress that might just be here but when you sit show something and over-the-knee boot is actually great they're not dissimilar to the Stuart Wiseman ones that Russell and Bromley do but these are 89 and then probably go down to about maybe 50 or something that's quite a lot for Zara boots I think that's why they're in the sale this coat I showed you in blue at the of the season and I'll put it on for you because it's actually a really nice coat and then we might try that furry thing which I did buy and I brought back but let me try it again because I I bought it back so I thought I bought too much but I did quite like it so I'm trying on size medium yeah it's actually a very nice it's a very nice coat yeah it's a great a really great coat it's a kind of coat that if you are somebody lives in the town but you visit the countryside then you're going to be wearing an anorak in the countryside you can feel quite country luxury in it it's that beautiful Loden green and it goes well with my hair it doesn't go so well with my eyes but the blue one was spectacular and I missed it I tried it but I didn't buy it and I like the length of this too I think it can be for everyone so if you can get that in the sale I'd say that's a great buy in the sale I've nearly come back for that sale I think it's at midnight tonight 95 pounds at the moment ok this I wanted to love this and I just don't if I do so I'm going to try it on now because I tried it on so quickly it's currently 89 pounds it was very expensive that's why I took it back but I did think I loved the grading of the fur on it and I just thought it could look I think it looked better in the picture you know it's quite nice what do you think Clary yeah yeah just the fur is not is not expensive-looking enough it just looks a bit to you yeah I prefer the other one too I mean they're different things but they as a coach just generally if you're going to spend the money we'd spend it there definitely okay I do quite want to look at this because if you want blonde this could be a beautiful coat I'm going to do a bigger size than in this one so actually this just comes in a medium this definitely has a luxe feel so I'm sure somebody wore and brought it back clothes smell that fragrance I mean somebody definitely wore this coat out for dinner and brought it back it's one thing about try stop on in store when you leave and you've got something else's fragrance it's not my color okay at all but if you were a blonde or if you are black hair and and you know kind of caramel skin equally nice it's so soft it's like teddy bear feel and it is a teddy bear it's a teddy bear coat but it's a color of vomit on me but for somebody else I'd be buying this coat it was a color suit of me it's gorgeous so a little bit more leopard e topi stuff it's like quite nice this is our basic I think it feels basic these are good to get there these are great to get and if they're gonna be in the sale and you don't have a puffer yet this color is so beautiful I mean it's just I think it's fabulous this could be a really good Christmas present for my sister because she would suit this color so well wouldn't wiggle suit that color that's medium let's see what a medium feels like I'm gonna try and show you in the light the color cuz it's a really great color my only worry is the sleeves gonna be a bit short it's just fabulous actually really fabulous so you can have your internal bit and I think what I love about this is the internal bit of the bit shorter do you see so it's not cutting you off really nice isn't it color is exceptional really exceptional and I think I'd want to get in this a medium because you want to be able to put it over a jacket you know I love it they have it in black this is like a midnight blue I'll try the midnight blue on for you because if this is in the sale we got to get it so now I'm trying the navy one innocent oh my god it has a glove that's just why does that have the glove oh it's a different coat different clothes okay so this must be a different coat yeah it's got the glove it's got gloves I'm sorry I'm like a child you never lose though would always be war those London's a is when we don't necessarily work gloves Chloe and then something we're freezing and I love the length it's great this is this is the best before something I'd never normally buy but I kind of love them because they feel quite sexy and you always want me to have a different shoe but it's a tiny heel from the front I love them because they're just really elegant the side the heel is a tiny bit small for me but they are such a beautiful shape here I nearly want to convince myself I can wear that small hill but can you see why small heels don't work for me because I got I'm sort of even though I'm slim I'm sort of short legged and heavier here so it's just so it just feels like there's nothing supporting my body since I promised you that you love and those in equal measure there's just a different shape to my leg and it's supported by something and so this looks in a better shape than that if you can see that can you see that if we look like that yeah okay and it's just and then if you look at that my I feel my leg look longer and just feels better but great boots they are currently 69 pounds but really beautifully made and they maybe will be twenty or thirty percent off I didn't it okay alright okay we'll do a few more things and then and then I think we've looked all these shoes are obviously going to be on sale so if you're looking for black shoes there's so many work shoes there's so many more coats that's a nice coat actually that's a nice man's coat you could just buy an extra large size you know wear something sometimes I like a coat if you're going to get an extra coat all right I sometimes like the coat that you can fling over a jacket and you don't have the tight squeeze that I normally have so by buying it in extra-large if you're a 1012 it makes I think the coat look more expensive my silene coats which I invested in over the years are all quite a big shape and if there's something quite chic about that whereas when they're really tight and fitted sometimes you see that the fabric is not so expensive okay oh my God look at that that's quite fabulous that caught my eye is something that's like it's either the cat has vomited it up or it's absolutely gorgeous but this color on some people looks staggering what do you think no it's not my color it's not my color but if it is your color if you're a redhead this could be such a beautiful coat because the buttons are so fab look and I love them sort of I love the shape of it it could be a coat from Marnie you know true it's that kind of look okay and then over here is another coat it's like Coco Coco Coco but this is a little animal coat I'm just going to try them the right size if you haven't bought an animal coat this season is it too late it's never too late to have an animal coat because I think they're just something that you can bring out in your wardrobe and it feels it feels it feels fun feels like you're making out of it so I haven't seen this one before oddly some of those things come out in the Zara sale that you never knew were here to begin with I don't know why that is but it does happen quite like that it's quite a nice color it's quite short I'm really feeling that Zara coats are a bit shorter which it's lovely if you're petite but for me I want to sleeve to come out of there for it to feel more expensive but it's I like the print something nice about the friend all right shall we look at a little bit of sequin oh my god they have the blue coat look lurking Chloe they have the blue coat I didn't get it first time around I don't need to do it now but I just need to try it on again now I'm gonna try it on with my coat I don't need another glue code can I just say that very publicly I do not need another new coat but I just see how nice scared me it's like a teddy bear I think I showed to you the very beginning of winter clothes it's the same shape exactly as the green 189 pounds I'm wearing this in a medium I think I wore the green and a small it's great what I might do so not me not naughty of me but I'm just gonna do this is I'm gonna take a note off the code I do this it's gonna work I'm gonna go on the Zara it's gonna work again gentle ones are an app I'm gonna scan in the barcode like that hang on scan the products so scanning it in there so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add it to my basket I think in a medium and I'm going to see if at midnight tonight it's gone down and price in my basket but I've gotten in my boss already what do you think doing quite a good idea maybe they empty everyone's baskets 11:30 because 10,000 people around the country are doing that but who knows they still got a few things that were here at the beginning of the season that we did like like do you remember I love these little leper trousers and they're kind of actually you know what these trousers are not the leper trousers I hadn't really season these trousers we had an influence in the cab yesterday wearing this with this over the top and it's a little tunic and it was actually lovely on how that kind of you want to wear your pajamas coming out of bed and she was a very kirby she was a nice curvy 16 wasn't she yeah looked beautiful on her really beautiful I could be in Sam really bump into things that you never saw the first time around I never saw that I just bought this blazer back because I just couldn't get my head around wearing it so I want to show it to you in case you can get your head about wear around wearing it I'm trying on a large well I'm just gonna protect my shoulders the thing about it is it has that three-quarter sleeve you know where they've taken the sleeve and they've they've sort of taken the fabric and and sort of ruched it up and I would be inclined to make this a full length sleeve jacket again if you're my height because I think it was too short but as an impact piece it's quite strong Chloe huh that you've got to suit this color gold I don't suit this color gold it's too orange for me it's not enough but for somebody it's gonna look gorgeous and I bet you they're all marched out there so they can be on sale this is another piece that I did get and I've got one of them still it's kind of big oversized gold shirt you could wear it all the way out over skinny jeans or tucked in at the front and just draping at the back but it's actually a rather lovely piece I did it with that gold and black jacket that was in the last loss to wear look good I had this a navy last year it's fab if it's in the sale and you love a puffer its velvet divine these will probably be in the sale for like $9.99 or something or 15 pounds I have so many of these jumpers they last me really well they washed really well the one I got this season was this one which I wear with some E&M trousers that is really nice there's a good good purchases you can never go wrong with that yes there's something about me that wants to be in a spaceman jacket this is something I should nearly get shot off for Christmas do you think Antarctic capsule collection it's got this in it limited edition 89 pounds its small/medium it's one I don't know what this does that's to hang it up do you think or just to wear it open more thing rocket man it is rocket man ladies yeah that's there's something something about that that is immensely attractive because you know what when you were a puffer why make it a black puffer why not make it a fun puffer brings you to life this will over any outfit bring you tonight there's no no about this conversation that's great coats coats coats coats coats coats coats coats I don't if these would be in sale if you have a teenage daughter I kind of know my teenage daughter is going to love these I do actually I nearly love them I nearly want to actually become that person I'm just going to have a midlife crisis in the changing room and see what they look like something cool about that Chloe I like that I love the way it's open up the side I think it's really good I didn't how comfortable they'd be okay nearly done nearly done I'm gonna try and find a skinny black Jean to channel this in I could just do these in a medium perhaps and see if that works as a look okay the way to get these out you see that did he follow it Clary they're all back normal okay well that is cool that's a cooler trouser actually it's very narrow at the end now I just do it if it's too narrow for me it might be too narrow I'd have to go large in that experience and there's a lodge so I think that's it I feel we've done some really well there's a lot of things here there's a nice smattering of Christmas party stuff there's some very good Christmas presents with all the handbags and there's obviously a big sale on Friday if you're actually this is probably Friday when it could be next week but then there was a big sale last week that you missed well you might be to anyway have a good evening is that they reset the site it closed at 10:00 so don't leave Elian shopping basket it won't be there at midnight the sale gives off midnight tonight but I bought something Stan if it's in the sale I will play by Danella McCann this


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