BIG A$$ SUMMER/SPRING TRY ON CLOTHING HAUL 2019| brandy melville, urban outfitters etc

hey sisters can I say that now that James Charles is canceled okay hey rice cakes come back to my channel if you're new here please subscribe it during our family who would love to have you all so thank you so much for 69 thousand subscribers thank you so much it's really funny to me today's video as you can see in the title I spent way too much of my money at 2 a.m. in the morning online shopping but I'm trying to justify it and say it's okay because I am graduating and like a week so it's kind of like a grad gift to myself you know so we're just gonna call it in this haul I got brandy melville Urban Outfitters packs and setactive and forever 21 without further ado let's get into it okay so I have everything in a box and I'm just gonna show you guys by category so like my brand and where I live I don't know if it's spring or summer some days it's a 90 degrees some days it's 50 so this is just gonna be a spring and summer Tryon hole so the first brand I'm going to show you guys is brandy Melville this is the first thing that I got it's a cop white shirt and this shirt is so small when they said cropped they weren't kidding where's the rest of my shirt I thought I paid for a t-shirt but half of is missing so I can't wear this to school because it's too cropped but that's fine I'll just wear it in this summer in college I can worry but yeah I just got this because the white t-shirt is a staple and cop t-shirts go well with leggings and high-waisted jeans and stuff like that so I needed more basics I just wasn't expecting this to be that crop but it's okay on to the next the next thing from brandy are these checkered pants I've been wanting these for a while and I always wear they're just plain striped ones and I've had them for like two years and these pants are really comfortable and when you don't want to wear jeans these are my go to and even though it's a busy print it's really easy to match with anything because of the colors so I would definitely recommend then I got some pink opps because it is going to be summer and I need more tank tops the first one that I got is this halter top it's like a really light green it just reminds me of limes the trees Kermit the Frog just everything that is great I got this for the summertime in college as well because definitely dress code and then I got a similar one this is green as well but it has a lace on the top a little bit ganda loose it's not even scandalous but it's really cute and dainty and I love wearing this with high-waisted shorts naturally comfortable you could even wear these as pajamas okay this is the last tank top that I got from brandy melville and this one I love him the dude you don't even have to wear a bra with this like it won't expose you or anything so it's pretty great it has a straight neckline which I really like it's really flattering and then it's the tiniest bit crop so it looks good with high-waisted jeans okay now we have two more bottoms and a t-shirt and an accessory from brandy melville so the first thing that I got are these shorts they're hot pink and I got them in a size small if you're wondering brandy melville does have some items that are actually sized small medium large and things like that so I got these in a small they're cut off and they're like a neon pink color which I really love I'm trying to dress more colorful especially for this summertime this summer you wanna have a good time I'm gonna get your boogie on so that's why I got more colorful things the only downside to these shorts and the skirt that I'm gonna show you that instead of a zipper it's all buttons so if you have to use a bathroom but really bad like I do I always wait till the last minute especially at school and then I am in the bathroom trying to unbind all these buttons making it for myself so just be aware that a lot of their bottoms have button ups instead of zippers so this is a skirt that I got and surprisingly it's not too short usually brandy melville skirts on me at least are a little bit too short and I am a short girl I'm only 5 – so I actually really like this one because it's more modest it just covers a little bit more than the regular skirt would definitely great for school and it's easy to match anything since it's white blacks clothing item from brandy that I got was this shirt it's like a baseball tee do I play sports no but do you guys have to know that no I could play baseball so I just got this because it's cute it's comfortable not against dress code I can wear this around the house I can wear this to school to the grocery store to the school to the grocery store because I don't go out a lot can you guys tell so this is just a good a staple to have and in the picture they're wearing the white skirt that's my combo then because that's such a cute outfit ok the last thing that I got from brandy is this belt and it is cleared it is clear this is my new favorite belt because it matches anything because it's clear how are you gonna tell me my clothes don't match it's clear it's not even a color though I really love this belt I've gotten a lot of compliments and questions about where I got it so it is from brandy melville okay now that we're done with brandy melville I'm gonna go into urban outfitters so the first thing that I got was a pack of scrunchies because I'm a scrunchie Annie and I need help I really do but I use them everyday so I feel like it's okay to spend my money you and then but I got this pack and it has like three or four more but I already opened it and I can't find them so that's great the next thing that I got was this tank top slash shirt slash bra I actually don't know what it is I got a couple items from me out from under collection in Urban Outfitters which I'm sure is like they're like intimates or sleeping line something like that but I got this and it's really tight and nice but you do have to worry about with it if you don't want your nipples to show I really like this because it is extremely soft and I can wear this at home or I can just throw a bra on and wear it as a shirt similar to that I got two more bra tops but these are more like sports bra looking the first one that I got is neon orange these are really comfortable but your nipples do show so I was like oh what the heck man I'm not trying to be exposed like that so I don't know how to feel about these to be honest but they're really cute and they're flattering this is the black one really quick they're both ribbed and there are really soft material this one is smaller than the orange one and I got both of them and it's small so I'm kind of confused if you like these are great under t-shirts and stuff okay the last thing that I got from Urban Outfitters are the bodysuit and I don't know why I got this cuz it's kind of sexy and like what okay why did I buy this but also you can dress it up be a little bit cooler like on the website I saw a girl wear this camo pants comedic edgy er look I'm obviously not gonna wear this on its own honestly it does fit really well so I'm just gonna try to style it to the best of my ability and yeah it's pretty cute it's really comfortable it's kind of hard to get oh I'm not gonna lie there's no zipper or anything so it's a struggle but she's cute okay now on to like the miscellaneous I have like two things from forever21 one thing from PacSun one thing from an instagram brand so this is the first thing that i got from forever 21 it's a belt and it has diamond d sparkles all over it and first of all this is way too big it doesn't even buckle up and it's flimsy and it smells weird so what I recommend not really and I'll probably have to punch holes in this to make it actually fit so kind of a fail not gonna lie but I think I can make it with you okay the next thing from forever21 are these pants one they're really cute too they were really overpriced in my poor decision-making self bought them at 2:00 a.m. so I will probably return these anything in a lie oh here they are they're like a track pants and this would be perfect to wear for a festival this would be perfect to wear for a photo shoot but I don't do either of those often and there are $45 and they kind of look weird in the crotch so I'm not trying to spend money nothing bad so I'm probably gonna return these I posted them on my story I was like guys is this too extra and you guys said no and a lot of you guys that wanted to know where these are from so they are from forever 21 they are really cute I just don't think I'm gonna get a lot of wear out of them so she going back to the store now only two or three okay so from PacSun I got this electric blue tank top because it was on sale it was really really affordable and I got it an extra small but it is a little bit too big so I'm just gonna throw in the dryer let it do its magic and then it'll definitely shrink cuz I've had shirts like this before it's really cute it has a little slit in the front kind of like this shirt but I made this one myself like I DIY did if you want to see the video on that it's my birthday I just posted that like a couple of days ago but yeah it's just really simple and this can honestly mattress anything so I just got that to pair with whatever and then the last thing I got was from a set active and it's this purple color sports bra because I'm gonna try to work out now I guess because it's summer and it's my body ready for summer know so I need to work on it I got this bra and I got the leggings to match it and I'm wearing it right no big at this set of the bra and the leggings they're so comfortable and I've been wearing them all the time they are a little bit pricey also it's cheaper than like Lululemon and I feel like it's better quality but yeah I got that set and attempts to work out hopefully it'll motivate me and that's all for our hull that's it for today's video I know a lot of you guys have been requesting calls recently because I used to do them all the time and I just stopped I just want to show you guys what styles I find cute which things I regret buying so you don't make the same choice and stuff like that have a little fun with it show you guys this summer but I hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll see you guys in my next one bye

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