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Brr! Guys, it’s cold outside! In today’s video I’ve got the winter jackets
that every man needs to know about, so that you can use this information to go out there
and find the right jacket for you. You ready? Let’s do this. All right gents, so this is the way the video
is gonna work. I’m gonna start with casual jackets, make
my way to the formal jackets, put them on and talk about them. You ready? Let’s do it. First up we’ve got this casual sporty down-filled
quilt-style jacket. Now quilt style, these are gonna be jackets
that have basically these individual pockets. This is great – whenever you use something
like down it’s gonna prevent it from bunching up. Now, down, I absolutely think that this is
a great material for insulation and that’s historically why it’s been used, but a great
thing about this is that I can crush up this jacket, put it at the bottom of my bag, and
I can take it with me anywhere, put it on, it’s gonna do a great job insulating, keeping
in the heat. The bad part about down – you get this jacket
wet, all of a sudden it’s going to lose its properties. Now, it’s sporty because of the color – the
bright green here, the bright yellow on the inside, and the buttons and the overall zipper,
the design of this is more of a sport design. Next up we’ve got the denim Sherpa jacket. It’s in a bomber style. So a bomber style is basically going to have
this material right over here or a type of fur, basically a type of lining that you can
see on the outside near the collar, and then you’re going to have the pockets right here,
and then the pockets right here. Now the outer part you’re gonna see is made
of denim or jean material. You’ll also see this as the insulated truck
jacket and insulated jean jacket. When it comes down to it this is gonna be
the hardier, more cold weather version of the basic jean jacket. So why would you want to have a jacket like
this in your wardrobe? I think it’s great cos it has a very Western
kind of a cowboy feel and it’s great workwear. Next up we’ve got a gray field-style jacket
with a twill weave to it, made from cotton and a bit of synthetic material. Now I like this jacket because gray, again,
a non-color, gonna pretty much match anything in your wardrobe. But let’s talk about the field style. So the field style is going to have usually
two breast pockets, two large pockets right here. These pockets down at the bottom are important. Historically they were for carrying ammunition,
hence the field jacket. This was something a lot of gentlemen used
to take hunting. It also should have two pockets right behind
those lower pockets where you can put your hands and keep your hands warm. Now the inside of this jacket has a nice feature,
and I love it when jackets do this, when they actually have a vest that could be removable. It’s basically adding an extra layer of insulation. so if it’s a bit warmer outside I could take
this out, if it’s colder then I simply have this extra layer right here, you know, on
my core area. Again, we’ve got another field jacket. This one does not have the breast pockets
but it does have the large signature ammunition pockets down at the bottom – in addition,
a good nice place to put my hands. Now the reason I wanted to show you this jacket
is the waxed canvas outer material. This has been around for over 200 years, has
been loved by hunters and everyone because it’s relatively inexpensive. It uses cotton, but you just can apply some
wax on this, and you do need to re-wax these jackets. Wax is hydrophobic, which basically means
it will repel water. It’s just a very durable material and inexpensive,
hence why it was sought-after. All right, so we’ve got another quilted jacket. This one actually is not using down, it’s
using a synthetic material. The great thing about this – this jacket can
get wet and it’s still gonna do a good job of keeping me warm. Now the style you’re gonna notice again is
a field – not exactly classic because the pockets down here are not huge, and it doesn’t
really have a place for me to put my hands, but it does have the double-breasted pockets,
it’s got the large pockets right down here. And let’s talk about the color. This dark olive green right here, very different,
not nearly as loud as that bright green I showed you earlier, but this one still does
have a sporty flair to it, and that’s because it’s a classic hunting color combination. So you got the bright orange here with the
olive green – again, a classic sporty combination related to old-school hunting. All right, so now we’re talking about the
leather jacket – one of my favorite jackets out there because it comes in such a wide
variety of different styles. You’ve got bomber, you’ve got biker, you’ve
got the flight jacket – so many different options. So let’s talk about the classic biker jacket. We’re talking in black, we’re talking with
large oversized zippers, with buttons, a functional jacket that screams rebel. Hence seen in the movie Rebel Without a Cause. The Wild One. Guys, these movies right here, they highlighted
this jacket, and that’s when it first hit the scene, became very popular with not only
people that were riding motorcycles but people that wanted to stand out from the crowd. Now one of the characteristics of the classic
motorcycle jacket is that it has an overlap area. Now the reason leather jackets are so popular
with motorcyclists, with race car drivers, with pilots, is leather has unique properties
which you’re not going to find in a lot of other materials. Number one, durability. So if you’re racing on a motorcycle and you
take a spill and you go sliding across the road, the leather actually does a pretty good
job of protecting your own skin from that road rash. Next up let’s talk about wind resistance. So if you’re up flying an aircraft, maybe
an open-cockpit airplane, actually it did a good job of keeping you warm, of keeping
the wind from going in and just basically chilling your body. And let’s talk about the coolness factor. The right leather jacket can make you look
amazing. People, when they see it, they think strength. They think masculinity. Next up let’s talk about the parka style coat. So this was developed by the Caribou Inuit
people, and basically it’s all about the hood. Oftentimes you’re gonna see them with fur
linings, and that’s gonna be fake most of the time. Now this was a very functional piece but they
were a very heavy jacket, wind resistant, very well insulated, great jackets if you’re
gonna be gonna be in sub-zero temperatures. Now the classic rain jacket, the mackintosh. I wanted to talk about this even though it’s
not really a winter jacket. I know some of you guys actually don’t get
really low temperatures, so I think it can be a winter jacket for those that deal with
monsoon, you deal with a lot of rain, to have a lightweight shell that you can throw over
anything and stay dry, and hence stay a bit warmer. Next up, gentlemen, we’ve got the classic
trench coat. Now this trench coat is in a non-classic color
– this one’s navy. Classic is going to be beige. Now the trench coat is a very interesting
piece. It started off in the Boer War, then became
popular in World War One in the trenches, hence called the trench coat, and it is now
a men’s classic staple. But I don’t see a lot of guys pulling it off
much anymore because they’re a little bit harder to find and they are relatively expensive. And let’s talk about the length of the trench
coat. For most men right above the knee is gonna
be a jacket that’s gonna best serve you – easier to get in and out of your vehicle. But if you’re walking, you know, to and from
work, if you commute a lot of time on the subway, maybe going for a trench coat that
goes below the knee is gonna be better for you. Next up let’s talk about the classic pea coat,
one of my favorite jackets, because it has a military history and it’s incredibly functional. So the military history – this one came out
of the US Navy, made popular 1930s, during World War Two, and after – you know, everyone
started getting out of the military, they sent all these jackets to surplus stores,
and they continue to be used by the Navy to this day. But this jacket right here is one that is
incredibly functional. Now, it’s not going to be as long as a trench
– this one right here just goes past the buttocks – but it’s gonna be heavier built, will fit
right over a suit jacket and I think it looks great, and I really like the way it doesn’t
break up the leg line and it actually can make a shorter man look taller. Next up let’s talk about the overcoat, but
really quick, the top coat. So I don’t have a top coat. Top coats are really rare nowadays. They’re oftentimes made from very lightweight
materials like gabardine. They’re more for show and to protect like
your black tie attire. Now an overcoat is the most formal jacket
that I own and that I use, and it’s made to go over a suit. Now you are gonna find that overcoats sometimes
are made to actually go all the way up, but they make most of them are gonna be worn like
this. And this is a formal jacket, a formal coat
to be worn with your jacket – a sports jacket, a suit jacket. Now the length. I do think that if you want something that
can be very functional in and out of vehicles maybe get something about two to three inches
above the knee. Now colors – I like charcoal gray but you
could go into black. You could also go with navy. Alright guys, now it’s your turn. I wanna hear from you down in the comments
– what is your favorite jacket? What is your dream jacket? What are you gonna add to your wardrobe? And if you want more, I’ve got a hundred style
tips in less than seven minutes. Yes, I’m gonna blow you away with this video,
guys. It was a fun video, I had a lot of – a lot
of fun with it. So if you want to learn more about men’s
style, check it out, guys – I’ve got you covered here at Real Men Real Style with so much great
information. If you’ve got questions feel free to reach
out with me, and I’m putting a link to my website down in the description. That’s it, guys, take care – I will see you
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