Best Survival Gear to Keep in your Jacket | Part 4 | Tactical Rifleman

Alright so we’re still out here with Randall
Rawhide Wurst and we’re going through the different layers of equipment that
he uses alright Randy so next layer of your gear after after you take off that
rucksack is your vest now I’ve seen you wear this vest out in Wyoming and this
goes with you everywhere pretty well Randy: yes it’s in it it’s not in addition to my
ruck I’ll either wear my ruck or I’ll wear this so I can be lightweight I’m
just going to turn around real briefly for the camera so you can see the back
behind the camera is Michael and his wife made the game pouch to my
specifications it’s not for putting game in I’ll explain that later but you
people they don’t make them with they make this gear here I’ve had some
modifications but they don’t put everything that I think you need on it
so you you to get some of the stuff I have you have to have it made for you so
I’m going to take this off now lay everything out that’s in here so you can
see it and then I’ll go over just a couple little parts of it okay Karl: Randy
tell me a little more about this customized pocket on the back Randy: alright
it’s most people would call it a game pouch but it’s not for hunting it’s not
for game it’s for survival this was designed by behind the camera Mike’s
wife and she did this on purpose you figured that the tension once you put
weight into it would come on top of your shoulder so she sewed it here so they’re
coming to set in your back which now gave me another pocket like I can put
blankets take my jacket off stick it in here this is for gear along the way that
I find for surviving or putting in larger gear such as your water
purification your zip ties this is your dog bowl that I can carry water in but
it’s it is actually it’s like my backpack mini backpack that’s what
that’s for okay so there are things I can add to that real fast you saw what’s
on here so as you increase the size of your equipment you can increase the
stuff that you carry with it medical equipment on this is probably the best I
can is more than I can get on anything on my
gun belt you will customize what you want but there will be a theme on this
and and that is this I have communications okay your whistle you’re
signaling also my fire making is signaling because you can always use fire
making my light is signaling and all my gear the theme that you’ll see is I will
have lights and our three ways of making a fire I mean igniting the fire so these
are strike-anywhere dipped in your wife’s fingernail polish matches that’s
a strike anywhere like lighter fluid or but I put an extra sealer on
there so it won’t leak out Karl: two washers instead of just one Randy: theres my candles
inside there my Bic lighter god bless Bic those are great and that’s
my one-handed striker when I got injured in a storm and it was nine hours before
pickup it was four degrees and 20 below zero
I had my candles and I had a Bic lighter thank God in my pocket I don’t know how
I had it in her but I did and I was able to light my fire one-handed so even if
it’s striking I want to be able to at worst-case scenario one hand Karl: one hand
Randy: that’s why I don’t use two there’s another thing for making far as your
magnifying glass but the Sun has got to be out it’s got to work real quick when
you see the blades and you say oh he’s got all these different knives and
different stuff he’s got all these different lights
well if Karl I are working together or there’s other people I can share
different tools with them but other than your Swiss Army knife here which has a
lot of stuff all my other knives will be locking blades so they don’t collapse on
top of yours that’s one of the things you want to look for the other thing and
then I’ll stop about this gear is you should all you here have
Boyan cubes and get a big sheet of aluminum and wrap it up in it because
now you have the aluminum remember when we did that waterproof
Karl: yeah Randy: carry the stuff across the river yep
all right you can see what’s here that’s as much details I’m going to get into
next we’re going to get into the gun belt and what I carry on it

8 thoughts on “Best Survival Gear to Keep in your Jacket | Part 4 | Tactical Rifleman

  1. Watching these video series led me to the book ‘Masters of Chaos’. This man is a national treasure in his own right, I really want to take a class from him before he stops teaching.

  2. I don't mean to sound like I am nitpicking, but obviously the video is about Randy's vest and not a jacket. Can we assume that this is what he/you usually carry when wearing an outer garment?

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