Best Robin Costume? Young Justice Season 3? And other questions!!

Today on the show it’s time for a good
old Q&A video because I disappeared for another month while working on other
projects one of them is gonna be out in like a month or two I’m really really
excited for you guys to see it, I’ve been working super super hard on it can’t
wait but for now let’s get into today’s video [INTRO MUSIC] Alexander Smith says what is your
favorite design for every Robin so my favorite design for Tim Drake is his red and
black suit I think that’s like a really fuckin good design I also think like
his New 52 suit is just really good as well like as much as I have problems
with the new 52 his new 52 suit is ace actually to be fair I kind of like all
of Tim Drake’s outfits other than his latest one where he’s just called Drake I have several issues with that Damian I enjoy his initial outfit when he first becomes
Robin I thought that was really really great
that run in general was just really really great like we had Dick Grayson as
Batman wearing the bat briefs and they looked so good and people are always coming
at me being like why are you obsessed with the briefs because they can look
good that is proof that the briefs look good
they don’t look goofy they look good they can look different and they can
make people go “oh that that’s a bit different” but just because something’s a
bit different doesn’t mean it looks bad and the Bat briefs looks so good on Dick
Grayson speaking of Dick Grayson nothing beats his Nightwing butt suit come on Jason Todd I don’t really have a favorite outfit so I’m just gonna put a
picture of a scene where he’s shirtless right here Stephanie Brown I have to say
I really do enjoy her costume as Robin I genuinely think that was a really good
costume and I wish she would become Robin again even temporarily because I
really did enjoy that violet star says why do you change your hairstyle slash
color so much I genuinely don’t think I do
I think I only change it about twice a year like I’ve had black hair now since
September and before that I had the long blonde hair since January twice
this year prior to that it was just long brown hair all of last year because I
was just letting it grow out I don’t really change it that much and even back
in the day I didn’t change it that often its just because people never really
watched me consistently that they would eventually come back to one of my videos
and then I’d have hairstyle or color so I don’t change it
that often it’s just that I change it quite a lot in comparison to most people
that are male presenting but because I’m masculine presenting and then people are
like wait I’m not used to seeing someone masculine presenting change their hair
this much they perceive it to be a lot more than it really is
if I was more feminine presenting in a more obvious way me changing my hair as
much as I do wouldn’t be an issue it wouldn’t be a thing at all so it’s one
of those interesting things that I find very interesting about playing in this
chaotic space between genders NarutoFanGG2 says what’s your favorite comic
book of all time? this one’s a really hard one to answer obviously The New Teen
Titans by Marv Wolfman and George Prerez and the New Titans come to this category Peter
David’s Young Justice is right up there as well along with Peter David Supergirl
those are like two huge things for me then we’ve also got like the obvious
ones like Young Avengers New x-men Academy X, Wolverine and the X-Men, Chris
Claremonts x-men there’s too many comics that I love to
sort of say this is my favorite ones because I love comic books and I’ve been
reading them since the mid-90s I love so many comics I can’t ever narrow it down
to just like one series because there’s so many that I love like even seven
soldiers Klarion that was only four issues long I love those four issues a
lot so I have a lot of comic books I love and which one I love the most
depends on the mood I’m in at that moment and what I need to read anime boy
says who is your favorite Pokemon My favorite Pokemon is Ralts
Kirlia and Gardevoir shortly followed by Pichu, shortly followed by and loads
of people hate this Pokemon but shortly followed by Incineroar [RECORD SCRATCH] I just want to
say that sword and shield have come out And everything I just said is a lie I am
Scorbunny’s entire evolution lines bitch now and forever
but now just seems as good as time as any to promote this every day for the past
10 days I’ve been streaming pokemon sword and shield on Twitch, I plan to
continue these streams until December 31st at which point my streams won’t be
daily anymore they’ll just be about five times a week
but my streams go from 12 a.m. UK time until 4 a.m. they’ve actually been a lot
of fun because they’ve allowed me to connect with all of you
and actually play games with you but it won’t be just Pokemon that’s played on
these streams I also plan on playing DC Universe Online and any other games you
guys might want to see me play this video actually got delayed because I was
adjusting to doing these streams everyday so I am sorry about that but
please come along because while we’re playing games we don’t just talk about
the game so we also talk comic books we talk occultism we talk everything I’ve
ever spoken about on this channel you know no topics really off-limits
so please come along and I can’t wait to see all of you there Enzo Bilasano says who’s your favorite DC character to cosplay? I don’t want to get into
specifics with this question but I do have a character that I am cosplaying from DC
in fact there are multiple characters I’m gonna be cosplaying from DC and you
could say I’m going to be becoming these characters *spin* I didn’t really think this bit
through because now I have to like Non Bunnary says have you seen it young
just a season three yet and if so what your thoughts no I haven’t just to like
clarify once again it’s not out in the UK I was thinking about just using a VPN
and getting DC Universe but also I don’t really want to get onto bad terms with DC
I mean it’s a lot of like a rock and a hard place here because even if I do
watch it I can’t really talk about it on YouTube till it’s legally available in
the UK I did hear that it was supposed to come to Netflix the moment it was
finished is it finished yet I don’t know but I’ve apparently maybe not because
it’s not on UK’s Netflix so yeah I can’t watch it I want to but I can’t watch it
I do to re-watch the first two seasons of Young Justice and I’m waiting till
Young Justice season 3 comes to the UK to make my video in the first two
seasons of Young Justice because those videos are gonna go into my blank was
blank series and I just I can’t talk about it until I’ve seen the third
season and now a word from today’s sponsor me I’ve launched an Etsy store
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gonna expand that if this does well I have two of the jackets here with me so this
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really comfortable jacket like all of these are super super comfortable I
really I’m really proud of these, because they’re super comfortable
super warm they’ll do really well for the winter or autumn if your country has
that I really can’t express how much I love these jackets and how proud of them
I am and then this one is a Scorbunny jacket based on Scorbunny from
generation 8 Pokemon Pokemon sword and shield and if that Scorbunny one does
well I will be expanding to include Grookey and Sobble and any other Pokemon
I just feel like making designs of and just answer two questions I know I’m
going to get yes I am going to be doing international shipping so it does not
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think I briefly had merch like hosted by an online website a few years back but I
never got to see it in person I never got to like hold it so when I wanted to
approach during merch again I was like I really just do not want anything that
says it’s super effective on it and that’s it which is what I had before now
I want something that looks fashionable but people can still wear it and display
their fandoms and that’s what I wanted my jackets my hoodies my whatever I make
to be a celebration of the fandoms that this channel represents so thank you
guys all for supporting me so far and getting me to this point where I can
justify having merch says who should direct to the MCU’s x-men
films personally I kinda I feel like we should have a no name director and no name
actors working on the x-men just because they’re no-name doesn’t indicate a lack
of experience for talent because they just haven’t had a chance to get their
name out there yet I want to see a new voice I want to see a new approach you
know while the Avengers is a lot of fun at the end of the day it doesn’t say
much and to be clear that doesn’t take away from the quality of these movies
the point of them isn’t to say something the point of them is to have a good time
but the x-men should say something you shouldn’t leave that movie the same
person you are when you went in like you should be fundamentally changed in a way
because that’s what the x-men is all about and I don’t necessarily know a
director other than Alejandro Jodorowsky who
could pull that off I don’t really see Jodorowsky doing
an x-men movie so I kind of feel like we need a no-name director and no-name
actors that can like handle that kind of weight says are you
in a good place mental health wise so gonna be deep for a moment here I’m in a
much better place than I was over this summer I cannot emphasize that this summer or
most of this year it was hard for me like I didn’t upload from January right
through to like August it was hard I dealt with a lot and I came out like a
changed person loads of people man saying like you come
across different in your videos this is better but you come across very
different you need to clearly having fun again
and it’s true I’m having fun again I’m falling in love of YouTube all over
again but they’re all of October I did have to like take a moment to sort of
find myself and still find my footing I threw myself into YouTube again and it
was a little bit too much too quickly a little bit too much too quickly so now
I’m just gonna upload like maybe once every other week maybe once a week if I
can but I’m not gonna like pressure myself to be like I need to have a video
out by Sunday every Sunday iuergeiur cuz like that’s that’s what puts me into the bad
place and I dont want to be in a bad place you guys don’t want to see me in the bad
place let’s just not do that lets just have fun and that’s why I’m focusing on to
having fun so to answer your question in a roundabout way I’m doing well
because I’m understanding who I am okay [ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE] OK guys that is it for today so do you have
any questions for my next Q&A video please let me know in the comments down below, and
also what you think of the jackets please let me know also dont forget to
thumbs up subscribe do all of my social links also don’t forget to check out my
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videos but for now my name is Faust, this has been exploring comics, and It is Super Effective

48 thoughts on “Best Robin Costume? Young Justice Season 3? And other questions!!

  1. Young Justice season 3 just came out on DVD in the states this week( I’m rewatching it now). Hopefully it comes to the U.K. in early 2020.

  2. My fave will always be the original Tim Drake version. It mixed together perfectly the past robins and the new age.

    And I love Klarion, I would love to see him on Legends of Tomorrow as a good foil to Constantine.

  3. may you chanell survive youtubes change in rules. best wishes. My big question is do you think it will actually be good for the x-men to be part of the mcu. A secondary question would be do you think it would best serve the x-men to be in their own universe that doesn't cross over with the main line mcu, but is still able to use important characters that they need. For example being able to use carol danvers so the can do rouge right,

  4. If anyone doesn't know some of the original suit designs of Batman were later recycled into Tim Drake's red and black suit.

  5. Do you think Tim drake needs a solo Comic series? The new generation doesn’t know him like they know the others (Damien, Dick, Jason). Also, which young superhero would you be excited to see in the MCU? (aside from Wiccan)

  6. my biggest problem with Titans is that they didn’t have the butt with Nightwing costume, no shade but the male presenting was kind of reach but okay

  7. I really hope Young Justice comes to the UK because I really want to hear your thoughts on it especially the new characters.

  8. So. Let me get this straight. I don't have money for like ever. After moving I finally cam have money. BUT now that I have money I need to buy my family Christmas. I'll have no money left. NOW there are these God damn amazing jackets available for purchase I will not be able to get. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.

  9. Honestly the best part of this q&a was the scorebunny segment into the twitch shoutout and the word from your sponsor, YOU

  10. Klarion is one of the best characters in comics, it's good to know people still care about him. The Grant Morrison version deserves to be in Rebirth.
    My favourite Tim is definitely his Red Robin costume from before the New 52 – for Dick, it's either his good ol' Nioghtwing Butt suit or when he was Batman. I also don't have a favourite for Jason but I enjoy his New 52 design! Damian is the same as yours.
    I think my favourite comic ever is The Sandman. I always knew you had such good taste! I'm really glad you're holding up so well, it was getting worrisome for a bit there. You should do things how you run, take your time.

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