23 thoughts on “Best rain jacket for travel? The Patagonia Alpine Houdini Review

  1. As far as length does it feel pretty average? REI used to have a medium tall size of their Taku jacket and since then I've been looking for slightly longer rain shells.

  2. I was at my local seeds market that carries many high(er) end outdoor clothing companies and was looking at this model in particular.

    i tried out the houdini, the torrentshell, alpine houdini and stumbled upon the arcteryx nodin.

    the fit of the houdini was great but i wanted a couple more pockets and the alpine houdini did not have great breathability due to it being waterproof. as for the torrentshell, the fit didn't work for my body type.

    i ended up going with the arcteryx nodin, which i believe is a brand new addition for 2017. granted, it is twice as much as the houdini, i feel like it better catered to my fit and features that i was looking for.

    regardless, great review and i enjoyed the video. also, if you enjoy the houdini, i would check out the arcteryx nodin.


  3. The hood is floppy like that because it is helmet compatible for climbers. Great for climbing but a little annoying if you're not wearing a helmet.

  4. Would you pair this up with the regular houdini as a soft shell combo, so if it was rainy and windy you could wear this on the outside and rain shirt on the inside?

  5. I've been debating picking this jacket up but I'm struggling with what size to buy. A lot of places have stated that this jacket runs large and to size down. Are you wearing your typical jacket size in this review or did you size down?

  6. Good video! I own 2 regular houdini rain/windbreakers and was thinking of buying an Alpine version, but they almost seem similar even though the Alpine is probably more waterproof.

    I used the regular several times in pouring down rain and it kept me pretty dry. Of course my hiking pants were damp but not soaked since they are water resistant too.

    I'm short waisted so the houdini is long on me which is better protection. Covering the entire hip area is important in sudden pour downs. I also own a columbia outdry (that's not very packable) but is subperb in waterproofness.

    Most people don't intentionally go outside to walk in pouring down rain, so from my experience it's very good to always carry a packable rain jacket with you and either of the houdinis will work in an emergency. Never leave home without one⛈

  7. What is the difference between this and the regular Houdini other than price. Of course because of price that regular is instantly more appealing.

  8. What did I miss? A review of a rain jacket when it's raining, but nothing in the review of how it worked in the rain…

  9. Really interested in the Alpine Houdini, but it seems that Patagonia has discontinued it? Would you know of any other places we could our hands on this jacket or something similar in features?

  10. You should review the Mac in A Sac Synergy Thermal rain jacket, and then compare it to this. Its very similar and definitely a competitor with this jacket.

  11. This is a two for one video because it looks like you're also wearing the icebreaker merino hoodie that I'm also looking at

  12. Hey Tom, wondering if you'll do a review on the Outdoor Research Helium II jacket?
    Suppose to be lightweight and waterproof as well.

  13. How does the Houdini perform in moderate to heavy rain? Other videos I’ve seen say it’s made of water resistant rather than waterproof material.

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