100 thoughts on “Best Friends Pick Each Other’s Halloween Costumes • Nina and Chloe

  1. I worn that same steampunk dress last year but I change my from the hat to the googles. Add Accessories to the dress

  2. Nina is so kinda awkward her not making eye contact makes the video strange .. That one grey hair in a sea of black hair lol I'm a ocd my eye kept going to it just me k?

  3. Oh I have the perfect dark fairy headpiece….it's quite simple…a headband with a black branch and a black bird. I had to have it and bought it almost two months ago at Savers.

  4. All those rude evil cops,managers,employees,staff,guards,nurses,doctors who have murderd and threat and hurt and harrassed me and many other young and old innocents will be killed by me and my baby god . cause revenge is justice and good!😱😇in real life i was a victim just like those the girls in this film Even Lambs Have Teeth and Savaged 2013 and I Spit In Your Grave. Even if im dead my spirit is always back for revenge and to protect those good people.
    Its different from freddy krueger and jason vorhees,Oh soon people gonna make a movie out of me. There will be rituals to make me appear!I won't stop until it's peace

  5. you both look great, but Nina you KILLED it!! iLOOOVE Chloe's costume & would absolutely copy. 🖤

    edit: you also taught me the term "steampunk", so thanks for that! i always knew of the style, just not by name.

  6. 10:33–10:38 when you do a group project with a complete stranger in your class and it ends up turning out decent😂

  7. Okay but that ‘dead steampunk’ costume came out great! So smart and creative how you added the bolt and things to the wounds. I’ve been loving these videos.

  8. Loved both of the looks😍 Nina picked out such an interesting costume and she doesn't normally get very detailed so that's super cool! And I loved the evil fairy costume. Very Nina. They both did a great job! Super inspiring for my future costume ideas.

  9. I wonder how annoyed the buzzfeed employees get when they see their coworkers coming down the hall in a costume with their video camera on 😂😂😂😂. “Oh, here we go. This sh*t again.” “Lemme act like I have seen someone do this every year for the past 10 years :/“

  10. She didn’t want a Harry Potter wand and she got Harry Potter’s wand if you wanted to get a black edgy want you could’ve got narccissa Malfoy wand

  11. As a cosplayer, steampunk is one of my favorite styles to do. It can suit anyone's personality because you can start off with something simple and basic. You can pick a certain theme and then every year you get to build on your costume. Every event you go to or convention you can pick up a new accessory or some new bits and bobs and your costume ends up telling a story.

  12. Dead Disney Princesses…Look up GlamandGore. Mykie did a bunch of dead princesses…You can at least get ideas there.

    Both are cute plus I like how both outfits you can repurpose for another Halloween.

    Chloe's costume reminds me of Mad Moxxi from Borderlands 2.

  13. Chloe:.."the wands are all to Harry Potter-y"
    Also chole: literally buys Harry Potter's wand

    Me:*confused potterhead noises*

  14. The costumes were fantastic!! They both did a great job. Some of these people’s reactions are ridiculous and some of it was rude! They both looked great especially the steam punk look!!

  15. The costumes were fantastic!! They both did a great job. Some of these people’s reactions are ridiculous and some of it was rude! They both looked great especially the steam punk look!!

  16. Lol I have that steampunk costume and did a Gorey look too. Didn't buy the prosthetics though just made my wound with gelatin

  17. hahahaha of all the reactions from their fellow buzzfeeders, i find Auri's most honest and funny. Hiii….Oh! – Auri 2019 🤣

  18. What i wouldve picked for Chloe with that set of words wouldve been Cruella Deville who got brutally attacked by 101 dalmations

  19. These costumes were kind of disappointing. An evil fairy needs some woodland creature elements. Not just a cheap goth dress with wings. And other girl said DIY and then bought a costume that’s soooo basic then stuck something on her face. Where’s the story element? So random. For a video this long I was hoping for better payoff.

  20. Y’all commenters are crazy. These people are stopped at work to comment on something no one cares about. Give them a break what do you want from them? To jump up and down?

  21. The best part of this series is how absolutely serious they all are about doing the absolute best job for their partners! 💜💜💜

  22. It doesn’t really seem like they’re best friends. Just coworkers that text frequently and sometimes get lunch together…

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