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hi everybody i'm here today with crystal and crystals lovely abode and we're going to be doing an unboxing we ordered a bunch of stuff I've not only got it got it in such a small package we ordered some stuff from beautiful halo calm and we're gonna open it now you're here for the opening of things yay so crystal board if anything that might were nothing so it just ended up being this reporter that looks like we were through the same thing actually oh yeah okay ordered leggings and we'll try them on for you at the end after we open everything shinier than I thought they'd be oh these are really shiny they smell like they smell like plastic I was trying to think of a clever analogy but it smells like new it smells like new yes it's the open answer no okay well what No yeah those are cute I should have ordered pair damn oh you missed out yeah there they are pretty nice they're like this pseudo velvety material which I assume you can put into the wash yes I think so I mean you check the tag too okay so I guess it doesn't matter which way you wear it either that or you use but it feels pretty nice it doesn't look like it's see-through which is actually pretty cool wait wait okay nothing through yeah so it's actually not bad a little extra camera hands right now and I can't see through it which is yes okay so here the leggings we ordered holy they're tiny are these my arm or like one by oh okay in the end then we'll see if I wasted ten dollars or not sighs who is this sighs this is it doesn't really look like they have a ton of stretch so I am a little bit worried they're practically the same size and they Slyke actually know that maybe like two inches of division heck this is a nest egg and an excel tag on hers and like they're the same size basically I do not understand and well if you fit in almost positive I ordered you a large I hope you the size that you requested well yeah same thing um so this one is oh so these are the red variation of the ones that I showed earlier these are they're tiny but they'll probably fit you over me yeah no this is definitely smaller than the the black one I'm a little bit surprised at how bright it is honestly it's darker online yeah they're definitely more wine but yeah I can be Santa for Halloween we're gonna try them on and we'll be right back look at the small done some hat I it feels like I could flex and break out of them I'm not like I can't get them up to where I like them to be my butt feels constraints probably gonna be purple when they take these off well you can't even tell that I'm wearing the shorts because these are not even we check the measurements – and these are not measurements listed on there definitely needs like stretchy like you can wear them and I'd have a little bit of extra stretch like maybe barely but I mean already at the max of these work anyway but these shirts are cut in a way so that they're like uniform on both front and back so as a result I don't want to show you guys it actually is like higher up in the front also I want to put them on it's like high up in the front and then they don't compensate for like but so it's actually like lower in the back so if I wasn't wearing a long t-shirt are probably flashing every what my underwear I don't know how to feel about these rage it I definitely feel like I would have definitely not bought these if they were in a store like if they were in the store and I tried another one but it's funny it forwarded online alright so we're gonna change the little site URL we're done I was a disappointing experience and I feel like my butt is crying so um all in all don't order for beautiful hello when I was ordering I should never got a receipt from them I just like the pack just shut my door couple days ago um PayPal sent me receipts so at least I was covered that way if they decided never send me my package after I ordered well okay so it was a couple weeks after I ordered and I was like wow why did they never send they should be a new notification and so I looked at review so we're all gonna bad so I don't really know cries three crying pitch so yeah that was this more experience and don't order from the zero ten would not buy again no don't do it alright so that's it for this video and wait no it's not actually we're gonna do the surprise thing wait you need your cameo then oh wait a minute okay all right no I'm just hi Jackie this is mine now I'm stealing this yeah alright so you guys can come visit me you don't know who I am but it's still hating gaming yeah doing some amiibo tournaments leave some requests will do anything anything yep good stuff alright we're back bonus video of crystal unboxing what we think are figures I don't know let's find out it's a box and they probably there's something in it we don't we don't know what it is so we're gonna unbox a mystery box mystery unboxing yeah I'm a girl that's okay anyway this is the package that has been sitting in our like living room for a while and I kind of forgot about it but okay so according to this logo on the side it's from write stuff and they got the right stuff they got the right stuff huh so I'm pretty sure this is like yep something outta me alright so let's get this open first off hey is it me receipt and company should do unlock doors No but they do a pretty good job at packaging stuff um use the box itself it's pretty big I think nobody just ordered this from our poor friend because we have this shelf this is what the unbox product looks like yes here's the figure itself it's really nice um my only gripe is that like I've been having issues especially right here where the three dmg actually attached to the back of her harness once in a while they do pop apart and I actually tried super gluing this one in the past into the actual hole and just like I just don't say so I've just kind of given up on it but other than that it's a really great figure and they just man I haven't had a figure in a while that just looks good for like every angle so he beautiful halo unboxing review trying on thing and our bonus unboxing try it no tutorial you can't try the fish oh yeah trial animate so that's important though those things so I'll see you guys soon let me know what kinds of videos you guys want to see next I'll see you soon

8 thoughts on “BeautifulHalo Unboxing&Review +Bonus! || RoboticGirl

  1. Her: you Can’t try on anime
    Me: goes on beautiful halo
    Me: sees anime hoodies


  2. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS BEAUTIFULHALO!!! The items are shipped from China and can take weeks. Also they DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS AND DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS!. I ordered a dress for my son's wedding. The picture on the website said burgundy, when in fact it was more red. The company is claiming it is my fault! Again, BUYER BEWARE, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO EAT THE COST OF YOUR ORDER.

  3. WOW Crystal's place is sweeet! Sorry you guys got a shitty order, but I could not stop drooling over that setup!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I'm sorry your order didn't work out but it's so important to get the word out so other people don't buy things that wont fit.

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