Beat airline baggage limits with this 14-pocket travel jacket; turns into hand luggage!

Hey, everyone. This is Benny Lewis from Fluent in 3 months. Just want to make a very quick video, cause I’ve covered this topic many times before. I’ve got longer videos that explain how I take a lot of stuff with me. But I just wanted show this off because a lot of people were asking this from the travel I have just taken to get here. This jacket is a specially made jacket that has well over dozens of pockets; I forget how many, I lost count of them. And you can stuff as many things you want in here. At the moment, I’ve got 15 kilograms on me. But it doesn’t feel so heavy because it’s evenly distributed. Obviously it wouldn’t be comfortable to spend all day doing this as you’ll get hot and the jacket is not particularly beautiful. It’s definitely not a fashion statement. It’s a bit like you should be in alleys selling wrist watches or something. Because you’ve got all this rubbish to deal with. But for the simple fact of going through airports and trying to beat the system, you can take a lot more with you. Because it’s on your person and it doesn’t count. I know Scottevest, they have some nice looking jackets with lots of pockets that are kind of more practical for lots of travel. This is not particularly good looking, but I think this is a little bit better specifically for the day you travel. Because the cool thing about this, is it folds up and you can actually turn it into a carry handbag. So just have a quick look at these scenes of me in the airport yesterday, you could see how that works. But if you’re interested, go to I don’t work for them, but they sent me a free sample. So I have to say thank you to them, by making this video. Because yesterday I took a flight where the limit was 20 kilograms and I’ve got a lot of books and some extra clothes that I didn’t have time to get rid off. So I took them with me. That’s it. So if you’re travelling through no frills airlines, you might want to look into this. As it said Scottevest or this one is jaktogo. You can squeeze more into this one, but you don’t want to wear it in town any weekend I think. So thanks for watching.

23 thoughts on “Beat airline baggage limits with this 14-pocket travel jacket; turns into hand luggage!

  1. See the video description for more information and answers to likely questions about passing through security. More background will be on Fluent in 3 months in a blog post within a couple of hours.

  2. a german airline travel company called ryan air has the cheapest flight prices in germany but they make alot of money buy ripping off customers with baggage prices like if your bag weighs more then 7 kg they will make you pay 50 euro (!!!) and this jacket …oh boy this jacket πŸ˜€
    im imagining the looks on their faces lol

  3. Ryan Air is Irish, not German. And yes, I've flown with them a LOT. I've actually moved home with Ryanair and brought everything I own in the world… and not once paid extra baggage fees (apart from the standard check-in) thanks to the hacks in the videos linked in the description, and now this jacket πŸ˜‰

    When I was called out on it in USA recently and then put the jacket on (since it was hand luggage), the look on her face was PRICELESS, because she knew I was taking advantage of the loophole

  4. Obviously budget airlines need to make money, and the present structure that they use focusing on weight completely disregards the weight of the passengers themselves. Great innovation Benny with your previous invention, having watched your other videos, you really do concentrate on a problem and find a logical solution!

  5. No. You turn it into hand-baggage mode for security scans. You only have to remove liquids etc., so simply don't put them in in the first place.
    I've done this many times. I go through security in the same amount of time as anyone else πŸ˜‰ I'm actually much quicker than most.

  6. Thank you so much for posting the Scottevest link. I will most likely by a jacket and a pair of pants from this site. Thanks for the great video.

  7. right? I would think anyone that tried to where a huge bulking jacket with bulging pockets through American security would be taken aside for some 'extra screening'.

  8. Selam Benny, Can you list the cheap airlines in the world? especially international? how do you get to buy your international tickets? any special tricks?

  9. Have you tried this at all more recently? I'm going to Ireland and France this year and will be taking a Ryanair and aerlingus flight. πŸ™‚

  10. can't the check in agents still stop you? If they see you have so many items when you remove all the items from your jacket to get scanned by the security agents?

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