21 thoughts on “Basic Unreal Engine 4 Apex Cloth

  1. Hi guys, Apex plugin is extremely finicky. Take a look at the new cloth sim for UE4 called NvCloth. It's for the latest UE4.16

  2. Is applying Unique material ID necessary? because too many shader can reduce overall performance in games' fps.

  3. Just started using Physx for my game yesterday…. Mind = Blown. Seriously I am at a loss for words for how incredibly awesome this stuff looks. I slapped together a skirt-mesh in about 10 mins and went through the physx clothing, adapted it, imported it, replaced my current animated armor with it… HOLY CRAP!!! This is INSANE…

  4. Hi, this is a really great tutorial for someone new to animation and physx. Just one question, when importing the whole character skeletal mesh into UE4, do you need those mesh components for the physx clothing part? or are they totally imported later using at the clothing assets section?

  5. Very cool tutorial! Thank you for breaking down the difference between nCloth and apex. Didn't realize you'd need to separate the 2 for UE4. Great work!

  6. Does it matter if we make the cloth after or before the animation? Is there any compatibilitt problems?

  7. Hello. Should we do this process after we did the animations or before doing them? I mean technically when we add custom collision to the bones, the skeleton changes in some ways. Does this affect the compatibility while using animations?

  8. I just wanted to say, on behalf of Legion Digital, thanks for this tutorial 🙂 our modellers had no clue what this plugin was before you showed us!

  9. I don't have this 'clothing' tab above my material slot. How could I set that (20:19 on video) I'm using unreal 4.15.1

  10. Hi ! I'm trying to import my APEX file on my character but it does something really weird. My cloth is ok where I set the maxDistance to 0, but everywhere else it's stretched and doesn't fall or move with wind. In Maya, everyting is fine. I've tried to set the clothing in a new scene, on other bones with the same mesh, and I always got the same trouble. The MaxDistances are correctly set according to the view in unreal. I don't know what I can do, I hope someone can help :/

  11. This is kind of sad how much BS is involved in getting a simple cloth simulation in UE4. You can't use existing geometry for the nvidia collision or use the physics asset stuff in UE4? Really nVidia? Sometimes I think I could be their lead programmer…. Not to mention it is INCREDIBLY sad how the politics of it all keep the plugin from being included in UE4. Why do I have to download the plugin itself to make the best features work? Why do I have to even create a stupid account for nVidia to download their junk? WTF nVidia. There has to be other companies working on this stuff that have this figured out better after 40-50 years of research….

  12. When adjusting the collision capsules around the body and then simulating the cloth, the material balloons outwards way past the size of the collision capsule and it looks all glitchy and weird. Anyone know why this might be? Many thanks

  13. i am using maya 2016 and unreal 4.14.3, the apb file export from maya doesnt work, and if i am using their apex clothtool and export the apb import into unreal and it works, do you know what's the problem? i have try different version of the DCC maya plugin and export the apb or apx to unreal and it still doesnt work, please help

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