Barbour Wax Jackets + How to Re-Wax a Barbour waxed coat

LOCATION: Westminster, London. this jacket
its a Barbour wax jacket and they are a bit of a British classic you see loads of people
here in London wearing them they are really I think Barbour really make clothing for outdoor
and country pursuits but there pretty popular all over the world they make a great overcoat
they are pretty versatile however they are made of they are made of cotton which isn’t
waterproof and to make them waterproof they are then waxed being made of natural products
they decay slightly so you have to service them but if you look after them they last
years I mean this one is over ten years old they will last decades you can send them back
to Barbour and they if you damage them and they will patch them up they start to look
I think they look a little bit better when they are older they get a bit of character
but anyway I need to take care of this one I could have sent it back to Barbour but I’d
left it a little late so I’am going to have to do it myself so I’am going to head to the
Barbour shop and get a pot of wax wax this jacket and then we will be good for the Autumn
Winter season and the rain that’s the rains coming the cold is already here its getting
a little bit chilly definitely coat weather not quite hat and gloves hat gloves and scarf
yet but yeah as you can see from the clouds rains never too far away but I’am going to
head down here to Westminster tube and we will get a tube to Monument head up to Leadenhall
market where there is a Barbour store and I’ll get some wax for my wax jacket WESTMINSTER
Mind the gap between the train and the platform the next station is Monument change for the
central Northern and Waterloo and city lines and DLR from bank Mind the gap between the
train and the platform OK welcome to Monument in the City of London I’am going to head up
the road to Leadenhall market and get some wax to re-wax this Barbour wax jacket but
I thought before we run up there I’ll show you where the area the station gets its namesake
the monument to the great fire of London check it out the entrance is on the other side and
you can actually climb all the way to the top and you get phenomenal views across the
city of London but that is a story for another day lets head up to Leadenhall market and
hopefully the Barbour store within the market will have some wax to re-wax my jacket lets
go OK welcome to Leadenhall market Leadenhall market used to be a market it was primarily
a meat market for many years and my great grandfather was actually a butcher here and
today its filled with restaurants and bars you can still see the meat hooks here or not
the meat hooks but the rails that the meat hooks would have hang from back when all these
stores were selling meat and butchers I’ll get a closer look here so yeah all these hooks
where for meat hooks and meat would have hung through here it would have been a very different
smell it smells amazing today today the city is dominated by financial services so most
of the stores in here are mid to high end stores catering to the fine folk that work
in the city and most of which work in financial services and obviously restaurants and bars
its pretty busy today its just gone lunchtime and people getting their shoes shined shoes
shined right this is where I need to go the Barbour store and lets see if they’ve got
some wax for my wax jacket but yeah if your in town Leadenhall market is a great spot
to come for lunch diner or after work drinks OK success I got the wax to wax the jacket
and you can actually send these send your jackets back to Barbour and they’ll repair
wax or service them if you damage them or just want a service however I’ve left it a
bit late I don’t want to be without it for the first few weeks of Autumn Winter so I’ll
do it myself I think this part of Leadenhall market Harry Potter fans will be familiar
with because they used it as the location to film one of one of the movies in right
I’am going to head back to Monument get the tube home wax my jacket and then we will be
ready for the Autumn Winter season so I’ll see you guys in a moment that’s the headline
you want to read just as your walking into the tube OK I just got back from the Barbour
store with the wax to re-wax this jacket now I was hoping to do this in daylight but as
you can see its got dark already I had a few things to take care of on the way back and
its getting dark pretty early here now its Autumn its one of the things I’am going to
miss about summer the long days but anyway I want to do this now so we can leave the
jacket to dry over night and then hopefully I can wear it tomorrow so lets read the instructions
how to re-proof your wax products you’ll require a pan of hot water and a soft cloth or sponge
choose a warm room or outside on a hot day so really I should be doing this in summer
stand the tin in hot water to soften the dressing work the dressing well into the garment using
the cloth or sponge pay attention to seams creases and dry patches that’s actually where
this jacket is beginning to leak a little around the seams rub in well don’t just paint
on for a factory finish blow evenly with a hair dryer and then finally hang the garment
over night in a warm place OK I’ve got together all the gear all the gear and no idea I’ve
got a pan on the hob boiling away so we can melt the wax lets open this and see what it
looks like right lets get that submerged to about level with the top of the wax and melt
that OK I’ve also got a sponge to apply the wax just a cleaning sponge so I’ll just use
the sponge side not the abrasive pad side a soft cloth to remove excess AKA an old tea
towel don’t tell my mum high mum if your watching a heat proof mat to put the saucepan on so
I don’t burn the table again and a hair dryer I knew that would come in handy for a factory
finish so once the wax is melted I’ll start applying it to the jacket I’ll bring you in
a little closer and we can time lapse this OK now I’am going to pop it on a hanger and
leave it somewhere warm to dry overnight OK morning as you can see the sun is just coming
up outside I left the jacket hanging somewhere warm overnight and it looks OK the seams have
got a good covering of wax so I’am pretty confident its going to be waterproof once
again I didn’t get a completely even covering so the back has got a little more than the
arms so visually cosmetically up close I can notice that but I don’t think anyone else
will I guess if you really want a factory finish you can send it back to Barbour and
they will make it as close to looking like new as possible if your going to do it yourself
I definitely recommend using the hair dryer because its quite difficult to apply the wax
evenly what the hair dryer does is remelt the wax once its on the jacket allows you
to rub it in and distribute it a little more evenly but all in all I’am happy with that
I used around half of the pot of wax so out of that one pot I’am going to get two re-waxings
I’ll do the next one next Winter or ideally I guess you want to do it in Summer when it
is warm rather than in Winter when it is cold and dark so now I’am waterproof once again
we can head outside I’am wearing old cloths today to go out in this for the first time
because I’am pretty confident where I did this myself there is going to be a little
bit of excess wax in places and I’am going to get some of that on my cloths but I’ll
let you know I thought it would smell more it does smell little waxy but not too bad
The End

48 thoughts on “Barbour Wax Jackets + How to Re-Wax a Barbour waxed coat

  1. Always enjoy your videos.  Once the Elizabeth Line is open next year do you plan on showing some of it (stations, interior & exterior & the line itself)?

  2. Great video. I just bought a Barbour wax jacket, now I know how to re-wax it once it's needed. I'm certeainly gonna visit The Monument and Leadenhall Market next time I'm in London. Thanks!

  3. hey! but that one behind you is a Pavoni coffee machine!!!!! Fantastic! and really thank you for your advices for the waxing process!!!

  4. Well done mate I not only learnt something but enjoy the journey as well thank you kind regards Phil from Australia 🇦🇺

  5. Mate make your own it's so easy and way way cheaper than the 10 quid plus they charge for a tiny tin .
    You can buy 2kg of beeswax online for around 20 pound , all you need is take say 100grams of grated beeswax and equal amounts of olive oil . Melt beeswax in a bain marie and slowly add olive oil when it's all melted. You now have a large tin amounts worth for next to nothing. I use that to waterproof a load of gear it works just as well .
    Also to get a better finish after its dried a little on the coat , use a soft bristled shoe brush in circular motions and straight where there's stitching to just get a little of the excess off the top that leaves that visible layer.

  6. That's very useful. I was just gonna wax mine without finishing off the job with a hairdryer, but now I've seen your vid I'll wait until I've gotten hold of a hairdryer from somebody.

  7. I've never been on a shopping trip watching a youtube video, ha ha, nice touch. Great Info, I'm going to have a go, cheers.

  8. was hoping for some tips on waxing a Barbour jacket not a guided tour of Monument in London and a trip on the tube!

  9. Very useful, thank you! I do echo the sentiments of most of the other contributers though. I hope the London Tourism Board paid you well. 😁 Sorry. Just jumping on the ol' bandwagon. I enjoyed it, so thank you. 🤘

  10. I myself have a Barbour Gamefair it’s 32 years old and still wear it nearly every day ( best coat I’ve ever owned ) 👍👍🇬🇧🇬🇧 quality.

  11. London sights and the winding way to the wax is great!
    I have a leather Barbour Bushman for 20+ years and not a rip or stain anywhere despite years of use. Great leather patina too. A waxed cotton Bushman too.
    Can't beat a Barbour for quality, patina and longevity.

  12. You seem keen to promote the financial services. I feel very poor watching this. But I love my Barbour, which I bought 25 years ago.

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