hi everyone and welcome back to my channel I am so excited to do this video today because I've actually never done an official clothing haul for Cooper if you guys aren't familiar with my family's channel we have an adorable but growing way to quickly almost one-year-old son named Cooper yesterday we decided that he's in much-needed fall winter clothing especially with it getting so cold so quickly I think today like sixty degrees here in New York so we went to the mall and we picked him up some stuff I just want to quickly point out that if you are interested in any of these items I will have everything linked in the description box below and feel free to message me or comment and I will get you some more information all righty let's get started so I've decided that we're gonna do this in order of store that we went to so first we're going to start off with Gymboree so from Gymboree we got this shirt and it was originally 1695 on sale for 1199 plus an additional 50% off all of these prices are going to be in u.s. dollars just to point out so we got this shirt this one this was 1099 this was the same deal exact same price and so it's been around like five ish dollars and then we got this one which is adorable this one was 40% off so this one was 14.95 plus 40% off but a little bit more expensive but I thought it was adorable so I don't mind oh and then we also got this this was $20 it's originally 32 95 but it came out to be 1995 but as you guys know we love flannel in this house especially Cooper and flannel so I got this little flannel for him love it I want one in my size so that is everything that we got from Gymboree then baby but gosh we got this I don't know how much this was I took the tag off right there's that and then Oh from Carter's this and this was 20 I think it was 50% off so it's like $10 we got these they're 14.99 and I had a 40% off coupon these are from H&M just little skin jeans and then from Baby Gap I don't know how much these were I took the tag off of these two I had Cooper in them yesterday actually also from baby yet this is 3495 but I think I got it on sale too well knit sweater so Cooper's winter jacket is this one right here it's a Patagonia jacket we just wanted to get him like a really nice winter coat traceable down duck this was a hundred and twenty nine dollars let's go Old Navy so for some reason these was three dollars and forty nine cents so it says heartbreaker and then the matching pants with it and it's a pajama set so this was three dollars and fifty cents pretty much then we got another one three dollars and fifty cents striped little leggings and then this little shirt right here just has like trucks and stuff on it we got this little shirt this was a dollar forty nine and then we got two pairs of jeans for him Old Navy $5.99 on sale and these were also $5.99 so we got a little bit lighter of a pair so B laughs but definitely not least store that we went to is a sir we've never gone to before and I was just like blown away by it it's prim mark I don't know if you guys have Primark I literally had no idea that it existed I got little sweats so it was two for seven dollars and 50 cents here's the other pair we got these sweats these are $4.50 aren't they adorable these ones $4.50 so cute this was $3.50 and then these are three dollars for both of them so a dollar fifty each got him some new beanies these I think are absolutely adorable and I love hunter green because my eyes are green and Cooper's eyes have little shades of green in them so I love these jeans we got these for him really amazing quality and nine dollars and then the last things that we got I got him these little shirts this is just one little one sleeve shirt with a little pocket and then it comes with another one like this and these were four dollars and fifty cents for two amazing so that is everything that we have gotten for Cooper's fall wardrobe he is one year old and in size 12 to 18 months I will probably have to do another shopping trip I would say probably in like December depending on whether he's grown a lot but I also know that Cooper's birthday is coming up and I'm sure he'll also be getting some fall clothing then thank you guys so much for watching this video it is always a pleasure I hope that you enjoyed seeing what clothes Cooper will be in in our upcoming vlogs but if you guys are not familiar with our Channel we are just a cute little happy family of young folks in love with a little baby and an English Bulldog we're from New York and I'm so excited that you have found our channel I hope you go check out our daily vlogs and I will see you guys soon bye


  1. You have a great taste in style! I loved everything! It was all so cute 😊❤️ have a great weekend!!!

  2. $129 for a winter coat?! Girl!!!!!! That's so much money!!!!! We always go to Once Upon A Child for coats. I got my baby and brand new with tags coat for $10 and it was originally $60!

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