100 thoughts on “‘Avengers’ Cast: Who Has the Worst Costume?

  1. I would say for looks, captain america. I hate it, it looks so corny. But for practicality i'll say vision.

  2. anyone notice that it’s the hulk at 0:03 😂😂 why did they make it like that when he wasn’t even in that part of the film? 😂😂

  3. Captain America is one of my favourite heroes ever, but his costume in the first Avengers film was fucking awful.

  4. Black Widow has the worst costume. She doesn't need blond hair. She was on the run with Rogers and Wilson. They didn't need disguises. Also the green vest looks a little weird

  5. If marvel made Dr strange smart ok do I give one of the strongest things in the universe for a friend or turn back time to make him a baby and kill him and take the gauntlet choice give the stone to Thanos

  6. worst costumes: Loki, Nebula, Gamora,Vision, Drax,Hulk,Black Panther,Cap . The best costumes are of Thor and Valkeiry. There costumes are the coolest to look and wear.

  7. captain America has the worst costume, I wish they would have kept his costume simple and gotten a better actor I pretty much have nothing but disdain for the character since the mcu portrayal and it kills me that I now dislike the cap

  8. I think it's the first iron man suits, before they became more slick and form fitting and nanotechnology. They just look kind of clunky and like it'd be hard to run in them or do anything that requires speed, really

  9. 0:22 spoilers for infinity war part 2, how does he know if he's never filmed with Mark Ruffalo turning into the hulk or even talking to him if he didn't in the first part

  10. If they mean what custume LOOKS the worst, I'd say Thanos with armor, i just dont like it, good thing he gets rid of it early on

  11. vision: no cgi, you're just trapped in some weird red mask thingy for hours. Just be glad he doesn't have to do any crazy stunts

  12. 1. Captain America.. while Spider-man has always had Superman/Batman level costumes, the only time Cap's costume worked was when he had his Agents of Shield suit. Likewise, Hawkeye. Admittedly, I am biased. I hated Ultimates and the MCU went that way.

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