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good morning guys I hope you're well today I am taking product photos for a client whoa it's bright in here okay so I'm here in my guest room I'm also usually my filming room and the reason for that is because there is great natural light in here my phone is ringing you want like soft diffused light but without shadows I'll show you what I mean I could shoot against this wall this wall or this wall but I can totally see my shadow in this wall this wall I can also see my shadow so this falls out this wall I'm leaving my arm no shadow so this is the wall that we're going to this is a huge role of white paper that I got our hands on I'll put a link below to do more one this is the Grand pretty Savage [Applause] getting free cranks in this room but I'm going to try my best to show you what I'm doing I have to taste the tripod off of this camera to the gun to the other cameras thank you the first type of shot that I want to get of these is just kind of like a straight looking down picture with the scarf kind of rolled up like this the light has changed all it's kind of like a weird rainy day today and you can see this big shadow that came in a set on Amazon as well what this does is it's a fuses to light this is what I'm going to use and you want to be my photo assistant so you can see this it's completely balanced light around the product like there's no shadow over here like there was originally so I want to do the same like layout with all of the colors so that all of the pictures on her site look cohesive okay so I think I'm done with this for the day I'll show you sort of like a little scroll through I think they're going to work really well for our website have some more work that I have to do today I just want to leave it set up for a little while in case I need it while I'm working on site Chester were you doing in the corner you want to go for walkie walkie okay I wanted to do the comment of the day that is not very polite my last video that I did was on decluttering your wardrobe I got a comment from be tense Roman who says I'm in the middle of the decluttering process myself love your tip unfolding and putting clothes in drawers how do you tackle closets and shelves I actually haven't ever read the book but life-changing magic of tidying up but I've seen and read a lot of information about it online one of the things that she says is really important is to first take everything off of either the shelf or out of your closet go through it all and then put back only what you want to keep a lot of you guys less comment on my last video that we're like super helpful so if you guys are interested in that I recommend checking out that video and scrolling through the comments because you guys know what's up with decluttering and it seems like a lot of you are in the process of that yourself I'm going to finish up work and I'm probably going to call it quits on the blog for today please let me know in the comments what videos you guys would like to see next [Applause] Oh [Applause]

35 thoughts on “At-Home Product Photography Photoshoot Behind The Scenes | Vlog

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  2. Thank you for your tips ! I'm starting with poshmark and I like your idea, it's very economical… God bless you and your husband.

  3. The efforts behind a perfect flatlays are endless! 👏 Loved the video.
    I'm also into flatlay photos and product styling. Feel free to checkout my work aswell 💜

    Instagram: @her.mystique

  4. That is a simple enough! That shadow check method was something to make use and a cool technique to learn. Now I have to try all walls for a no-shadow and start selling my perfumes!

  5. This so helpful I love it plus you gave us an idea where to get those materials too thank you so much! 😍

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