23 thoughts on “Are You A Hipster… Or Do You Just Like These 25 Things Ironically? RMRS

  1. What did I miss from this list? Comment below!

    Another great video? 10 Style Hacks EVERY Man Needs To Know (Do YOU???) – https://youtu.be/to8YhYbJIes

  2. Im a hipster but I don't get offended when people call me a hipster. Does that mean I'm not a hipster?????

  3. Sry man I don't know what the hell I'm witnessed but back here in Bharath a person's identity is his karma(or his duties whether he is an politician,soldier like this)….!

  4. Silent movies are great, and so are records, but hipsters make me want to take showers three times a day

  5. Take out 23. I know a couple of things abbot music and how sound works, and it objectively does sound better on vinyl.

  6. some people are more hipster than others. some people call me hipster but idk if i really am.

    I mainly just have a lot of interests and appreciate all types of cultures. The way I dress is way more “iconic” than “ironic”. I wear converse blue jeans and a flannel cause of how iconic it is. I dont wear a cat shirt to be ironic tho. I like to cuff my pants simply cause i just think it looks better and is a little more stylish. I have a beard and long hair and like a plethera of music (if i think it sounds good i will listen. i try not to care about the genre. ALWAYS HAVE AN OPEN MIND). I have a few tattoos but i got addicted to getting them. i felt as if getting one was like a growth for me. i got addicted idk. Maybe I am a slight hipster. or im just very opened minded. I am very accepting of everyone. I am not a shallow person whatsoever. That is also a motive of mine. Sometimes i like to look the way i look to prove a point that u should never judge a book by its cover. and thats a fact.

  7. I wore real suspenders with the buttons and they were life changing. I would wear suspenders everyday, but I would be a hipster. And there are lot of guys that would like to bring hats back because they're stylish as well as functional, but everyone dogs on them. I'll just let my scalp get sunburned.

  8. Hmm of the three on here that I actually do..the reasons are simple. I own a record player because it belonged to my grandparents and I'm not getting rid of a family heirloom, I wear a trilby hat because my great grandpa wore it so I want to feel closer to him as he could rock that and a suit all day from the old family photos I've seen…he actually liked to wear suits everyday for every occasion..and I drink out of a mason jar..cause I live in the south..it's just something we do normally..plus the big ones hold a LOT of sweet tea on a hot southern summer.

  9. These things aren't even exclusive to hipsters. This is a video someone from the middle of the country would make– oh wait.

  10. When people use the word ‘hipster’ as a way to insult someone, it only shows it’s something they don’t get or understand. It also makes them look foolish, and in a way they come off as seeming jealous.

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