Apex Legends Wattson Tesla Fence Shown! | Mirage Bomber Jacket Skin | Much More | Beyond the Patch

Hey everyone. Hope your day is going great. Today, I’ll be taking a deeper dive into the
latest patch, taking a look at what’s changed behind the scenes, and pulling out items and
files that weren’t there before this patch. The goal of this is to provide speculation
on what’s coming next. Any of the items I talk about in this video
aren’t 100% confirmed. We have some interesting things to look at. First, more information on the L-Star. Then, a closer look at Wattson’s abilities
and what they may look like in-game. We also have some speculation on a potential
upcoming item. We also have a sneak peek at what may be a
new upcoming Mirage legendary reskin that you might like the look of. Finally, I’ll briefly explain the leaver penalty
that got added and then suddenly removed. So let’s jump straight in. Firstly, yes, the L-Star was all over the
place just after the patch went live. People were getting skins for it. The reason for this is because players were
connected to different servers, most likely the dev test servers, and since returning
to the normal servers, the L-star skins have stopped dropping. This does mean that the L-Star is very close
to completion though. And I mean very close. Next up, it’s time to talk about Wattson. There’s no doubt that Wattson is being prepared
for release. Today, we’ve had new ability items added to
the game. Not just the code this time, but actual physical
models. When this happened with Octane, the developers
actually teased Octane’s jump pad in the game, so if we’re lucky, the same may happen to
Wattson’s ability. There’s no reason for Wattson to have her
ability objects added to the game unless Respawn are preparing to push it for release or want
to tease it like the jump pad, so we’ll see what’s about to happen. So, here’s what Wattson’s ability looks like. From digging around the game files, it seems
like Wattson will be able to place multiple poles like this. When the poles are placed, they will create
a connected fence of electricity. I can only imagine walking into won’t be very
enjoyable. Now, there’s also the potential that either
Wattson has a second ability, or the pole shown before has a secondary function. This is because there’s very clear radius
item in the game files too. I created a mockup to show how large the radius
is. I can only assume that if you come into this
radius area, you will take damage or will have an effect applied to you, just like Caustic’s
gas traps. Keep in mind, this radius is very unlikely
to be visible in the game. It’s just there to define the boundaries of
the tesla trap effects. If you step into this area, there is likely
to be particle effects. New particles for Wattson’s tesla trap ability
have also been mentioned in the game code. So, there’s three things this radius could
be reffering to. Either this is the radius that traps can be
linked together within, or maybe this radius is referring to a damage radius when only
a single fence is placed down. Or, perhaps this radius is actually for a
different ability. It could be possible that Wattson has both
an electric fence and a tesla trap ability, but it’s hard to tell. There’s reference to both names but they could
simply be refering to the same ability. Also, there are objects in the game that show
the fence as being broken, so it’s likely that you can shoot them to destroy them, just
like you can with Caustic’s gas trap. Now it’s time to talk about more objects relating
to a sentry turret. This turret has already been in the game code,
but now we have a destroyed version, and some other interesting objects. So, before we continue, let me just explain
something. Many of the objects added to the Apex Legends
game files include Titanfall 1 and Titanfall 2 models. Many of these may never come to Apex Legends. What’s particularly interesting about this
sentry turret, though, is that I don’t think it’s from Titanfall 1 or 2. The only reference I can find for this particular
turret is from Titanfall Assault, a top down mobile game. It’d be weird to have this in the game code
as there aren’t any other Titanfall Assault items in the code from what I can tell. It’s not just the sentry turret object, either. There’s this backpack, which has a strange
camo texture file added to it, and more importantly, a mobile turret pack object name. This seems to suggest this is either a backpack
you can pick up as an item in-game or it’s an ability owned by somebody. I’m starting to think it’s likely to be the
first option, because I don’t think this kind of ability would suit Wattson. Could this mean we have a sentry turret on
the way? Who knows? What’s interesting is that more items have
been added to Apex Legends in the latest update too. We have more Titanfall ability items like
this one, and many different Titanfall ships, including destroyed versions. There’s nothing to go off of from this information
though, and it has no reflection on what may or may not come to Apex Legends in the future. We’ve also had a few new texture files added
to the game. One of which is a brand new re-skin for Mirage’s
Legendary skin. This is a mock up of what it will look like
in-game. Apologies for the bad resolution and low quality
lighting, I’m quite new to using 3D modeling software. So, I Imagine we’ll see this in the store
as a reskin to the Angel City Hustler skin in the near future. There are some other texture files but most
of them are for the L-Star, and some new texture files for a potential Wraith reskin, but I’m
having trouble piecing that together. In other news, a leaver penalty was briefly
added to Apex Legends before being removed by Respawn. In a reddit post, Respawn revealed that this
was an internal feature they were testing and it was never designed to make it to this
version of the game. Judging by the huge controversy the feature
caused, I’m not sure we’ll be seeing it in the game any time soon. Essentially, if players left three games in
a short period, they’d be given a 5 minute cooldown timer. Over time, the cooldown timer could increase
if a player kept leaving. For now, it’s been removed. What do you think of this feature? Would you like to see a cooldown timer to
stop leavers? Or, is it going to cause problems and potential
griefing? Let me know. Also, I’ll be streaming from Monday to Saturday
each evening, so make sure to check out my YouTube channel or Twitch – I’ll be streaming
on both. Okay, thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio!

100 thoughts on “Apex Legends Wattson Tesla Fence Shown! | Mirage Bomber Jacket Skin | Much More | Beyond the Patch

  1. Maybe not a cooldown timer that's too simple. Maybe a feature that measures early leaves then intentionally places them with less and less experienced teammates. So if they are serial early leavers they get more potatoes and noobier teammates to carry. Also at the higher levels it ensures they are never jump master.

  2. I really hope that they bring back the penalty. I think this will really help with the spammers that just spam the chat and voice in the character select and drop with ads as to where to buy cheats then leave right after the drop leaving you solo. At non peak hours on Asian servers about half of all players are just these spammers and then another third of those remaining are cheaters. It makes the game unplayable when you hit the ground with only 8-10 teams left because of people leaving because they are spammers and not real players or players that have been left solo. Its garbage.

  3. No no no. I honestly don't want ai driven defence stuff/ sentry guns. There are enough movement slow ability as stl if that's what Watson does

  4. I bet the radius is not damage, but for tagging players as blood hound is the only recon unit so far.
    Additionally everyone has been thinking wattson as a watt of electricity, but what about detective wattson of Sherlock Holmes

  5. A turret would be fun and some teams can camp more than 3rd party and run around map which would be a nice mix of things

  6. Hey man, let us know if you can dig out that new Wraith skin because I sure am interested. Keep up the great work, buddy! 👍

  7. 5-year cool down timer for leavers please…. Also, add a 5-year cool down timer for people that sit idle for over a minute. A ranked mode with serious penalties would actually be the best option.

  8. Saw someone mention this on Twitter, but I think they were probably testing the leaver penalty out for a ranked mode. At least I hope so…

  9. I think the penalty is a good idea. First kill of the day and they are out. Most games have some kind of feature for just this. Unless you can get a squad mate in the middle of a match.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks Pathfinders legendary skins are trash? I really want some more unique legendary skins, not only Pathfinder but for all the legends.

  11. That brief time with leaver penalty was HORRIBLE and it had nothing to do with people griefing just bad games and one with someone new who jumped on the other side of the map because they are to scared of confrontation or w/e. It was a huge failure and a massive annoyance that slows games down for no other reason than a few butt hurt players. I squad up with a buddy and we're usually 2 vs the world all the time and it's not that big of a deal especially if the alternative is I need to wait 5+ minutes for a teammate to die or pick me up a million times/wait 5+ minutes to play another match.

  12. Quitting penalty is good, too many brats leaving because they didn’t get their precious main legend. Bunch of babies.

  13. I use to hate when people left then once I did it I understood. If you're a solo player and both your teammates are bots then why stay, a few seconds to get into another game as apposed to several minutes you have to wait for your teammates to MAYBE pick you up. Plus what about when you die completely will you still get a penalty when you leave then?

  14. Maybe add the ability to be able to reconnect if you've disconnected and instead be forced to play the that match or wait until your squad is dead. Might have to remove respawn timeout. Would be similar to league in a sense

  15. Well in Titanfall 2 there 2 kinds of sentrys anti titan
    and anti pilot there booth seperate boosts you can get with filing up the titan meter

  16. My theory is the ability is actually called Tesla Shield or something like that & when you set two of them pole things down it creates a shield that your team can shoot through unlike Gibbys shield!

  17. The absence of Leaver penalty was why I stopped playing the game, I would only consider playing it if I get get a full squad before I launch Origin.

  18. I don't want a penalty in a sense where someone can't play. But what I would like to see is a permanent banner badge added to someone's banner indicating how often they have rage quitted.

  19. PLEASE no leaver penalty for unranked. I don't want to get dropped as far away from the actual gameplay as possible to spend 20 minutes looting items I won't even get to use, then die to the squad that murdered everyone else. People will just run away from their squadmates and kill themselves, or jump into the ocean anyways and ditch when their banner times out. Or find some way to int the whole team. Negative reinforcement doesn't inhibit toxic behavior, the people that engage in it don't care. There's a wealth of places to find teammates, you're accepting the 1v59 when you solo queue. For the record, I'm frequently the escape artist that respawns both teammates only to see them quit. That's the way she goes.

    Even in a ranked mode, players who leave get sorted out by MMR fast. The Koreans in League open mid as soon as they know they've lost to get into another faster. If you're really at or below the rank you belong, you'll stabilize/rise quicker by queueing more games than spending 4 hours in 10x 1/10 chance games.

  20. I really like your choice of songs for your videos, personally I love LoFi cuz it's so peaceful. Matt Quentin – Waves and one of my favourite LoFi songs Hanging Lanterns from Kalaido 😪 if you need any recommendations just comment me 😉 I know many songs like these since I have over 2 years of listening to this kind of music

  21. leave penalty sounds good in theory, but bad in practice. for example if i jump into a game and die and my squad mate retrieves my banner but loots all my shit then goes off to loot some more, i dont know if i even wanna continue playing anymore.these are the same knuckle heads who loot every damn box before even attempting to get you up. they literally take every good loot and dont give a damn to even share ammo with you. no thank you.

  22. leave 3 times incur a 5min penalty?

    F that. Leave once get a 20min penalty. I'm sick to death of the try hards who main character X and refuse to even attempt to play someone else.

  23. Bruh, quit mistaking the Grenade launcher for the L-Star. The grenade launcher is not a skin, it's a completely different gun. Read your comments…

  24. Penalizing someone for leaving a game is stupid. Why shouldn’t someone be allowed to start fresh with a new team? If one of my teammates isn’t playing with the team and I die I’m not staying in hopes of them learning how team based operations are supposed to work. Let people play the game how they want!

  25. how about we add a penalty for jump master not pinging location or people who veer away just to die solo.

  26. MIRAGE NEEDS A BUFF! PLEASE MAKE HIS DECOYS EXPLODE! (like arc stars: they stun enemy if they get Bamboozled.)

  27. Can we also have it so that anyone who leaves the match doesn’t show up in the champion squad? I’m tired of putting in sweaty amounts of effort to win a game, only to show the kid who rage quit less than a minute into the game is front and centre

  28. Wild Guess, Natalie Watson's Ultimate are most likely a turret. Considering how powerful automated turret is especially in Battle Royale. The turret persumably can't be picked like Caustic's gas can. If it can, it may behaves like Engineer from Team Fortress 2 when Engineer unable to use weapon while carrying Sentry Gun. Natalie may only deploy 1-2 turrets, the oldest turret will disappear if the third one deployed.

  29. Respawn should've not remove Leaver Penalty entirely as there's so much "FZ-QQun" bot that always leave upon chosing a Legend. Yet it is pretty frustrating if you meet them.

  30. I honestly don't know how I feel about a having leaving penalty in Apex. It seems a bit trickier to implement compared to other online shooters. Didn't even know Respawn briefly had one in the game

  31. I hope they don’t add Ticks(drones that hunt enemy’s and exploding) and turrets. These things take no skill and runed many games before.

  32. RESPAWN! Please give us a melee item! Brass Knuckle or a Baseball Bat! 35 dmg a hit so you can drop a shield-less opponent in 3 instead of 4 strikes.

  33. If they are implementing a penalty system for leaving, they better get a matchmaking system first, cus 90% of teams i get matched with in solos are useless.. like, atleast match my lvl somewhat..

  34. My game glitches and I have a screen shot of what the new mirage reskin looks like, it’s red and white and it low key looks bad ass

  35. 30% point reduction if you leave a match whilst alive.
    20% point reduction if you leave a match whilst knocked.
    10% point reduction if you leave a match whilst your card can be recovered or awaiting respawn.
    0 point reduction if respawn times out of squad wipe.

    Nothing more boring than joining randoms, hot drop, they die within 30 seconds because they can't handle the hot drop and then they sulk an quit even though your already at their box getting their card.

  36. Leave penalties sound like an AWESOME way to troll, you go down pick up your banner. Then never respawn you, so you have to watch entire game, or get a penalty

  37. I'd like to see the leaving penalty in this game, it's pretty frustrating when your teammates leave before the game has even started

  38. They should add a penaltity for being bad at the game and trying to force good players to carry them so their monitor screen says champion and makes them feel good about themselves instead of practicing and actually having skill to be proud of. I really don't understand how people want titles of victory without having the skill to deserve it. If you win a match and have two teammates with 1500+ damage and the other has 1200+ and you only have 300, did you really win anything? To me it seems you waited about 20mins to see your screen say Champion.

  39. We need new ways of getting Apex Packs…they should add task to complete for currency to exchange for packs.

  40. To all the noobs leavers. May your account get banned because u can't kill, die instantly and requeu to spoil the next match game

  41. I think the matches we play now count as pubs so adding a cool down on basically the only mode avaiable isnt a good idea, if it can detect that its intentially screwing your team mates maybe but i dunno how they will determine that, save the cool down penalty for some ranked mode.

  42. Leave penalty if you're banner is still up but you shouldn't be forced to hang around and watch if there's no chance of revive.

  43. Yesterday I played apex and a guy picked mirage and before he picked him he had the angel city hustler skin but white and red not sure if it's a glitch or not

  44. Apex and their community needs to understand that I would rather waste my time on wining the game then losing the game. That’s why I and others rather leave the game early if we’re not given a fair or decent squad. Let face the facts: if your a LVL 100 and your teammates are lvl 5 and lvl 16 and the top squad is full of lvl 100s. Do you honestly think you have at least a chance of winning? No (yes if you’re a complete god at apex). So therefore I leave and start up a new match because I’d much rather waste my time on winning than losing.

  45. cooldown penalties for early leavers are a good thing when implemented correctly, maybe it should be implemented on an infraction basis. People might not like it but it will definitely eliminate a lot of the bots that join games and spam their chinese hacks over the voip and then leave the game right before the drop.

  46. Apex NEEDS a leaver penalty. At this point I fucking dread playing the game without friends because 80% of the time when I solo queue and my team drops on skull Town and dies within seconds, they don't even give me fucking time to respawn them. Or these cunts will go on the other side of the fucking map, die, then quit immediately even if you beg them to fucking wait and you're coming to pick their banner up. I'm fucking tired of this toxic bullshit and there definitely needs to be punishment for cunts who don't understand how a TEAM BASED game works.

    But the leaver penalty definitely needs to get balanced. For example if you're too far away from your teammate and die and there's literally no way your banner can be retrieved, there should be no penalty for leaving. I'm sure Respawn can figure out how to make that work.

  47. Gaming is sweet but I know it would be way more rad if you added my music under your next piece of content. Let me know if you ever use any of my songs for your gameplay.

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