Amy Winehouse talking about her clothing line (October 2010)

so no mind or something yeah like in rocket in welcome wherever you want this is on an advert for a very bad boy is it this piece of repairing old flat plate said it won't be saved and yes you know I'm prepared do and XO stuffs gonna be coming out because we do know this did preparing for time three collections yeah but it's a week because it's so like the opportune my also winter yeah I did we know we know moments of enterica spring summer place with orphanage a good so the my wouldn't want to come out and about it might be in stores down our should you actually designed this one yeah it does outside everything but I think yes Oh God

22 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse talking about her clothing line (October 2010)

  1. She looked about forty five before she died. The people taking her picture are making fun of her. She's slurring her words but I guess they're laughing because she thinks she looks beautiful here

  2. Pobre mujer ! Tan talentosa y parecía una deambulante. perdió el respeto por si misma !

  3. My friend in heaven, i never got the chance to give you a hug or a kiss. I feel you in my room, watching over me from the sky up above. You always hoped for the one to watch over you, but in turn you are the one to watch over us. I think about you EVERY DAY and will never not. While you were alive you were my hero, my mentor, you made me pick up a pen and write songs. I love you Amy Jade Mermaid. You had your dreams come true, but had nightmares in between them. You deserved nothing but the best and at times you lost your footing, but you will never be judged in my eyes for that as you were only human. I love darling, thank you for the gift you've left me with here on earth. I have your fred perry clothes and i wear them with pride, with much love and endearing warmth, your biggest fan and believer/freind, Matthew Decker. xxx Rest In Paradise.


  5. Her Authentic brands really shown up stunning original superjazzstar on earth ever in the history never forgotten 🌌# Amy #🌌

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