Amazing Retro Fashion…On the Comeback!

From the Afro to John Lennon’s favorite sunglasses…stay
tuned to number 1 to find out the best retro fashions that have made a come back! Number 10: The Fro. You could argue that this never really died. But in recent years the afro has once again
become a popular hair choice for many people. This was really popular back in the 60’s,
and then became associated the most with the 70’s via Disco (which also never died!). And it’s not hard to see why this particular
hairstyle has emerged back in recent years. After all, recent years have really expanded
the notion of expressing yourself in a way that feels cool to you and you alone. So for those who have the ability to rock
the big hair, why not? And it’s not one gender doing following this
fashion trend, there are plenty of men and women out there right now with fros of various
sizes. Not all of them are massive, like they were
in the 70’s, but some do have that massive size. Others are more simple, compact, yet still
are worthy of the fro name. And while it may be odd to some to see the
fro “back in action”, compared to other hair styles that are out there in the world right
now? This is tame by comparison. Number 9: The Choker. Once considered a very bold fashion statement,
the choker has become a bit more common in the last couple years or so. And now, it’s a symbol of being a bit “dark”
or “edgy”. But, for some people, it’s just something
that they want to wear to make themselves stand out a little bit from the pack. Which is how many fashion trends start if
you think about it. Also, given the style craze that’s gone on
recently, it’s not hard to see the “jet black” chokers getting a bit of a more colorful look
in the hands of those who know what they’re doing. Plus, unlike a necklace, they’re easier to
see. Honestly, because of how they’re worn, they’re
basically impossible to miss, which is no doubt the point for some. Another thing that makes the choker even more
popular today is that, because of how simple it is in terms of shape, you can literally
wear it with just about any outfit and it won’t clash with it. Very few items have that type of versatility. Number 8: Tie-Die. Before we talk about this psychedelic comeback,
take a moment to like this video and join the Zero2Hero community by clicking that subscribe
button, below! The 60’s were a very interesting time in the
United States, and not just because of all the substances that were being passed around…if
you get what I’m saying. The desire to be free, in numerous ways, was
paramount, and that meant going beyond the usual styles and stories that had driven people
for so long. Which is why Tie-Die was such a popular clothing
item back in that decade, and it’s making a comeback now. Tie-Die is quite simply a mash-up of colors
into a unique pattern that makes it seem much more groovy or psychedelic…or something
along those lines. You can’t deny, the patterns can get pretty
cool depending on who you get them from, and there were millions wearing these shirts,
pants, blankets, and more back in the day. And now? They’re just another item that can help you
stand out from the crowd. Plus, many have actually “refined” the Tie-Die
style a little bit to make it seem more business-like…should you want that. Number 7: Leather Jackets. Personally, I never remember leather jackets
going out of style, but then again, I’m not exactly fashion hip. For a long time, leather jackets were cool…but
they were associated with thugs. Especially during the early 50’s. Then, as the style evolved, they became popular
with bikers and their groups. And then, when the hit TV show Happy Days
came, The Fonz showed that leather jackets are a definition of style coolness, followed
by the movie Grease, which helped this style launch into stardom. Still, somewhere along the line, people decided
to stop wearing leather jackets, for the most part. Which is fine, it was their choice, just as
it was someone’s choice to help restart the trend. And now, in 2019, leather jackets aren’t just
in, they’re a key part of many people’s attire. From models, to singers, to professional wrestlers,
there are many people who love their leather jackets. Not the least of which is because you can
have them tailored to fit you and your personal style. So whether you want them a bit baggy, tight,
custom in terms of what’s on the back, or whatever else you can think of, you can find
the perfect leather jacket for you. Plus, like a lot of other items in 2019, a
leather jacket can be worn with just about any clothing combination. Casual wear, business, fun, serious, or just
everyday wear, there’s a lot of ways to make the leather jacket work with you’re style. Number 6: The “John Lennon Sunglasses.” Sunglasses, as a whole, are a necessary item
for many people who don’t wear glasses on the regular, and even then, some people need
both glasses and sunglasses. And leave it to designers to try and make
all kinds of legendary styles of sunglasses over the years. But one of the most popular of them are the
John Lennon Sunglasses. The version modeled after the late legendary
singer and member of The Beatles. Lennon had a rather interesting life, especially
when he became famous, and his sunglasses were a major part of his look, which he used
to his advantage. Anyway, the sunglasses became very popular,
especially in the 90’s if you can believe it. But now, they’re not only back, they’re very
popular once again. There are many ways to explain this resurgence
in popularity. First off, they’re very functional sunglasses. They cover all of your eyes, which is what
you want from a pair. Second, the glasses are very stylish, and
aren’t so massive that it looks like you’re wearing something inches thick. Finally, there are a lot of people who remember
John Lennon, and while they may not have honored him by wearing these before, they may have
decided to do that now. Number 5: Bell-Bottoms. Let’s be honest here, Bell Bottoms is one
of the most iconic retro trends that just keeps coming back. But, one thing that most people don’t realize
is that they first got their start all the way back in 1812, where they were worn by
sailors in the US Navy. In the 1920’s, they resurged again in women’s
fashion before falling out of style again. The most famous resurgence, though, was definitely
the disco era of the 1970’s, where bell bottoms were all the rage. Fast forward to the 2000’s, and bell-bottoms
jeans have made a fashion comeback in a major way. But, not ONLY in the way you think. Boot cut jeans are massively popular, and
they got their start from, you guessed it…the fashion trends of bell-bottoms. Who knew! Number 4: Flannel Shirts. There was a time when Flannel Shirts were
mocked by anyone who wore them. Mainly because they were associated with Lumberjacks,
Canadians (who I love! Go Canada!), and people who just didn’t have
any fashion sense. And yet, to anyone who’s actually WORN Flannel,
they know that it’s truly just a comfortable thing to wear, and own. Plus, it keeps you warm most of the time. But flannel truly had it’s peak in the 90’s,
during the grunge rock scene before slowly fading into oblivion. Or…so we thought. Thankfully, people have come around to it
thanks to media and other outlets. Suddenly, it’s not so bad to wear Flannel,
and we should all be grateful for that. Now, Flannel Shirts especially are in, and
they can be used as overshirts, if you will, to help bring out the style of a piece. And again, they keep you warm. You can also thank the show Supernatural for
showing off Flannel to the world and showing how the common man can look really good in
it. Number 3: Power Suits. Once upon a time, the only people who could
wear Power Suits were ones that were in the “upper echelon” of the business world, or,
those who were in politics and had to present themselves in a certain way for their peers
to respect them and take them seriously. But now? Well, just about anyone can wear a Power Suit. Celebrities wear them quite often, Victoria
Beckham (wife of David Beckham) has a set of Power Suits for herself, and she’s neither
a politician or a snooty business person (though she does own a fashion empire). Plus, with modern advances and graces, they
come in a variety of colors to help accentuate who you are and what colors you love to wear. See? Win-win! 2. Cargo Pants
You’d think that pants wouldn’t go through major changes over the years. Sure, the materials and stitching can change
based on advances in technology to help make them cheaper and fit better, but the concept
is still the same for the most part. But for Cargo Pants, someone wanted to help
change the formula while also making it so people could not just have pants, but have
plenty of places to put things in those pants. And in the early 2000’s, these were all the
rage, as they made you feel “big” and also be convenient in their own way. They fell out of style eventually, but now
they’re back! And they’re making their own splashes in the
fashion world. Some of them even have cool camo colorings
that you can check out. And the pockets…they’re still there. 1. Loose-Fitting Clothes
Fashion has advanced a lot of ways over the years, and trends have come and gone, but
for many, the idea of having “loose clothes” was something that never really clicked. Parents wanted their kids and teens to have
clothes that “fit”, not “hanged loose”. And so if you did that, you were basically
a rebel trying to break the rules. But now, with fashion being as forward and
progressive as it is, you don’t have to be perfectly buttoned up, and prim and proper,
before going out into the world. If you want to wear a slightly loose shirt,
most people won’t even give you a look. Want a pair a jeans that are a size too big
so that they’re not constricting you? Go for it. Granted, people wouldn’t like it if your clothes
are falling off of you. That would be indecent to say the least. But if they’re a little loose and freeing? By all means…go for it! What is your favorite fashion trend? Let us know in the comment below and…take

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