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what's up you guys how y'all doing today I hope you guys are doing so so good out there today I'm partnering with Walmart for another affordable video i'm featuring outlet ideas that are under $50 that includes a clothing not the shoes and accessories just FYI i hope you guys really enjoy today's looks we've got some summer casual all the way up to work appropriate and as always I've got sizing pricing and links in the description box I also included a lot of other affordable awesome tips that I found on the site over on my blog post to be sure to check that out I love you guys so much hope you guys enjoyed today's video and let's get started kicking things off with some summer shorts these are incredibly chic shorts with a high paperback waistline pockets on each side in some loose breezy Lake and the darker Chambre looks a little bit more elevated compared to my distressed Lite prints denim shorts that are normally wearing and to keep it loose and breezy I tucked in this adorable striped statement blouse you have these enormous bubble sleeves that are so adorable even though you've got some nice fluffy volume on the top and the shorts that paper bag waist belt really cinches everything in pair that with the cutest straw bag with ombre blue stripes and a cute little pom-pom tassel love this stripe on stripe action along with a complimentary booze moving on over number two we've got some cute pants action I have some bright red orange linen trouser pants and I pair that with one of my favorite go-to like basic summer tops which is a ruffled flouncy off-the-shoulder stretchy top definitely one of my go-to pants silhouettes with the highways and the tapered ankle length and the blouse is a great swap out to your basic white t-shirt it's just as comfy you show a little bit more skin for the hot weather and it transforms a casual outfit into a cute romantic summer look and I finish everything off with a cute little mini strata bed with pom-poms our third look is gonna be business casual I'm doing monochromatic with a navy on Navy but we're doing contrasting prints with the skirt being solid and the top having a cute little botanical pattern I love the cap sleeves with a little ruffle trim it makes it very feminine and tuck it into a Navy pencil skirt with a ruffle hem this fluted skirt silhouette is so great for creating tons of when you walk and also creates the illusion of curves this skirt was a steal at 12 bucks the top was 18 for a total of 30 bucks look number four let's talk about some one-piece dressing I've got two different dresses for you guys the first one is going to be a short sleeve super classy shirt dress you guys this one is in a chambray material so it still got a casual summer feel especially with this linen fabric because it is so breathable for the price the material feels really nice and thick and premium the actual silhouette is very sheet with those drop shoulders for a more relaxed fit with a flattering curved hem on the bottom you have double pockets on your chest in addition to deep real pockets on the size for a very utilitarian touch and a matching tie belt this dress can hold its own and the office and also on your weekend days I pair that with the same little blue tote bag look number five in the second short dress I'm featuring this one is so up my alley this shirt dress is a sleeveless olive green loose breezy free-flowing shirt dress that has actual pockets on each side which is always an added bonus this is a casual throw undress if you wanted to elevate this for the office I would definitely add a really cute woven belt for more put-together look look number six is gonna be like a faux jump suit I've been loving these crop tops with some really comfortable pants this is more of like a beachy casual look I start off with a tie front crop top and you have a very generous time in front and then i pair that with some matching black lounge pants these pants are like super size beach pants they're crazy breezy and flowy and super wide leg but you also have this really cool like overlay on the front so it almost looks like half sarong half Beach lounge pants paired together it looks like a very cohesive jumpsuit even though they're separates and the pants were only 15 dollars making this around a 25 dollar outfit that's great for your summer vacation outfit number seven we have another top and trousers option you've got that same high waist wide leg cropped silhouette with a matching thick belt making these linen pants look more like a formal trouser and then I paired it with a sleeveless ruffle trim that looks a little bit like avant-garde office where basics this one is a more satiny finish which gives a more polished touch to the linen pants the top was 19 and the high-waisted linen coolest were 23 making this outfit around 42 bucks outfit number eight I found this awesome pink longline blazer that I turn into a dress I feel like it's so feminine unexpected and chic worn as a dress I feel like this is something Barbie would have in her closet I of course love it as a one-piece it's not crazy short on me I'm 5-2 but you can of course keep this unbuttoned or wear it as a really cute statement topper especially for the summertime this pink color is just amazing a cute unique fine at $35 and our next look I kind of centered the whole outfit around this cardigan that I found I love this one because it's in this great graphic black and white gingham print I also saw this cardigan in a floral print and also solid colors it says zip up crewneck cardigan which i think is such a subtle edgy accent to the typical like button-up crewneck cardigan I wanted the powder to stand alone so I paired it with a black on black ensemble a comfy stretchy v-neck black ribbed cami tucked into some linen shorts you can replicate this with white on white if you guys are looking for a simple everyday cardigan the hints at the hip I think this is a really amazing cardigan fine for around $25 it's got the classic cardigan shape but you've got a little extra style detail with the metal hardware next look we cannot have a complete look book without a jump suit of course this one is a affordable one at $16 it's got a flouncy ruffle neckline some really pop in bold stripes for a really great statement piece for a summer party or of course is everyday if you want to look super cute you have a simple elasticized waist in the middle some slightly thick spaghetti straps and also a cropped wide leg for optimal breeziness whatever have a really bold statement color or pattern in a one-piece outfit like this I always like to go with a very muted bag and a simple natural toe pad would do the trick alright you guys that does it for today's lookbook I hope you guys enjoy these outfits inspired with a targeted budget of around $50 for the clothing I hope I showed you a nice range of inspiration that won't break the bank again everything mentioned in today's video will be down below in the description box I don't thank you guys so much for your time today and hanging out with me thank you for Walmart for being a continued partner for my channel I hope you guys are having an amazing day out there I'll be enjoying your summer I love you guys so so much I'll touch you guys real real soon love you guys bye

46 thoughts on “AFFORDABLE Outfit Ideas under $50 | Walmart Try On Clothing Haul | Miss Louie

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  2. I'm seriously dislike Walmart but wow they have good options! I might consider buying half of these outfits 😂😂

  3. Since I started watching lookbooks. I quit magazines. Miss Louie has top tier. Description* da best*…not just tunes. Thanx, keep them coming.🙂

  4. Loved every outfit! Every item I clicked on was sold out in my size, but great inspiration for outfits none the less!!

  5. I don’t even like Walmart but they have really upped their game. I’m in love with that chambray dress.

  6. Walmart Canada need to fix their shit because we can't find such nice clothing up here in the North. <__<

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  8. Thanks so much girl. I never look @ Walmart’s clothing section but I will now. I am definitely getting two of the items you showed.😍😍🥰

  9. As always your outfits are so beautiful! I really appreciate you taking the time to edit these videos so professionally! You’re my absolute favorite YouTuber!

  10. I wish the canada Walmart site was as good. Maybe I'm missing something. Great outfits and you look great in everything. Thanks so much. Cant wait till your next haul and the styling you do with it. Have a great weekend!

  11. Wow, didn’t know that Walmart have so many great capsule pieces. Love the denim dress. It’s so timeless.

    Are you going to keep it all?

  12. I love when I buy great pieces at Walmart, it’s such a great feeling when I get home. Awesome video ❤️

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