Advanced Style: Men – Tips from the senior fashion bible

Ava Gardner said that men get older Women get old People don’t remember my name They remember what I have on A friend of mine told me
that maybe some people think I’m gay because of the way I dress Well, that’s too bad! I dress with flair and panache That’s a great team,
flair and panache, yeah I have a picture of me in my head and then I’ve passed a store window and I think, “who is that old geek
bent over walking by?” And I think, “ah!
Why, Bobby darling, that’s you!” If you want to think old,
if you want to think “oh, I can’t do this,
oh, I can’t do that” then you’re old Older guys need to try
to shake it up a little bit We need to catch up to the women
in advanced style Okay, I would say my overall tip for style is for men, and this is a must a self-tanner I’m wearing a self-tanner right now What a difference between
a pale white skin and a self-tanner The self-tanner is dynamite Read and really look and find
something that works for you Find a good tailor,
find a good cobbler and find a good barber I think those are–
I call it the holy trinity If you’re wondering
why I’m wearing a scarf it’s because these are
the Katharine Hepburn years The older she got, the less you saw I also use cologne It shows you take care of yourself
and you’re interested and that you’re a player That’s sort of a euphemism
for womanizer, a player Style, style is lifestyle You’ve got to get out You’ve got to see people You’ve got to meet people There’s something powerful
about embracing your age Like I’m not afraid of it,
I’m going to embrace it I’m not hiding from it but I don’t carry it like
[inaudible] The way I dress, the way I carry myself makes me look younger and age never comes up Right now I’m pursuing a hairdresser
around the corner Gladys.
I’m just in love with her I’m an old bachelor but I’ve never been alone
or felt alone Maybe getting older brings
a little of that around but I try to run around young people Just have to accept the fact
that you’re going to die I think that for that reason you should appreciate
every day that you’re alive because while you’re lucky to get old and people never think of that but you’re very lucky to get old That’s okay, this way, this way, this way Yup, I’m coming after you and we’re taking our bow We’re taking our bow! Arm up in the air then Fine

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