Add Distance and Accuracy with the Swing Jacket

♪♪♪♪>>Oh, this is fun.>>Yeah.>>Wow, this makes it work. Keeps you tight, huh, the Swing Jacket.>>It really keeps you connected, which is
a big component of why this product is such a great product.>>Now, this is Jeff Ritter. He’s one of the top teachers in the country. You may have seen him recently on Golf Channel
make the turn. You’re doing a great job out there.>>Thanks, man.>>Thanks for joining us on “Golf Life” today.>>Oh, yeah. Anytime, anytime.>>We’re at Arroyo Trabuco, great golf course,
right here in Mission Viejo, California. And today, we’re going to take this out and
have some golfers try it out for us.>>Well, our goal is always to make golf a
lot more fun and also a heck of a lot easier. This is one product that I really believe
can help you with that. We’re excited to go out there and show you
how.>>All right. Let’s get going. We’re going to find some golfers and put them
in a Swing Jacket. ♪♪♪♪>>I’m struggling a lot with
alignment and keeping, like, my body and my arms, you know, all together so that my hips
are moving with my arms all at the same time.>>I tend to get a little long with my arms,
like, having trouble getting it to the left-side mid-swing.>>Well, I’m working on keeping my arms more
connecting to me, so it definitely helps with that because it doesn’t let you get away.>>I tend to get a little quick. I tend to come out of it. Sometimes, I tend to lay it off a little bit
too much, so a lot of flipping with the wrist and ball going left.>>Just putting the Swing Jacket on allowed
me as a coach to actually have a learning experience that I wasn’t expecting. So I saw the results myself and how it looked
and how it felt and, of course, where the ball was flying, and I was sold.>>Tell us about what the jacket felt like
and what the experience was and what you’re feeling now more in your swing that you possibly
didn’t feel before.>>Well, when I first put it on, obviously,
I felt constricted, but after about 5 or 10 swings, it was more like everything was in
sync. I couldn’t get out of sync.>>The Swing Jacket basically solidifies exactly
where I need to be. You know, it keeps you together. I mean, throughout the history of this game,
whenever you deal with an instructor, they’re always talking about staying connected, you
know, making sure that everything’s in sync.>>We don’t have as much power as men, so
we kind of feel like we have to do everything we can to hit it further, so we kind of just
try to swing really long and hard. This helps you really just stay connected,
and I think, when you hit after a few times, you’ll see that it’s going much further than,
you know, the longer swings.>>First, I felt rather hindered. I wasn’t able to, like, get over the ball
or stay over the ball, and what I would do is swing. It felt like I wasn’t really going anywhere. But once I got used to it, and I kept my head
down, and I made contact, the ball flight was incredible. It took complete advantage of the loft of
the club that I had in my hand.>>With you, when we put you in the Swing
Jacket, your arms and your body, they start to work more together. They get more connected, and the great thing
for you is you can keep the smooth rhythm, but now you can pick up the pace, your takeaway,
and you can attack the ball with a little bit more confidence into the delivery, because
you’re not so concerned with getting the golf club in a position where you can actually
hit a solid golf shot from.>>The Swing Jacket basically keeps my body
connected. I mean, you can’t finish your swing without
turning, because the Swing Jacket’s going to restrict you, so it basically adds that
secondary thought in your mind, “You have to turn through the complete swing.”>>My arms are probably used to doing this
or this or this, and this keeps everything together, so you can’t make an app does that. I mean, it keeps you where you’re supposed
to be. It teaches you how to swing and keep things
where they’re supposed to be, so it just felt great.>>It’s the perfect swing aid. I think, if you started with the Swing Jacket,
you put that on, hit some shots, whether you’re a beginner or even, you know, a touring professional,
it helps you get in sync, so I definitely recommend it.>>The player can’t always be there with the
eyes of a coach, so the Swing Jacket becomes the coach, becomes your guide, and you can
actually hit shot after shot after shot and be reasonably certain that you’re getting
into positions that are going to lead you into those lower scores you’re looking for.>>To see the complete videos of each golfer’s
experience and improvement using the Swing Jacket, visit and get yours

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