Hello everybody! Today I am working on a framed, white primed
painting board, which I built myself from hardboard. If you’re interested in how I did it, you’ll
find a video on my channel. I’ve used a white primer, which is good for
all sorts of painting. The ingredients for my cement modelling paste
are thin-bed mortar, acrylic binder, gesso and water. This paste I apply on the board but only in
the lower area. I use a small spatula to keep the surface
wild-looking. Now I have about half an hour to form it. This paste dried and hardened overnight and
has become bright. Now the upper free area is filled with cement
paste, too. I mixed it according to a similar recipe,
but a little more fluid, so it has a tendency to run a bit, because I want to provoke a
dripping motion from top to bottom. I put this paste on and where it is a little
thicker or pushed together, dripping will start. Now I pick up the picture, hold it upright,
tap it on the table and watch what happens. – That’s quite interesting. – OK! This paste also dried and hardened overnight. My picture now shows a nice contrast of the
structures. On one side this wild ruggedness and on the
other the slightly smoother flowing drops. Well, I like that and I will apply a coat
of primer before painting. With a warm color palette I start painting
on my relief. For this I dilute them lightly with water. I paint the drops and try to increase the
3D effect even more. I stick exactly to the given shapes and take
away the color at the higher places until it is almost white. So the peaks are brighter and the valleys are darker. Due to the colorful design, the drops have gained even
more plasticity and I would like to achieve that in the lower area as well. I darken these blue shades with a little Paynes
Gray and dilute them with water. I start with the raised edges and paint them
very bright and transparent. For the leftover white valleys I use a similar
color palette, but less diluted and a little more darkened by Paynes Gray. Now I want to weave the two structural surfaces
together a bit. – It’s just playing with colors. – My way of playing. With titanium white I put some highlights
by making a few drops a little lighter. I taped the picture and painted the frame
with a white acrylic paint. The frame has a fine edge slit in blue – matching
the picture. You can watch how I do that in my “WILD
FLOWER” video. May be this abstract image is reminiscent
of an ocean bed. Milk and honey are flooding the North German
mud flat. Well, I hope you like the picture and the
video. If you do, please leave me a like and subscribe
to my channel. Thank you so much for watching and see you
very soon in Margie’s Atelier. Goodbye!


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