A scene from The House That Jack Built – “Full Metal Jacket”

I’ve never yelled at you before, Al, but I’m about to now. What does that say there? 30–06. 30–06. Correct. It also says full metal jacket. But when I look inside… Get me a goddamn box, and this time make sure it’s got
full metal jacket bullets in it. Is it too much to fucking ask that the contents of the box
match the label! I can see that… You are right.
The label doesn’t quite match the… … content. That’s correct. The thing is that what I can’t see
is that the… … the box was bought
here in the shop. I… I buy all my shit here. I have for twenty years. I’m in here almost every other week. What’s wrong with you, Al? I need to see a receipt. – Receipt?
– Yeah. I don’t have a fucking receipt. I don’t recall getting
a receipt here. I’m in a fucking hurry! Let me buy a new box. But this time, make sure it contains
full metal jacket bullets. Can I just see some ID first? Don’t do this. The thing is the law requires
that I have… How about this… … no doubt about your identity. Sell me just one
full metal jacket bullet. Can I… Can I just ask… Why just… one? That would be none of your business. That’s right. I do business here because you don’t ask
stupid questions. I’m sorry… I’m sorry. Shut it down, Al. Have a sandwich. You’ve lost your mind, Al. I’m sorry.

37 thoughts on “A scene from The House That Jack Built – “Full Metal Jacket”

  1. Based on the context of the scene, it is clear that the cashier knows Jack is a serial killer. He tried to ask Jack for his ID, perhaps tricking Jack into revealing his true name…..And before the guy breaks down he asks why Jack needs only one FMJ bullet, knowing that his intentions are violent.

  2. Matt Dillon deserves to win an Oscar for this movie but he won't because the movie is too weird for awards people.

  3. The whole movie is perfect art. I must say the most painful scene is the verbal abuse of the "girlfriend" he calls "Simple", not the gore in the other killings, but that verbal abuse of the young woman was extremely hard tp watch. The gore though was darkly comical. But the ending, wow, speechless. The whole movie is pure perfection.

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