A day in my life as Fashion Design student #1 | Cutting fabrics, Art class | Indonesia

hello welcome to my first ever YouTube
video currently I’m a third-year fashion design students I’m gonna share some of
my activities as a fashion design student hope you enjoy it ! 🙂 after all my classes are finished I
continue to do my homework first of all I’m gonna start by making
my own calendar schedule or timeline so I can keep on track to my daily schedule to make my own schedule calendar I start
with making layout just the simple layout because all of my classes ended on the
third week of December so I’m not really counting how much grid that I need so I
just fill up the paper with grids as you can see here I’m just making simple
rectangular and then I continued to fill up my
calendar with my schedule such as things that need to be done on that day and my
submissions making timeline calendar like this literally helped so much to
keep on track on my schedule I also stick it on the wall above my bath so
when I wake up in the morning I can see what’s my today schedule recently I have a tailor project for
pattern drafting class oops I dropped it okay so there are some material fabrics
that are used for my tailor yeah they are my cutout patterns with
seam allowance or we called it patronage yeah
that’s just so many of them well now I start by cutting yeah oh that’s so satisfying okay so I start by cutting the fabric with the patterns that already
pinned on top of the fabric so I speeded up the video to make it more satisfying
to watch in the middle of the cutting fabric
party I forgot to make my sleeve pattern yeah
here I’m struggling again with tracing the pattern all over again and now the cutting fabrics party is
continued so here we go again okay so these are all the fabrics that I
have cut then it’s time to sew it actually skipped some steps because I’m
running out of battery whilel filming this but yeah this is basically the sewing
process thank you so much for watching please
subscribe me on this channel and keep on watching for my next videos bye bye

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