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  1. It’s concerning that you’re advising millennials to rely more on their phones and discard hardcopies of records

  2. Shit, I don't waste any money on any on that … I need some other guide. I do waste a lot of money on electronics tho

  3. Exactly why I hate Comcast Xfinity. It's less costly to bundle internet with cable than to just pay for internet. We never watch cable.

  4. I would add that with the excessive kitchen appliances, some cooking tools are often doubled up. For example, I’ve found I don’t necessarily need a slow cooker because putting a pot on low heat on the stove does the job just as well. Slow cookers aren’t meant to be left unsupervised, like the general stovetop.

  5. Use the Alton Brown method of buying kitchen equipment, it must have two or more uses. Seriously, make tater tots in the waffle iron and top it with a couple of fried eggs and you'll never put that waffle iron away again. 😉 On the real though, your kitchen advice is great for people that don't cook or don't cook regularly. For those of us who cook, cook often and cook well… nope, sorry.

  6. For all the people disagreeing with specific items, I think the point is not to buy things you won't really use. If you bench 300 pounds regularly, then it makes sense for you to have the proper machine. If you drink a smoothie every morning, then you should have a smoothie blender. But most of us (me included) have lots of stuff bought on a whim that we never really use. I have a Keurig in my closet because I don't drink coffee…I got it in case guests wanted coffee, but I'm the one who usually travels to other people's homes, so for me it was a waste of money. I do use my ice cream maker a lot in the summer, though, so for me it makes sense to own one.

  7. Girl….I was paying $$$$ for "nice" personal care cosmetics. I made the switch to homemade soap and shampoo bars for our home, since we all have allergies anyway 😧 I ended up having too many bars, so hubby started selling them too. Good side hustle money, and we're using good quality soap!

  8. Sorry ✋🏾 but I need my kitchen gadgets gets called HomeGoods! For example I bought a $16 waffle maker and use it almost everyday not spending my money eating out.

  9. Not sure that a blender and a fondue pot should be in the same category. I use my blender daily and know of a lot of people who do

  10. I have no cable, I use my brother's hulu and Netflix account (use maybe once a month). And get free Amazon Prime thru phone company. But truly, the only thing I watch is YouTube, totally free!

  11. 1) some training equipment is necessary for training back 2) if you make smoothie like me every day, it is not a waste.
    My approach is if i want something, i delay buying for a month. Then buy some cheap/used variant to see if i use it. I either
    1) don't use it and throw it away/donate/sell
    2) i am happy with the thing as it is
    3) i use it a lot and miss some feature, so i buy something better/more expensive.
    This way i don't waste much in case the thing is not important and don't deprive myself from tryin new things.

  12. The fancy containers for cereal are for bugs. My mom lives in the south and used to be fighting pantry bugs all summer. She finally caved and bought fancy containers and now has no more bugs. Also, those generic spray bottles are a safety hazard. Labels on chemical bottles have safety instructions. If a kid consumes the cleaner in the generic bottle, it's going to be a lot harder to get appropriate medical care than if it were in it's appropriate container.

  13. Urgh… Someone says that beauty parlour shampoo are good and cheap. Buy in a bulk (5 litters) and safe money. My mom bought it and it is so rough (omg). Latter she used it as a detergent 🤣🤣🤣. I rather buy nice shampoo and body wash in bulk rather than chipped one… 😂

  14. Sitting room? haha. Come to South Korea! Many single people don't even have 'rooms'. They live in a one-room apartment with everything in it.

  15. When I moved out 5 years ago I refused cable. I did not care if it was only “15 dollars per month”. Nope! That price is only for a year or so AND it’s crap channels I’ll never watch. I do not want the equipment hanging around waiting to get moved then lost.

  16. Hi Chris !!
    Excellent video. I think it is a great idea to the equipment gym. But for the kitchen machines I guess thank 12 times are writing is better. One per month.

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