100 thoughts on “9 Life-Changing Fashion Hacks | **Game Changer!**

  1. For more fashion styling tips watch my How To Style OVERSIZED Clothing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njqTCTBQySY&t=59s

  2. Anyone know how to wear a white shirt without getting make up on the collar? Doesn't matter if I don't put it on my neck, keep the collar wide open, guaranteed it will be all over the collar and I'm like 'How??

  3. Moreee give us allll hahah I like to wear my cardigans turned towards the back too!!! Glad to know I'm not the only weird one😅

  4. That picture you included during tucked sweater while pregnant with Max made me cry. Anyways let’s move on I can’t believe he’s a year old already 😭

  5. I like the bra tuck for long jumpers but how do you that when you have a cami or another thin layer piece underneath to keep you extra warm…

  6. She so petite she gets cardigans that big, I'ma size 16. I can hardly find one to fit myself let alone finding one that big

  7. Actually this is the most effective video about fashion hack so far. Straight to the point, and the tips aren’t mainstream thank you guurl

  8. Thank you I love it! Any chance that you know what to do with a Cardigan or a sweater if i want to put it inside my jeans but my belly is not as flat as yours ? 😍😂 when I put my sweater there it looks like i am even more fat 😂 and the trick with bra is cool but i dont think it will do on every sweater 🙁

  9. Such on point & amazing content, literally 1 min into your channel & my super selective ass subscribing to you right away.

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