7 Men's Summer Essentials | Warm Weather Style Must Haves & Favorites

gentlemen tis the season for fun of the Sun it's summer time today gentlemen I'm going over seven of my summertime favorites I'm gonna do my best to link to everything down in the description some of the things might be a little bit old and I can't find so them's the breaks gentleman is not getting any cooler outside Oh so let's rock kicking things off with my absolute hands-down favorite summertime accessory bang a great pair of shades sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun they prevent fine lines and wrinkles they also make you look like a freakin savage there are a zillion different sunglasses out there the ones that I am rocking and that I recently found is actually from a company that I have fallen in love with called degree 7 check it out I went with the matte black titanium gradiated gradiate grey eye is a gradient grade I can whatever I don't need to know how to pronounce it all I know is that they kind of make me look a little bit more like a rock star which is something I've always wanted to be these glasses are handmade they're incredibly light they're incredibly durable the designs are all clean simple they're all incredibly well made and I have never worn a lighter pair of shades and so I can go run and I can go do whatever and they're not going to fall off my face because they're adjustable whatever they're also classic they're going to be in style now they're going to be in style in 10 years look for a pair of sunglasses that are going to be versatile I can wear these with a t-shirt or I can dress them up with a super cool suit there is a link down in the description along with the discount code to get you 25% off including free domestic shipping check them out nothing says summer to me like a great pair of summer shoes all right and that's going to be number two a great option is a simple pair of leather flip-flops all right I would recommend getting something that is slimmer in terms of the strap along with the you know you want them to fit I see so many guys that are wearing flip-flops that are a size too big size down try them if your heels hanging off if your toes are all going like nuts like over bad but sighs properly the other thing you're going to want to look for is a dressier version you can't always wear your double monks in the summertime I'm going with a casual pair of driving mocks these are : but if you're not into these then go with a pair of boat shoes another option for casually kicking it when flip-flops just won't do is a great pair of canvas fashion sneaks these are Ben Sherman but you might dig Chuck Taylors which I actually dig as well summer essential number three perfect shorts these are as close the perfect shorts as I've ever found or ever worn all right they're slim fit through the thigh they're not real big and baggy they're also flat front okay there's no pleats or anything like that the fabric is also crazy light and super stretchy alright in shorts you want to look for a fabric that is lighter a lot of shorts do come in that heavy canvas it's not breathable it's heavy it's hot these something like these from ministry of supply are rock stars a few months ago I did a video where I showed you how to rock a polo shirt right well the polo shirt that I was wearing was actually from the company Ministry of supply a lot of guys have been talking about it they have blown up on social media anyway they make crazy like NASA technology clothing four-way stretch like I could seriously go out for a run they're as comfortable as athletic shorts but they look as good as nice dress shorts you can dress them up with a nice button up you can dress them down with a casual t-shirt flip-flops they're incredibly versatile I have fallen in love with ministry supply in terms of their clothing they're not the cheapest on the market definitely not but what you're paying for is the quality the fabric the fit the comfort all that space-age tick that goes into their clothing there's a link down below if you want to check them out along with a discount code to save some cash just because it's summertime doesn't mean that you shouldn't be accessorizing how you gonna do that fabric belt you know that I am nuts about a great fabric belt um and all these are from a company called Anson belts they actually first were introduced to me at style con I had heard about them but I've never tried them on that has changed anton belts are my new favorite thing i absolutely hands-down unequivocally have never loved the belt as much and here's why all right on one side and they also come in leather and every other color you could possibly imagine all right on one side you've got fabric on the other side you have leather but then sewn into the leather are these little grooves okay they are not using a belt like pole there's no hole in this all you do you put it on bingo bango click it and lock and micro adjustments so you can go from big the small the other super cool thing about this is that all of their belts come the same length and then all you do is measure it and cut it they have all different buckles to choose from but check this out right when you get your belt alright when it comes to you it's going to be super long a little button in the back you release it and it comes like this you put it on you measure it and all you do is cut off the excess put it back together in your life with a belt that actually is your size the cost of the belt is around 49 bucks but the best deal is actually what they sell in this like gift box alright it comes with three belts and two buckles and that's like right at $100 I think under $100 it's so funny because everybody from style con is where and Anson Bell sale even my dad and everybody is like I can't believe what this belt is the greatest thing ever I'm telling you if you want to check them out there's a link down below no code no discount it's just an awesome belt some are essential number five is all about the shirts the plain white t-shirt is in my this one's getting a little yellow on the pits not that one check out this one super new super clean super white and it matches with everything my favorite place to get white t-shirts or any t-shirt for that matter is the gap but one cannot exist on t-shirts alone osa remember that lightweight Oxford I've been talking about in some of the videos yeah this one's from j.crew it's lightweight you can wear it with shorts it's great for the summer because you can just simply well let me show you also on with those great flat front shorts maybe roll up the sleeves a little bit right right bang simple quick boom want to see it again exactly last button undone just so you get a hint a sneak peek of that great fabric belt but hey you're like yo I don't want to wear it untucked no problem I'm dressing up bang yessiree spin jump you betcha you thought you were getting out of this video without one hell no check it out tuck it in fabric belt city shorts bang go bingo you're done you're killing it essential number six is a great bathing suit now in terms of what type of bathing suit you should be looking for one that isn't crazy big baggy and long you want to go with something like seven eight inches that's going to be just above the knee all right Ralph Lauren makes a great selection or has a great selection Macy's is where I got these they also have a ton of others I got these sweet bad boys over at PacSun and last but certainly not least some are essential number seven which is sunscreen guys never leave home without it if you're going to be outside for any length of time make sure to protect yourself down in the description there is a list of about this many links of all the stuff that I talked about showcased and the appropriate discount codes if there are any gentlemen but I want to know what your summer essential is down in the comment section let me know what did I miss because we'll do another video gentleman it's summertime stay cool

49 thoughts on “7 Men's Summer Essentials | Warm Weather Style Must Haves & Favorites

  1. Alpha NOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't tell this dudes to rock flip flops 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  2. For me: white tube socks with cargo shorts. Cheap flip flops two sizes too big. A hideous looking striped polo shirt with the collar popped straight up. Oh and don't forget those reflective muti-colored sport glasses.

  3. Probably the best flip flops or sandals are Bata products. Sure there are different styles to suit different occasions and choices. I believe they’re an Indian company. I’m London 🙂

  4. Bro… Just a few vids ago you adamantly said to ALWAYS tuck in your oxfords? Also Tiege Hanley is awesome, didn't really to expect a big difference, but it is honestly a great product. Skin is looking great!! I glow Bro!!! and all for only $20 a kit!!

  5. My personnal summer essential : a grooming tool.
    Because i'm eighteen, and already am a walking bush.

  6. Lol I just seen a complete rip-off of your channel, he copped the way you talk the way you move it’s so crazy….and he has 2.5m subs. Wtf. He even copied your hair lol

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