7 GENIUS Style Hacks Every Guy Should Know!

gentlemen in today's video has me bordering on Diddy I'm giddy with excitement for what I'm about to share with you I have dug deep into my man bag of tricks and pulled out seven style hacks that every guy should know after this video you're going to feel like a stylish MacGyver these things your mama definitely didn't teach you but daddy is about to how many times have you been dressed to impress you're looking amazing you sit down on your senorita's couch who happens to have five cats you get up and you are covered with Fluffy's fur on the perfect world all you do is reach for your lint roller give yourself the business you're good to go looking fresh unfortunately you didn't pack it how you going to fix this dial hack number one take all you're going to do is get tape you can use scotch tape you can use masking tape you can use painters tape you're going to double it back so the sticky side is on the outside so that you've got a loop of sticky tacky amazing lint removing tape then oh yeah what's that oh yes stick it and rip it as it gets a little bit less sticky just simply roll it boom you got some more yeah when you're done roll it up boom you're ready to rock and roll all night long cut number two picture it you've got this incredible shirt and outfit that you've picked out you plan you unfortunately didn't actually check it out the night before to make sure that it didn't need to be ironed it's a wrinkled hot mess how are you going to handle it what are you going to do grab the iron and iron it then no while you're showering we're getting ready putting your pants on you're grabbing the shirt you're grabbing an ice cube you're going to your dryer tossing them both in bang steams out the wrinkles but some of you are probably thinking oh it looks great and all but I'm never dryer you got anything else for me absolutely gentlemen grab a spray bottle fill it with good old-fashioned h2o Priss that fish down boom both sides alright yeah not too much the mist not the stream like a matador and then bang pop it bang pop it wrinkles gone it's a Britt's not a spray alright now when you put the shirt on it might be slightly damp but it dries in a matter of minutes alright so you're going to utilize style hack number three when you have a situation and you're out shopping and all of a sudden you find this incredible pair of pants you like god they're amazing but you don't know if they're going to fit how are you going to tell boom forearm what forearm yes stick it in the waistband of the pants and then make a fist right there is it super tight well then you might need to lose a little bit of weight there some you're looking at me like that's ridiculous take your pants off and try it tell me how ridiculous I am it works for some reason it works now I'm sure that there are situations where if you've got crazy long arms or really short forearms it's not going to work or if your waist is super big but for nine times out of 10 it works alright so for style hack number four this is for dudes who have not actually decided to go the whole is belt route and actually taking the Anson Lee whatever I know that there's some you out there regardless if you're buying a belt one of the issues that a lot of guys have is like yo I don't know what size to buy you always buy one pant size larger than your waist size so if you're a 35 32 if you're 32 by 34 if you're 36 buy a 38 is that a hat not really but it's funny how many people don't know that so style hack number five is totally MacGyver alright so button-down collared shirts a lot of times they will have these little plastic things that we know them as collar stays right well you lose them they get bent they get all whacked out and the problem with not having a collar stay in your collar is that it can't are start to warp and get all crazy nuts how you going to fix it a per clip all you're going to do is actually just like that and slide into place boom right exactly super sweet very cool the only downside is that you need removable collar stays in order to be able to do that unfortunately it does not work on polos is there anything more frustrating than failing polo shirt collars I wish there was a hack for that what's that there is number 6 bang fashion anchor if you fashion occurs calm your style life is going to get a whole lot better because these things are like an all-in-one arsenal and making you look fresh all the time for polo shirts one of my favorite uses form in each pack you get 36 of them they're disposable boom there's two fabric safe adhesive anchors are you going to do bang pop-up for taller stick it it comes off boom flip it down press it tight come on bang fashion anchor boom no fashion AK you want to see it again no problem simply peel it put it underneath press down remove it press it this is why I feel that the fashion anchor is the best product on the market for helping you look stylish and fresh it also works for button ups and those crazy collars if you want them to stay boom like this instead of boots like that no problem when you're done when you're like yo I need to wash my shirt no problem all you got to do gently pull it up grab one side of the anchor pull it off your shirt is perfect down in the description there's a link to fashion anchor comm there's also a discount code if you want to go try them and change your life unless it's certainly not least style hack number seven is for the times when your shirt keeps coming untucked how frustrating is that you sit down you get up you sit down you get up and all of a sudden your shirt is a billowy hot mess how you going to fix it tuck your shirt in your undies seriously tuck your shirt into your underwear then put your pants and your belt over top of it it is a amazing how your shirt actually saves tucked in when it is actually down in your drawer now you're like yo that's kind of nasty is it why because your answer is dirty clean it better and that gentleman is my list of seven style hacks I personally feel every dude should have in his arsenal but I want to know what I meant if there's something that you know that you do that totally is super cool and fixes a common problem that guys have down in the comments let me know and we'll do it other videos so we all can feel a little bit more like a stylish MacGyver

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  1. Back #3 doesn’t work for me I’m 6”7 and my arms are longer then my body and my fist is bigger then my arms should be and it wouldn’t doesn’t work

  2. Falling zip on pants – 1.take a key ring, 2. put it on the zip, 3. anchor it on the top button, 4. button your pants. Works perfectly.

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