6 Smart Teenagers DIY For College/School Girls | #Fashion #Styling #Anaysa #DIYQueen

where i kept that Liner??? it ruined my bag too she has new bag, crop top, belt and even phone cover too don’t get jealous even you can try all these Teenager DIYs as all these are super affordable so hit 1,00,000 Likes to this video and also do Subscribe to DIY Queen to make this pouch we need fold & cut it in semi circle shape cut two long stripes with another cloth stitch these around this fabric cut card board in a circle shape and paste any fabric over it paste this at the centre of fabric to make pouch base insert Ribbon inside that stripes hide the stitching portion with lace paste pom pom to decorate it more to make it more beautiful we need stitch it from inside the top an old belt and require some colourful wool apply fabric glue on both the sides of belt and paste the wool repeat the same rainbow colour all over the belt to make this pom pom slipper we need so easy to make this just keep watching and learn decor it with pom pom for making this bag you need cut the fabric & Bukram cloth as per the size of CD Paste both of them using fabric glue likewise I’ve made three more circles now paste these on both sides of the CD cut the fabric as per the width you want to keep paste same size of Bukram over it now mark the centre for chain and cut that portion try to cut a bit inside from the mark you can either stitch or paste the chain now pate CD like this remove the extra fabric paste another CD on the other side of the purse now cut the glitter sheets paste them on purse one by one using super glue you can either kept as it is or cut it like i am doing now will use lace so as to hang our purse cut as per the length you want to keep for this you need cut glitter sheep according to the phone size cut another glitter sheet to give it a spider shape like this and paste it attach this sheet on your phone cover and its done

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  1. Wow so beautiful and easy hacks ???????????????????????anaysa hacks love you allways??????thankyou for making this hacks your hacks is very useful to me and my old things ??????????????????????????

  2. Yes di please make school DIY s of school stationary…..???
    And love you…you really DIY queen ..
    You lots of ideas

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