5 Style Tips From The Marine Corps | Military Clothing Hacks To Improve Your Appearance

Gentlemen, Antonio here. Today, I’m going to talk about five style
tips I picked up in the United States Marine Corps. Now, whenever I got out of the marines I ended
up going to business school living abroad, I was always surprised how many men for some
reason felt that if you care about how you dress if you improve your style, somehow this
is making you less of a man, somehow it is feminine- related to actually care about our
presentation and that if you are dressing sharp and you’re upping your style game, that
either you’re looking for another job or they may be start to question your sexuality. Guys, I have no idea where this comes from. If you look throughout history the most ferocious
the most dangerous warriors and all these people throughout history they care about
how they present themselves. You look at modern day athletes, the top athletes
the ones that realize, you know, when I’m there in front of the press at a news conference,
it actually matters how I present myself, so I can control the story which is being
portrayed. And, guys, that’s about that’s what style
is about, you being able to control the message control what your image is sending so that
you can get your bigger message across. Now, in this video, guys, I’m going to share
with you five tips I think you’re going to find them useful, but remember if you want
more go check out the article. In the article I go into a lot more detail
and in fact, I’ve got five additional bonus ones I’m not going to cover here, but if you
want to learn more definitely go check that out. All right? Let’s get into it. So, tip number one. Your presentation matters. Sounds incredibly simple, guys, but you would
not believe how many people still believe how they dress hasn’t — shouldn’t have no
effect should have, you know, come on, judge me based off my performance. I hear this all the time. If anyone is judging me based off of how I
look, they are shallow and I’m in the right. And, I know that sounds great and I want that
to be true, but that is not reality, that’s not the world that’s ignoring our human nature
to make split second decisions off of what we see. Now, when I was in Marine Corps, I remember
I got really sick one time. I’m at NAS Pensacola and you weren’t allowed
to wear your flight suit, so I’m wearing a different uniform I’m wearing my cammies into
the doctor’s office. And, I’m just surprised as I’m walking up
there, all of these enlisted marines who were not saluting me, they were actually kind of
giving me a strange look. And, I didn’t think much of it, I’m sick I
walk in and then I realized when I get home, I was wearing my uniform with no rank insignia. Now, that’s pretty obvious in the military
that we make decisions who we’re going to salute, who we’re going to call sir, who we
are going to call by their rank and give them respect based off of their rank insignia. In the civilian world, does that exist? You bet it does and it’s not as easy to see,
but we have visions of what a successful doctor looks like, of what a successful engineer
looks like, of what a successful student looks like and if you don’t dress for that vision
that people have in their head, you are betraying their expectations and their level of trust
their level of belief in you is going to go down. I just saw a guy the other day dressed incredibly
bad, I was kind of wondering, man, should I buy this guy’s meal. Turns out he’s driving a beautiful truck and
I’m sure he was doing really well, but he betrayed my expectation of what a successful
person who can actually buy their own food looks like. And I know that’s not necessarily right, but
oftentimes it is an indicator there’s a reason why we fall back on. And so, guys, understand that the way you
present yourself to the world matters and it matters a lot. Tip number two, learn from the best. There’s always a guy out there that seems
like he’s hacked the system that has secrets and is somehow saving time, but still looking
sharp. We had a marine like this is OCS and the guy
basically would sleep all night, yet in the morning after all of us had been up all night
ironing our uniform shining our boots, his stuff would still be immaculate and he would
just cruise right through the inspection. It turns out he was a mustang and he knew
that he needed to have an extra set of boots and extra uniform that was nothing more than
simply an inspection uniform that he had ready. Guys, when people have secrets like that you
want to leverage them. One of my favorite secrets which I still use
to this day coming out of the Marine Corps is to use shirt garters. So, shirt garters will keep your shirt tucked
in no matter the situation, guys. So, right up here you got two tabs, they’re
going to attach to the top of the shirt. This is going to attach to your socks, this
is going to run down your leg and basically it’s a little bit elastic right here and it’s
going to keep your socks up and most importantly though it’s going to keep your shirt tucked
in. So, if you’re a little bit bigger and your
shirt is coming untucked all the time this is a lifesaver. If you take care of yourself and you’re tired
of that muffin top, this is going to make you look great. We would use this during when you had to wear
your Alphas or other dress uniforms whenever you’re getting ready for the Marine Corps
ball and you’re going to be taking your shirt off maybe a little bit later at that bar and
partying it up and you wanted still to look great, that’s what these are going to do. Guys, and I want you to go check out KK & Jay,
that’s the company that send me this because two years ago they sent me some of these and
I still use them and they’re still in good shape. I really like KK & Jay because they’ve actually
taken the idea that many police officers know that all branches of the military in their
dress uniforms we all know about these and the actually made it a little bit wider, they
actually added a bit of color so it looks pretty cool. They make them right here in the United States
out in New York City and I know the founders, really great guys. So, tip number three. The details matter. So, we’re about to go out to the Marine Corps
ball and I remember a friend of mine stopped another marine and he said, Hey, wait a minute. You know your your ribbons. And I didn’t spot this, but he was able to
spot how his ribbons were actually on a bit wrong, they weren’t measured correctly and
this is the first time we’re getting dressed. And, you may think I bet if he had gone out
very few people would have noticed, but he would have been embarrassed if let’s say a
general or someone that, you know, high ranking senior enlisted would have come over and say,
you know, Sir, let me help you out here. He realized that those little details matter
and he was able to spot something that may be was off by about half an inch, but still
the details matter. And, I’ll tell you why they matter because
that same marine if he’s working on a helicopter and I actually — this is a true story, we
actually saw where I think it was a washer or something was put on wrong, it was put
on backwards. A very small detail on the tail rotor of a
helicopter ended up causing instability and the thing basically broke off and really injured
a number of marines. That is why attention to detail matters. It’s something that spreads around because
if you pay attention to the way you dress and the details that go into that, you pay
attention to the way you write, you pay attention to the way you run your business, you pay
attention to the way you treat people and those details matter. Life is nothing more than all of the details
are brought together. Tip number four. Always have your equipment ready. So, I remember coming back from my first deployment. We’ve been out six months and your family
is there waiting to see, everyone’s excited, but before you go home, guess what you need
to do? You need to go to the armory, you need to
make sure that your weapon is clean, you need to make sure it’s properly catalogued, everything
is put away and basically we are ready to go back out if necessary before we go home
and rest. So, guys, what you don’t want to do is don’t
fall into the habit of coming home and then just relaxing and not being prepared for the
next day. One of the things I really highly recommend
men do is be prepared, get a valet have your clothing laid out the night before. Press your shirts the night before. Shine your shoes the night or even the week
before. Have everything set up. Prepare for because there are going to be
times and many of you guys that have kids you understand this happens. Kids get sick in the middle of the night,
you’re up all night and you oversleep and all of a sudden you realized you’ve got fifteen
minutes to get yourself ready and three kids. And if you do not have things lined up, you’re
not going to have time to shine your shoes, you’re not going to have time to find the
tie and match it with your shirt, so be prepared and whenever the unexpected happens, guys,
you will be ready for it. Tip number five. Appreciate your history. So, many of you, guys may have noticed throughout
this video, I’m wearing a boutonniere. I’m wearing a flower on my lapel and many
men wouldn’t do that, they feel that oh, well, that’s somehow a bit feminine or that’s, you
know, why would I wear a flower, only women wear flowers. Guys, nothing could be further from the truth
if you understand the history of the boutonniere, where it comes from all of a sudden you realize
nothing could be more masculine. A little bit of the history, let’s go back
to the medieval times, knights when they were going off into combat. The women that love them; their mothers, their
daughters, their wives would pin flowers on them as a symbol of how frail life is. We go back to World War I, French soldiers
going off to fight in the trenches many of whom never returned. They have pictures of this of them just pinning
flowers on them. To this day, the red poppies symbolize the
World War I and all the lives lost. When you realize that that’s what flowers
symbolize on a man, you start to realize, you know, I have the courage to wear it. And that’s the last thing I’m going to leave
you guys with is have the courage to lead, have the courage to be the best-dressed man
in the room. And when you understand history where you
know where you come from and you have a rock to stand on and it doesn’t matter what the
rest of the world is doing, it matters where you know that you’ve your grandfather has
been your great great grandfather, perhaps looking back you can build off of that and
you have the courage to go forward and be the man you know yourself to be. Now, guys, I want you to go check out the
support article, I go into more details and in fact, I’ve got five bonus tips I additional,
so that means ten I learned in the Marine Corps. In addition, I have an extra set of okay,
I want you, guys, to take a look at this one because it is not this one, they sent me an
extra one and I want to send it to somebody out there. Just go visit their website, I’m going to
link to it right over here and I want you, guys to try to guess, I’ll give you the colors,
it is mostly blue, it has some yellow and some red. If you can guess it, you know, I’ll look at
all the people that, you know, guessed correctly and I’m going to choose one maybe two winners. And, I’ll go ahead and send you, guys, out
some of these because I find that they are lifesaver, it’s one of my favorite secrets. And, guys, that’s it, hopefully you enjoy
this video. Let me know what you think in the comments
and I’ll see you in the next video.

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    1:27 – Your Presentation Matters
    3:24 – Learn From The Best
    5:11 – The Details Matter
    6:29 – Always Have our Equipment Ready
    7:40 – Appreciate your History

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  2. 5 Style Tips I learned in The Marine Corps.

    1: Tuck your T-shirt into your blue jeans. Extra points if you are wearing a Web or MCMAP belt.

    2: Combat Boots with your jeans. OR Corframs if it's a formal event

    3: Accessories – Dog tags outside your shirt, G-Shock watch, Gas Can Oakleys. You can't go wrong if it's from CIF.

    4: Roll your sleeves like cammies, tuck your shirt with shirt stays and if you are really good to go, blouse your jeans.

    5: Drink alcohol, a lot of alcohol, and make sure to tell everyone you're a Marine.
    or fight someone.

  3. Shirt Stays/ Shirt Garters!!! Holy sweet baby Jesus, how did I not know about these!?!? this has ALWAYS been a massive problem of mine! thank you so very much!!!

  4. often i was mistaken by others or confused for the boss. this is for exactly the reasons you have pointed out. when the time came i took his office. i still remember the blues check befor inspection as one marine looked over another (like looking in a mirror ) detailed preperation makes all the difference as you will be inspected! this carrys over into life as were all inspected on a regular bases, even if we dont know it. you made my day. im still a sunday marine. 5 shirts 5 pants ironed & hung body hair & nails ready to go. all this from the Marine Corps has served me & my family well in life. thanks for a great video. Semper Fidelis .

  5. every shirt stay ive bought are built the same way and they rubber piece constantly slips off of the shirt during my normal movements.. how can i fix this?

  6. I can see where you going with this. For business jobs yes Fully agree. Other than that it matters more what you complete and do in other jobs.I tend to get dirty and nasty when I am doing hands on work so tend not to care what I look like. In the Marines I totally agreed I got 8 deserts and 7 pair of woodlands and look sharp as hell. But when it comes down to work time to get it done.

  7. Also, ever notice how much more attractive officer's wives and girlfriends are on average compared with the enlisted's significant others?
    I noticed that a long time ago as a Lance Corporal. It wasn't just the pay difference. The Officer's dressed better, carried themselves better, spoke better, we're generally more cultured, more educated etc. Most of the Officer wives I've noticed were intelligent, less than crazy women, too

  8. Semper Fi brother. I too served back in 2004-2012 EAS as a Sgt. I wanted to know how can I get my hands on the special offers that you present to subscribed viewers? I remember had a few great looking watches to give away. I believe they were Vincero Collective. I would love to get that opportunity to have one. E-mail is [email protected]

  9. does a belt with chrome metal bullets WRAPPED around it and not embeded into the belt count as a studded belt? If not, what would the message a man sends while wearing it send?

  10. Aaaaaahhhhhhh Dudes? Women like men that have clean hands & nails & wear clothes that are clean and fit. Nothing fem about it.

  11. In my opinion always polish your shoes. They dont have to be spit polished but polished shoes are the thing that I notice first.

  12. I must say one of my favorite videos. I too follow basic military dress codes that I learned and for that reason I do look sharp. Great video Antonio. Semper Fi!

  13. Law enforcement should adopt the Navy & Marine 8 point utility cap for summertime uniform. It's cooler because it's got the vent holes and it's higher and stiff.

  14. I use a "Hidden Tailor" flex belt to keep my shirts down.

    Good video. Americans don't know how to dress nicely anymore. Since I no longer work in an office, my usual attire is khakis and an oxford cloth shirt. Dressed like that I regularly get asked if I'm dressed up for some special occasion. WTF?

    BTW, your shirt collar looks a bit small.

  15. You are catering to people who dont know right from wrong and urge them to buy bullshit to get an advantage. Thereby making the world harder and more shallow for everyone.
    Good job! I think the right people will listen, keep up the good work.

  16. I prefer the new Civil Air Patrol shirt garters… they have a loop for your foot, so that way you don't have to adjust based on the height of your socks.

  17. A number of excellent points here Antonio – but two in particular worth emphasising:
    1. Yes, it’s unfair that the world will judge you on your appearance. You won’t change it, so accept the fact or die in denial, it’s up to you.
    2. The powerful and influential know when to step it up. If you want to BE somebody, you’ve got to DRESS like somebody.

  18. Your story of guy with spare uniform. I remember in canadian army, once you got your bunk & personal kit to pass inspection, you never slept in the bunk, you slept on the floor. You kept spare personal kits hid elsewhere. Worked till master corporal made you sleep in your bunk. That was rough because you starched the bed & and used safety pins to pull it tight under the bunk. Just in case you were getting a couple hours sleep. Can't have that. Lol.

  19. Some folks right now are trying to figure out what you meant by "Mustang". XD

    It all comes down to "Attention to Detail".

  20. As a Mustanger, you are absolutely stop-on. Also, as Marines, we have a "habit of 'eyeballing'" our Marines and their uniform. It is amazing how we can spot a discrepancy a mile away, if you will. A habit I learned during my grunt days and have carried it to the day I retired. Great habits are truly difficult to break, so, instead of breaking them I have continued to this day with my civilian attire. Semper Fi Marine

  21. I love shirt stays but it comes unclipped from my shirts alot. Is it because I just have a cheap pair off Amazon and should invest in a nicer pair or is it something that just happens?

  22. I am a restaurant manager, we are required to wear ties, but I ruin so many. What is the proper way to tuck my tie into my shirt so it still looks sharp.

  23. Impressive! It was great listening to you again and of course listening to whence we have come from… Semper Fi

  24. Addressing the first part because it irks me as it does you, in a beautiful non-judgmental world I would love for appearance to not matter. I will tell you the best way it was ever put to me from my DI, "How you present yourself is the key to getting access to where you want to go, and after that you can prove to them how much of an asshole I know you are" Now salty language aside what was his point? Presentation gets you the ticket to the ball because you can control your image and your story. You can only Charlie Foxtrot it from there. Devil Dog, explain to them what that means, my sensitive Air Force ears can't handle it…

  25. I believe it's Washington Navy, but not 100%.

    I have a pair of garters myself and they definitely do make a world of difference.

    Keep on styling!

  26. That's why they say "Don't judge the book by its cover." In my opinion I don't think it should matter how we dress unless you're a doctor, engineer, nurse, lawyer, etc. Just put on some clean clothes, shoes and don't be jerk. Being a gentleman doesn't necessary mean you have to dress up nice, but I see your point. Keep up the good videos.

  27. Snappy dressing is not enough, when you say "whenever I got out of the Marine Corps".
    When would be fine.
    Semper Fi

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