5 secret FASHION STYLIST TIPS for working with celebrities ( to make them fall in love with you )

Hi and welcome everyone to my channel. In this video, I will reveal my five secret
tips for working with celebrities and what it takes to have them fall in love with you. These are my secrets I use while styling top
A celebrities like Selena Gomez, Sarah Hyland, Olivia Holt, Irina Shayk, and many, many more. For tips and advice about how to get into
the styling industry and become a stylist, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell to
get notified when I post a new video every Monday. Hi, my name is Basia Richard and I’m a founder
of mystylistacademy.com, an online course for aspiring stylists. Getting to style celebrities is not only about
your styling techniques, but also about your personality. If you want to find out what it takes to have
A list stars wanting to hire you on repeat, keep on watching. Secret number one, your personality. Now, let me tell you this, as much as A list
celebrities will hire you because of your impeccable taste and how good you are creating
those beautiful, stunning looks, if you are lacking outgoing personality, you will have
very hard time booking more clients. Now, the reality is that your personalities
is as important as your fashion [inaudible 00:01:16]. The main reason for it is that celebrities
like to work with the same glam team that they’re comfortable with, which is a stylist
and make-up artist and a hairstylist. So now, your job is not only to create killer
looks for your client, but you want to get along with a glam team as well. So now you have to have a positive attitude,
an outgoing personality that will be like a magnet. It will connect with your client and will
get you to work with them for many, many years. Now, that gets us to secret number two, which
is easy going. You might be very surprised, but your easy
going attitude will play a big part in working with A list celebrities. The secret is that celebrities want to have
calm and relaxed team around them. You will hear me talk about it a lot. But it’s not only how good you are when it
comes to stunning your client, and, don’t get me wrong, obviously you have to be amazing
and it’s very important. But, if you’re super calm, drama free, an
outgoing person with super easy going vibe, that will be one of the elements that celebrities
will be drawn to. Tip number three, your connections. Now, I talked about your personality and how
easy going and relaxed you should be, but don’t forget that your connections with designers
and how established you are in the industry will play a big part as well. Now, you want to start building those relationships
with brands and designers from day one. And not only that, you have to start establishing
your relationships with designers and reps, like beer companies that represent brands
and designers as well. They are the ones that will loan you all the
looks for your editorial shoots and red carpet events. These are the most vital relationships that
you should always take care of. The better looks you can get your hands on,
the more happy your client will be. By the way, let me know in a comment below
which celebrity client you’re dying to style. I want to know that. I will give you a bonus tip. You always want to be nice and courteous and
remember an intern who works for a PR company one day might be a director for a big PR department
of your favorite brand or designer. So being nice and respectful and professional
is always the way to go. Secret number four, being trustworthy. Now, it’s not a secret that A list stars need
to have a team around them that they can trust. That starts with their publicists and management
and extends to their glam team. Remember, you’ll be spending a lot of time
with your clients starting with spending time on sets to having really long fittings. You should always give an impression to your
client that you are super trustworthy. That also starts with your team members, your
assistants, and your interns. Always make sure that you know your team members
in and out and you can trust them before you can take them to one of your fittings with
your celebrity client. That takes us my secret number five, which
is your availability. Your availability is the key. The secret that my agent told me a long time
ago is that you want to make your client miss you to the point that they would request you
to style them on all their project. The reality is that you should always be available
for your client jobs, but sometimes your client will work with other stylists on editorial
or advertising jobs and that’s okay. That’s just a part of the industry. The key is to be so irresistible in a way
that they would want to hire you on all their projects. Now that you know how to make your celebrity
clients fall in love you, and if you want to learn more, make sure to grab my resource
guide with over 140 plus stylists terminology, fashion terms, and many, many more to get
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17 thoughts on “5 secret FASHION STYLIST TIPS for working with celebrities ( to make them fall in love with you )

  1. Do you like those tips? Let me know in a comment below which tip is your favorite and don't forget to grab my resource guide with over 140+ fashion terms, stylist lingo, magazines and blogs list you should know before you enter a styling industry .


  2. So cool! I defiantly agree that having the right connections helps.Ive gotten most of my part time jobs growing up from just having SOME sort of minor connection.

  3. This was so useful I feel WAY more prepared than I did before. I've just downloaded the resource guide while I was watching… and it looks BRILLIANT! I can't wait to get stuck in. THANK YOU!

  4. Having a relaxed personality is key for everything!!! I can’t imagine how stressed those celebrities are with all that is happening around them… they don’t need another reason to contribute to their stress by having difficult people around them!!! ??

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