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(bright upbeat music) – Hello and welcome. You are here with me,
jewelry designer Jill Maurer. And today we’re talking
about easy ways to style a printed bag. Printed bags can be a little tricky. I’m going to give you four easy
ways to style a printed bag plus we’ll talk about one consideration a lot of times people forget to consider. This video was requested
by Autumn Beckman. Autumn did a video on
kind of out there bags that she is considering buying. Things that she likes. Bags that she likes. And a lot of them are printed bags and they’re kind of wacky prints. One of her hesitations
is she’s just not sure that she would wear it
because it might be difficult to style since they’re printed. They’re different prints. I’m going to show you I’m working with four printed bags here. This is my Kusama Speedy. I do wear this year round. And I have a video on this bag. If you’re not familiar with
Kusama and the Kusama Speedy. I talk about her story and this bag so I’ll put that up there for you. This is a Louis Vuitton
monogram canvas bag and you can’t really see
the monogram that well because it does have
Kusama’s print all over it. It is basically brown, brown
and a lighter golden brown, and then this white and of
course the color of the handles, the vachetta handles, which
sort of changes over time. It is quite a distinct pattern. And I can see where it would
be tricky for some people to think about styling. This is my Fendi baguette. We will also be looking at this. This is an orange suede
bag with embroidery on it. Some of it is metallic
and some of it is silk. Quite a colorful bag. I have also reviewed this bag. I will put that up here for you if you would like to
take a closer look at it. Thirdly is my Alexander
McQueen DeManta clutch. Again, I have reviewed this bag. I will put it up here so if
you’d like to take a closer look at it, you can do that there. It is rather an interesting
bag that is designed to look like a Manta Ray. The fourth bag is a bag you
won’t have seen on my channel. I have had this bag for a long time. Because it’s not, you know, a luxury bag, I haven’t talked about it much. I don’t think I even showed
it in my bag collection video. There were a few that kind of escaped me when I was doing that video. This is a vintage bag. It is a needle point bag. I love this bag. It is clearly from a bygone era. I just love it. It’s a very practical bag to use. It’s unexpected and I enjoy it. Let’s get started on the
four easy ways to style a printed bag. Do stay ’till the end
because I will be discussing one consideration that a lot of times people forget to think about. The first way and the easiest
way is just to wear one solid neutral from head to toe. This could be a dress, it
could be just a dress in black or in navy, or camel, any
neutral of your choice. It does not have to be in the bag itself. Because it’s a neutral,
it will go with anything. And some will look better
than others with your bag, but you won’t be wrong
to have a one neutral to go with your bag. Common things might be black, brown, navy. You could also do this tonally. So for example, I could
have this navy sweater with jeans that don’t match
it exactly, but are also navy. You could also do that
with say white jeans and a cream silk top. It’s one color, but they might
be slightly different tones. This is the easiest way to get started styling your printed bag. The second method is a variation on this. And this is to have two
or more solid neutrals in your outfit. So you’re still doing solids,
you’re still doing neutrals. Here you might have a
black skirt or black pants with a camel top, or maybe
you’re wearing black and white, or maybe you’re wearing
tobacco brown and camel. You could even have three
or more solid neutrals. You could have for example a
black skirt, a white blouse, and a brown jacket. Something like this. As long as you’re keeping
everything in solid neutrals, it shouldn’t compete with the print and it will go with the print. Of course, if one of the
neutrals is in the bag, that will tie it together even more and that will make it even easier. This is sort of the same concept
as wearing all one neutral, but it does add a little interest,
it adds a little variety, and a little bit of drama
to your overall look. Number three is to add color. You wear a color with the neutral. This can be a bright color,
it can be a subdued color, and it could be in the bag or maybe not. One easy way to do it of
course is to pull a color from the bag, but try it anyway. Just try it and see if it looks good. The neutral can be in the
bag, but doesn’t have to be. If it is, it will make this even easier. For example, the Kusama bag
has a lot of white in it. If I am wearing any white, so if I’m wearing my white
jeans or if I’m wearing a white top, it almost doesn’t
matter what other colors I put that bag with, it
will still look good. Even though the Kusama bag is pretty loud, it is all neutrals itself. So it’s very easy to add color to especially when I am wearing white. Likewise, the Alexander McQueen
DeManta clutch looks best when I do have black as the neutral. It doesn’t have to be. I could wear that bag with a
pair of jeans and a red top and I have done that. But if I’m wearing black
jeans and a red top, it ties in together even more easily. But do keep in mind, the
color doesn’t have to be in the bag at all. Here I am carrying this
bright orange Fendi bag that has no purple in it whatsoever. It has a lot of colors, but
no purple in it whatsoever. And I’m wearing it with a
bright purple leather jacket. It still works. The bright orange and the bright
purple look great together and the whole thing works. So just try it and see what you think. The mirror will let you know. If you want to get even
more advanced with this, you could drop the neutral entirely and just wear bright solid
colors with your bag. This will work. The key here is just to play
with it and see what you think. A lot of times what I’ll do is
I will put an outfit toegther of different bright colors
and then I will just grab several bags and see what works. Sometimes a bag will surprise
you and it will look great even though you may have never
thought to put it together with the outfit. Number four. We are getting more advanced here. This is patterns. Can you wear patterns on
your body and your clothing and mix it with the pattern in your bag? Not only can you do it, it is advised. This is a great one to play with. The easiest way to get
this right is to make sure that the pattern in your bag and the pattern in your clothing
are of different scales. Meaning, that if you have a
big bold pattern in the bag, then you’d like to go
with a smaller pattern in your clothing or a
completely different type. So if you have a big floral, you can put that with a
big plaid or a big stripe. It’s even easier though if
it’s a more scaled down plaid or a more scaled down stripe. Here though, you’ll see that
I do mix the bold pattern of the Alexander McQueen
bag with the bold stripe on the sleeve of this shirt. It does work. The colors are the same,
they’re both bold patterns, but they are such different patterns that they work out well. But the other way to
mix this DeManta clutch is to scale down the pattern. The front of this skirt has a plaid, but it is a very subtle plaid. It’s a black and white subtle plaid. It goes very well with the DeManta cutch. Another example of mixing prints
with this Alexander McQueen DeManta clutch is in my shoes. Here I’m wearing leopard print
shoes in black and silver and it is a much smaller
pattern so it does work again with the clutch. If you want to get even more advanced, just experiment with
matching colors and patterns. You can go up to four and I
have seen people do even more. Once you’ve trained your eye
and you’re staying within the same color family, but
you’re mixing the scale of the patterns, often times
they do look good together. You don’t ever have to go there though. You can stick with these
four easy ways to style your printed bag and carry
your bag for a long time in a variety of ways. Here is the bonus tip. A lot of people forget to consider this. I do want you to consider
the mood of your bag with the mood of your outfit. The mood of your bag can
change the outfit a lot. It can either match, not look quite right, or change it for you so
that that same outfit has more variety. Notice how the mood of
this simple silk navy dress changes with each bag. With the Kusama, it looks
a little more casual. It looks a little more daytime
and a little more casual. With the bright orange
Fendi, it looks more fun. It adds a little bit of
formality and it looks more fun. Pair it with the needle
point bag and this same dress looks prim and proper. They’re very different moods
just by changing your handbag. Again, notice how this outfit, my white jeans and the green silk top, changes depending on whether I’m carrying the needle point bag or the Fendi. The mood does change. Here again, my outfit of
jeans and a white silk shirt changes dramatically. With the Alexander McQueen
bag, it looks more edgy and with the needle point
bag, it looks more demure. Even this outfit of jeans
and a bright purple jacket changes quite a bit. Notice how when I have the
Fendi with this outfit, it really amps up that jacket. Everything looks amped up and vibrant. Yet, when I wear the same
outfit with the Fendi bag, it tones everything down. It calms that purple down a little bit. So do consider the mood. A full-length mirror is your friend. Take a look at your entire
outfit and notice how the mood of it changes when you change your bag. The key here is just to play. Mix different outfits
even if you don’t think they’ll look good together. Try it then stand in front of a mirror and try different bags
and see what happens. Fashion is supposed to be fun. Have fun with it. Thank you Autumn Beckman
for requesting this video. It was a lot of fun to do. If you have a request for me, just let me know. If I can do it, I will. I am a jewelry designer. A lot of the requests
I get are about jewelry and explaining jewelry. But of course if I can answer
questions about any aspect of design, I’m delighted to do it. I hope you’ll subscribe so we can be sure and see each other again. Until then! (bright upbeat music)

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