4 Easy Disney Halloween Costumes | Disney Style

Hey guys, Teala Dunn here with Disney Style. If you haven’t decided what you want to be
for Halloween yet or have a last minute party invite, don’t worry! Today I’m gonna show you four easy and unique
Disney Halloween costumes with the help of Party City. The first look is Mary Poppins. I’m sure most of us all have a white button-down
and a black skirt in our closet. Don’t pretend. I know it’s true. If you pair those with some fun accessories,
you’ll be “practically perfect” and ready for any party. I love this Mary Poppins looks because it’s
super comfortable, it keeps you warm, and and it’s super simple. The top hat is definitely one of my favorites. It’s super unique because we added some flowers
to it, and it’s so cute. Next I’m talking about one of the Style team’s
favorite characters, Edna Mode from The Incredibles! I know you all have an LBD and some black
flats inside your wardrobe. Oh yeah. Throw on a sleek black wig, black tights,
thick glasses, and a pop of color from Party City, and you’ve got one incredible outfit! And for fun, we’re throwing in a little red
cape as a nod to Edna’s number one rule: NO CAPES! The wig definitely makes me feel like I am
completely in “Edna” mode, so … I love it. If you have yellow in your closet, channeling
Jane from Tarzan is super easy and chic. For this look, I paired a yellow dress, some
tights, gloves, and of course, an adventure hat that I added some purple ribbon to. I love this look because it’s super easy and
unique and definitely will make you stand out this Halloween. I’ve watched Tarzan when I was a little baby,
and Tarzan’s such an amazing movie. I love Jane. She always has the best outfits,
lots of color, so I love this look. And last but not least, Alice in Wonderland’s
White Rabbit! Do not ever be afraid of off-the-shoulder. Embrace it. Off-the-shoulder is super popular right now,
so I paired mine with a red blazer, some rabbit ears, and a pocket watch. With this look, you’ll never be late for an
important date or a Halloween party. This pocket watch is so cute, it definitely
adds a touch of classic vibes to the look and you can’t forget about the bunny tail. Check this out! And that’s it! Four quick and easy Disney Halloween costumes,
with the help of Party City. Let me know what your favorite Disney costume
was in the comments down below. Bye, guys!

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