30 DIY Last-Minute GROUP Halloween Costume Ideas!

Hello guys!:D It’s Cloe! And it’s OCTOBER!!! This is my FAVORITE month, you guys know, I am obsessed with Halloween videos like if my channel is known for anything, I feel like it’s my Halloween videos the theme of my channel overall is like the Fantasy – Magical world so Halloween is my favorite time because you get to dress up and… I always dress up… but like on Halloween – it’s okay. So, to kick off Clo-tober the first video I’m doing is group Halloween costumes last year I did 100 Halloween costumes, best friend Halloween costumes. I thought this year I would do group. Huge announcement, I am vlogging every day of October, Clo-tober, on my vlog channel Cloe Breena. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the vlogs we’ve already done …We’re being lifeguards… WHEW! There’s a hot lifeguard in there. We want to see if he’ll run with us. We’re also lifeguards…! Do you want to run in slow motion with us?!(XD CLOE) I wish I could, yeah. Looks like a fun video, though. (MUSIC!) Every single day basically we are going to go out dressed as characters, and then go and do what those characters do. Such crazy things like I just hopped on someone’s motorcycle two seconds ago… (XD WHAT?!) But yeah happy Halloween and let’s get started (Music starts playing) Did did you say that the hoes are laughin’? YUP! So the audience are a bunch of hoes? YUP! Cash me outside, how bou dah? … Catch you outside? ;| What does that mean? What I just said! (DUH!) Snap! Crackle! Pop! Rice Krispies! (Mario: Whoo Hee!) So that was it for this video, I hope you guys enjoyed! I know all of these costumes might not be super weather appropriate… But I think you guys can just easily adjust them to whatever weather – you’re in. 😉 I have lived in Florida and California. So this is kind of just like what the weather is like for me on Halloween. By DIY – I mean like, you know… using little items you found around the house I got a lot of these from Amazon, and I did like two day deliveries, so they’re perfect for last-minute costumes. And then I went to other stores to get all the crafting stuff like Michaels. We bought a bunch of stuff from Goodwell so get really creative with costumes I love to just like – find little pieces, like a lot of stuff is just from my closet. The point of these videos is just to show you that you – don’t need to go out and buy a Halloween costume. Thank you to everyone who helped out in this video! All of everyone who has like links and instagrams, will be in the description. Make sure you check back next Tuesday for another huge Halloween video! Or keep watching Chloe Breena. I’m posting every single day, and all my social medias will be linked in the description! (Check it out!:D) I will see you guys in the next Clo-tober video. Bye! 😀 Best outro music ever! (BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW) :DDDDDDDDD SUBBBBBBBBBBBBB TO CLOE!!!!

100 thoughts on “30 DIY Last-Minute GROUP Halloween Costume Ideas!

  1. why is NOBODY commenting about the girl who was dressed as Cady looks EXACTLY like the movie character? (Lindsay Lohan)

  2. Idk ,pls help,I am doing it with my sis

    Shall we be(my options):

    or something else 😊

  3. Is it me or does the power rangers costume have the colours of pink,blue, and yellow diamond from Steven universe.(they also have diamonds on them) just me? Okay.

  4. Where are the Heathers?

    Just kidding.

    Ok you can do it as just the Heathers or you can add Veronica.

    In case you didn't know because you are not theater kid or you are not a tik tok addict the Heathers was a movie in the 80's but they converted it into a play a few years ago and it was on Broadway for a little.

    For the costumes you could do
    Heather Chandler(red)
    Heather McNamara(yellow)
    Heather Duke(green)
    and finally,
    Veronica Sawyer(blue and optional if you have a 4th person)

    Sorry I'm a nerd. :p

  5. When I saw stranger things I died 😂 but it inspired my Halloween costume I’m gonna be eleven for Halloween

  6. I never need last-minute costumes, due to the fact that I have my costumes for the nest year planned 6 months in advance.

    Yet I still I watch these videos😏

  7. Me and my friends are actually going as the Scooby Doo Gang. But I'm the only girl in the group so we are turning Daphne into a boy

  8. I have a fractured foot
    A week before Halloween
    Edit: I got a boot! Meaning I can trick or treat 😊

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