3 SUPER STYLISH DIY For TEENAGERS | #Fashion #Styling #DIYQueen

Where’re you Jeetu?? We’re getting late.. pls do fast… we’re getting late for college I ain’t going to college.. I don’t have footwear nor ear ring….. New Earrings!! from where did you got these?? new bag too you don’t have any single penny and spending a lot on the name of shopping so what… and these cute sandals when and from where did you bought these? aren’t these expensive?? wait….I tell you first thing is these are so affordable and I didn’t bought these instead make them home but you don’t have this much of skills to make all these.. hmm… I know… don’t you watch Priyanka didi’s videos?? see this video till you hit 70,000 Likes and what are you waiting for?? you too enjoy the video these beads earrings are so expensive in Zara and H&M so first we’ll teach you how to make these so you need cut sheet in eight circles of different sizes now insert the beads one by one in the wire and paste it on the paper this way now join the small circle over big one like this paste one more circle with beads behind this circle also fix beads on these gaps and then fix stud pin in the end now if you have to attend any party or function make ear rings with your favorite colour beads if you want us to make video how to make these ear rings so first hit 1,00,000 Likes confused which bag to carry for college why don’t carry new bag everyday and that you can make by yourself at home how’s it??? cut the fabric in two parts like this make a small cut the corner like this fold the foam sheet like this and make a small cut at the centre like this open the compass to 6 cm and make a circle where we made a cut now put the fabric over the foam and stitch with it and stitch the left fabric making small pleats like this its looking quite difficult but its too easy to make it stitch that open portion this way and cut the extra part cut the white sheet in this shape and cover it with any fabric and paste both of them on the base like this now need to fix zip just cut two fabric and stitch either side of the zip stitch one side of the chain here & other side of the chain with the second semi circle now stitch any white fabric bag’s inside potion so as to cover the foam now lets make the purse base cover the black fabric on the rectangular fabric and stitch it here now lets make its string to hang just cover the black fabric on any rope and stitch it from the purse inside these zebra print sandals are looking so cute we’ve given the new look to our old boring white sandals just take black and white acrylic colour apply white colour all over the sandal and then make this pattern with the black and worry not as these acrylic colours are water proof

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  1. aap log naya video kab lekar a rahe ho aap log iska naya video lekar aaiye please abhi tak aap lekar nahin aaye is video ke 2 mahine Ho Gaye abhi tak aap logo

  2. Hum sab viewers ne wish puri kar di 100k likes kar diye aap bhi humari wish puri kar dijye means next video of earings

  3. Your earrings designs are very beautiful didi,❤… Can you please make the second part of those earrings shown in this video? Eagerly waiting! ?

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