15 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home

  1. the crap we do to ourselves! I will never get gel polish again.. I'm heading into week 3 and they are perfect, it freaks me out!

  2. I have a question. For this type of gel application, can you fill this or do you have to remove it all and start over? It's not like the builder gel because its not thick right?

  3. This is very helpful!! Thank you!
    Can you tell me what nail polish you used in the video on your thumbs? The pink color is so beautiful!

  4. Loves the life hack at 3:18; never thought to do that but it makes sense. I can melt the gel nails and still get somethings done around the house.

  5. Can you use baby wipes unscented as a lint free cloth saturated with pure acetone? I got a manicure second time in my life gel. I am an artist and have become intrigued with what is done with nails! I never got to pamper myself for many reasons raising 8 kids, baking bread painting and pottery which requires if using a wheel short short nails lol. Now as an older women, small hands, and nails, I do not know if I want to upkeep at salon there was no sculpting or forms used just natural nails. At first my daughter was concerned my parrots might work on my nails and did not want me to get any polish but actually my pets are not interested in the nails as a finished product. I would never allow them near chemicals while working on nails etc. Just a thought! I wish I knew what starter kit to get.

  6. I just use a cotton ball, aluminium foil and 100% pure acetone. Half hour later they were done! Thanks for sharing your video!

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