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  1. Hey, girls, what's your hair color now? 👩 ❓👩🏻 Share in the comments!

    The best hair hacks that every girl should know 15:47

  2. How can she wrap herself in that and have a smile on her face while doing it? How could she smile even though she’s literally changing the way her stomach looks so that she looks “better” to society

  3. gosto muito desse canal com essas idéias mais sou brasileira e não sei falar inglês não teria como colocar a tradução em baixo das palavras em inglês se possivel

  4. The girl in this video is perfect just the way she is, but if you’re feeling insecure, then you do whatever you feel comfortable with.

  5. People, the hacks at the beginning were too much. Instead of telling people to love and embrace who they are, your telling them to change themselves in order to be "prettier" or 'skinnier". Idc what size you are, your race, sexual identity, gender, you are beautiful and you do not need to change for other people

  6. This is an offensive to large people , people are made in different ways doesn’t mean there not perfect 💕

  7. It is so sad that in todays standards, beauty is based on your size and not your personality. Having a "skinny face" wont make you prettier but kindness will.

  8. I have something to say, this video is about how to make yourself look slimmer and how to have a bigger butt without exercise right? Well, putting plastic wrap around your stomach to look slimmer and cutting holes into pants and using old pantyhose to make your butt bigger, is just living a lie. Because out in public you're a slim, big butt girl, but at home you're a (no offense) overweight, non-big butt girl at home. Imagine if you did this In reality and you and a very handsome guy really hit it off and went to your place/his place to, well I mean you know, I'm not explaining it, but you're both in the room and all of the sudden he turns around and sees a completely different person. That's not going to end well. Now, you may think that it's not a big deal, but are you really going to, you know, with plastic wrap and the shorts on? No! So I say, be yourself and don't worry about this, think of the reality, not expectation. To all girls, don't think you are not pretty because I've been through being uncomfortable with my body shape, but I don't put plastic wrap on my stomach to hide the fact that I'm not skinny, I just deal with it, and you girls should too. If someone tells you you're not beautiful, don't listen to them, that's the kind of thing that leads to depression, so please don't, just remember you are beautiful. No matter what. 🌺🌸💜🤗😄😊👍

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