2016 Spyder Titan Mens Jacket Overview by SkisDotCom

Hi, I’m Brigitte and this is Slope Style. I’m here with Bill from Spyder and we’re going to talk about the Titan jacket and I love this jacket. To me it’s a little more race inspired, can you tell me a little about the fit? The fit is a little bit different than our other jackets in that it’s a little bit shorter. Most of our jackets are 29 inch center back on a medium, this is an inch and half shorter so it’s going to fit a little shorter. So for a gentleman that doesn’t need as long a coat it will work out for him. Great choice. So what about this fabric? It feels really soft. Doesn’t it feel nice? Yeah, it’s a stretch fabric so unfortunately your viewers can’t try it on right now but when they do they’ll feel how comfortable it is. But that’s combined with a very bullet proof or waterproof laminate to keep the water out so it’s a 20K rated membrane to it from a water repellency stand point and also to keep the water out, the seams are fully taped. So every single seam has tape behind it. That’s an awesome feature. And also from a warmth standpoint, Thinsulate insulation so you can have a lot of warmth without a lot of bulk as you can feel. I can tell, it’s not bulky at all. From a breathability standpoint, letting the warm air out because sometimes we do overheat, the jacket is rated at 25K which is higher than average. That’s super breathable. And it has some hidden core body vents so when you want to let air in we can just let the air through here but it’s a very clean look. It has some nice pockets on the front too, I like the contrast. Before we go inside let me show this goggle wipe. So we have this nice goggle wipe mounted on a strap so that it’s easy to access. That’s convenient. Convenient, exactly and you can just put it back for you whenever you need it again hood is removable, it does look full-time because of the clean garage that create out of it. You can take that right out, it velcros in. But this just velcros in and then on the back it unzips but there’s a flap over that zipper so when you have it off it doesn’t look like something is missing. Sure. You have a cord to control peripheral vision in your hood so that’s a nice feature if you’re skiing with your hood up. I know it’s got to have some stuff inside too, right?! Yeah, let’s go inside, sure, thanks. So pockets are the most obvious thing, we like to have pockets for everybody to go skiing for the day so there’s a nice extra pocket here for an extra set of goggles or different lens, might be your sunglasses, might be your goggles if you’re starting with sunglasses. One more secure pocket over here which is easy to access because it’s right inside. For a credit card and what not. And then down here is our powder skirt. The powder skirt is a really functional powder skirt it’s mounted on spandex so it moves with you nicely. It has the extra feature of the hold-down strap which mates to our pants with the extra loops in them. So it keeps them down in place? Yep. And if you have a customer that does prefer or if you just don’t want to use one, you can unzip. Take that right off. Great piece. Awesome well that’s the Titan jacket. Bill, thanks so much for showing us all the features and this is Slope Style.

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  1. where can i find the jacket on this review, with Red,White and Black colour? at SKIS.com doesn't have that colour.

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