2 million products on back order from Marathon clothing line

hey what's going on you know who it is you know what it is all right man just have it uh guess you could say crotch or something because it's like 11 o'clock or some like that but uh anyway man I just wanted to talk about something rightfully concerned and uh Nipsey Hussle one on one point it's very good and then on another point you kind of like shake you and you kind of just be like damn well the case you guys don't know the marathon clothing line has over two million orders on backorder so basically they have over two million orders that's been you know process since Nipsey Hussle passing and that's that's great that's astonishing you know when you think about how much money that is that's just like a lot of money but the sad part about it is Nipsey Hussle was not here to uh reap the benefits and then see what happened like I said on one hand I'm happy but on the other hand I'm kind of a little bit disappointed because to a certain degree we should have been supporting him anyway well I was it shouldn't it took for something like this to happen for people to see the big picture and be like okay when we get some clothing because at the same time like I say I'll practice what I preach yeah I buy Jordans and all that kind of stuff and then at the end of the day I was supporting the black home business you know while people are sitting up here up in arms and target ball you nobody gonna tell me I can't wear Gucci you know for the people who didn't want to wear Gucci you had an option but you know I ain't counting yo cash I hate telling you where to spend your money at but I'm just saying if you wanted them people that just decided after the passing and they see household that you want to shop at the marathon clothing line then all I could say is shame on you but at the end of the day at the same time I'm saying thanks to you know just keep the hustle going by anyway this your boy town business Wow

15 thoughts on “2 million products on back order from Marathon clothing line

  1. You Cant Catch No Fish Watching Somebody Elses Line. That means. You worry about what you doing with yours. And let other people worry about what they doing with theirs.

  2. Some People didn’t know him before that happened unfortunately that people know who he is now because of that but it’s cool I’m glad I got to know him a little bit even tho he not here

  3. Every city got some type of nipsey hussle. The reality is that's life ,no matter how big u are on earth u would never be ass big as you are dead. That's how life suppose to be. If that's the case ppl need to check out slim thug, he doin the exact same thing as nipsey

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