12 thoughts on “1970s Dresses & Skirts

  1. Wonderful! ..and no fat ass models like today with their disproportionate rears pouring out all over the place.

  2. Oi. The second pic is a bath robe
    And some of the others are Not clothes that are meant to be worn in public.
    Like the Christmas tree trimming pic. Thats lounge wear. I suggest knowing your subject before posting

  3. These are great for refreshing the memory, lol. Also, am thinking would be cool to find some old catalogs, though that would probably be difficult. I graduated high school in 1973 but truly don't remember much about what I wore when dressing up. High school was casual. Anyway, thanks for the videos. Will be perusing the rest.

  4. I dont know why people say its ugly. I think it looks great..especially compared to people who dress like crap nowadays.

  5. in the sixties a dress was above a knew now in the seventies every dress is below .They look like they wearing a night gown.

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