1950's Fashion – Vintage Paris Catwalk Show

here's the latest look from Paris filmed in Paris flattering new creations by Dior Bauman Lanza and other top Parisian couturiers this elegant dinner – theater ensemble is of Orleans satin emphasizing the life unbelted lie and the designer calls the whip Lyon – Jacques hi I'm the new silhouette is a telescope fabric poof's I work horizontally to give the effect of being threaded through narrow panels the black cocktail dress tapers from snug bodice to wide him Christian Dior's wire line shows to advantage in this adaptation of the MIDI a dinner gown with buttons down the back the Y is completed at the shoulders with two accenting bows a French tapestry inspired the short evening gown using three-dimensional embroidery on a dress basically quite simple the designer Pierre Velma the dress lovely n'est pas the embroidery marks this as a Balmain creation – it's intricate shirring and sculptured bodice emphasizing the supple drape of the fabric rich white satin of man-made fibers her companion wears a short evening gown of Chinese yellow it's a rich fabric full-bodied and supple the drape the gilt and gold decor of Versailles inspired this stunning gown with embroidered gold and jewels on billowing satin the flowing white velvet stole provides a lovely accent for a lovely gown just another creation from Peggy that you gals will be wearing before long you hope another twosome the one standing models an example of Jacques Himes telescope line to bide kanye's cup the billowing skirt Marc Bohan designed her elegant ball gown from Paris to you wherever you may be here is a lowdown on high styles our first look at a new look from France soon to adorn milady America vive la France that's all

41 thoughts on “1950's Fashion – Vintage Paris Catwalk Show

  1. gross on the mans voice telling the ladies what to wear and how to wear and bbb
    thank you women who hsa started the revolution.

  2. Woman now a days live only for comfort and its like they're scared to dress beautiful and elegant (plus you can find comfortable and beautiful clothes). If you see someone dress up its only for a special occasion. Everyday should be a special occasion because you're alive and you should be happy about it. life is too short to be lazy about the way you dress. Sure sometimes we have those days but let's not make those days every days. And trust me dressing up is one way of boosting your confidence up.

  3. The dresses are so beautiful! I love the one gown that drapes all over the floor in a pool of satin, but it must get filthy and stepped on all the time when dancing, then what? You couldn't really clean that well I would think. And would you only wear it once? I can't imagine, at least for myself, having that kind of money and wearing the same ball gown twice in a season. I wonder where all those beautiful clothes are today? IThank you so much for sharing these fashions. I love them all!!

  4. I just love the look.  Thanks, glamourdaze and YouTube, for presenting this 1956 clip.  Oh, bring back those wonderful days of wonderful fashions.

  5. Gone but not forgotten. You can make them yourself! Find sewing patterns here: Adele Bee Ann Patterns on Etsy

  6. I looked up Balmain in favor of the beautiful embroidery work done on the dresses…I was met with nothing less than a deep sigh of disappointment ):

  7. @HarlequinPink Agreed totally, and I have always thought that the clothes from the '50's, etc. were sensual in a dreamy, delightful way – the perfumes and the rich fabrics with all the pearls and jewels…sexiness is beautiful when it's subtle – not overt…

  8. Love! Love! Love them all! All of the dresses shown looked absolutely fabulous!! Again, another great upload!!

  9. absolutely dreamy…and what fashion history – to think many lines just shown at Fashion Week go back this far.

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