191107 iKON member Halloween costume game

[Happy Halloween]
– Happy Halloween. – Halloween. You proposed something special. Halloween is famous [Halloween costume]
– for costumes. – Right, costumes. [I thought you were wearing costumes already]
What costume are we going to wear? [You are fairies wearing
human costumes] – What we were going to do is..
– Yes. Yunhyeong wanted to try this. [Joker for Yunhyeong]
– Joker! – Joker! For me, today, [Jinhwan’s Kaonashi]
– Kaonashi! – Kaonashi! – Before we put on makeup,
how have you been doing? – Me? – I went to Bali.
– You like to hang out with me these days. It’s fun when you hang out with me! That’s how you feel when you’re with me. I like it for many reasons. I can have some topics
for my channel on YouTube. [Jinhwan is being exploited]
I think he’s using me for his commercial profit. It seems that he likes
to hang out with me. But sometimes,
a camera is approaching to me. Then, he says, “Song ha!”
(Song Yunhyeong hi) I do that for you. Because I wanted to
make special memories together. You may want to look back
on what you did in the past. If you come to my YouTube channel, [Persuasive]
You can see what you did in the past. How lovely it is! Anyways, we’re having
some free time – Yes.
– and had fun together. Shall we start now? First, Painter Song. I’m going to put makeup on
Jinhwan. You know how Kaonashi looks. It looks like this. [If he does that to show the picture
on his phone screen…] Like this. [It makes me want to hit my forehead]
Like this. People do this, right? [It’s the best cure for my turtle neck syndrome]
Streamers do like this, right? Or this? Anyways, to make
him look like Kaonashi, white paint! [Carefully] [Chanwoo was approaching so carefully
while holding a fritter tender] [That was so cute!] It’s hard to show it
since it’s too bright. What? Behind you… Surprised! Say hi. Hello. Have fun. – I came to say hi.
– Yes, please say hi to fans. Hello, everyone. – Enjoy, everyone.
– Yes. [They’re so cute when they pat each other]
Dear my brothers! [It’s so heart-warming]
– They’re doing their best. – Right. Way to go! It feels really weird. Don’t laugh. [Jinhwan is turning to Kaonashi…
But he looks so gorgeous like a statue] [Nobody will suspect if he says he’s a statue]
Done. It’s easy to apply black. I guess many fans will
make memes out of this. [Sorry]
Please don’t take screenshots. I hope you enjoy while
watching this on V LIVE. [I just wanted to spread how cute you are]
Right. [If I don’t spread, that’s the loss of humankind]
It’s a gift for V LIVE viewers. Done, done. Done! [Jinhwan-nashi is done]
Makeup is done for Jinhwan-nashi! [Jinhwan-nashi is so satisfied
with his makeup] But we did a great job. [It raised the life satisfaction
rate for 7,7 billion people] Good job! Why are my eyes different in size? Your eyes are odd in size. What? They’re different in size
but this eye is bigger than the other. – I’ll add more makeup
on the other eye. – It’s okay. But it looks so cool. [Proud]
Cool! It feels like Naruto.
Right? [Jinhwan-nashi] [Note: Cute]
Jinhwan-nashi is done. Let’s move on… [Song-ker]
– Song-ker! – Song-ker. – Song-ker sounds a bit weird.
– Song-ker. – This is Joker.
– Cool. [Feeling nervous since Jinhwan
never stops] I think it’s too rough. Without any hesitation. Well, I guess Joker did like that. Why did he put on makeup
so carefully? – He did it carefully in the movie.
– Really? Did you put white makeup
on my eyebrows? I’ll take care of it.
Be quiet. I’m going to do it. – I’m the artist.
– Because I can’t trust you. I’m the artist. Your face is different from
Joker’s… So I need to apply a lot. Hey… [A master never blames his tools]
A craftsman doesn’t blame his tool. [It’s okay]
I blamed your face. [Yunhyeong will be handsome]
I didn’t blame the tool. [if you put makeup on using a broom]
– My face is your tool. – Do like this. [Concentrating]
I hope fans will enjoy this. – Go and sleep.
– Right, sleep for a minute. Like 5 minutes…
No, 10 minutes. 10 minuets. Stop! [Flowing]
Please check it out. – It’s flowing.
– It’s flowing. – It’s okay. [I shed 91,5 billion drops of tears
thinking they’re so cute] [Now I can remove my makeup
without tap water] Wait. It’s okay. [Positive mindset]
It looks so cool, right? It’s over. – Done.
– Done? Now we have to do
your hair. [Hair mousse] That’s too much. [To cover his handsome face,
Joker makeup was too light..] [When he slicked his hair back,
my heart skipped a beat] Does it turn my hair green? [Color spray]
Yes. It’s green but… It’s not as green as Joker’s hair. My hand becomes green! [Song-ker makeup is done] That’s cool. Look at n [Green]
My hands! It shines. – Let’s go back.
– Let’s go. [Love it] [Jeong Chanwoo]
[Judge] [Song-ker]
[To be released on Oct 30, 2019] Too much. 100 people in Itaewon
may look like you. Whose makeup is better? [This one]
Hang on. [Jeong Chanwoo makes
a choice so quickly!] Hang on. I said it already. I lost already. This make up is much better. [Halloween costume contest]
[Jinhwan wins] – But doesn’t it look funny?
– Kaonashi won! [Jinhwan-nashi is so happy]

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