180 Clear Gel Coat

big beam hi I’m Chris from Fibre Glast today we’re going to show you our number
180 clear gel coat that we carry on Fibre Glast dot com number 180 is a high performance
high gloss premium quality clear gel coat this gel coat offers UV light stability
and won’t yellow over time it is designed to be sprayed as the
first layer for in mold fabrications 180 offers excellent clarity and
chemical resistance 180 can be used in mold with our
polyester and vinyl ester resins and it’s MACT compliant meaning it’s
suitable for underwater and marine applications other applications include showers tubs any fabrication where you want a high
gloss layer in front of your colored or other cosmetic layer when used out of a mold such as in a
repair application we recommend blending this clear gel
coat with our Duratec Hi-Gloss Additive we do not recommend using
polyester gel coat withepoxy resins because it will not bond properly our
clear gel coat starts slightly milky in liquid form when
catalyzing clear gel coat it’s very important to get your measurements
accurate number 180 should be catalyzed
with one and a half to two and a half percent MEKP don’t overcatalyze though or you can
discolor the gel coat an easy way to measure is one-and-a-half
teaspoons of hardener for every pint of resin or three teaspoons per quart as
the reaction begins the gel coat will change to more of a cream color at 77 degrees number 180 will
begin to harden in about 12 minutes when applied in mold you can follow up
with reinforcements in about an hour you shouldn’t use 180 when temperatures are below 60 degrees Fahrenheit also if the temperature is over 85 degrees
you should only mix in small quantities as hardening will occur very rapidly it’s important not to return the catalyzed gel coat back to its original container thanks
for watching Fibre Glast on YouTube remember to check out our number 180 and all of our other gel coats on Fibre Glast dot com if you thought this
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5 thoughts on “180 Clear Gel Coat

  1. Hi, can I use this product to refinish Gel Coat on my Kevlar boat? My plan was to lightly sand existing gel coat and reapply with 180 Clear Gel Coat.
    Thank you.

  2. What do I need to redo the top layer of my bass boat the clear coat or whatever it is flaking thanks

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