15 Pant Styles EVERY Man Needs (ULTIMATE Trouser Type Tutorial) | Commuters Chinos Khakis Joggers

15 Types of Pants Every Man Needs To Know
[0:00:00] So, which one is correct, trousers or pants? The answer, it depends on which side of the
Atlantic you’re on. Maybe we should ask the Chinese, they were
the ones that invented them back in 13th century BC. In any case, whether you call them slacks,
trousers, or pants, today’s video, we’re talking about the fifteen types that every
man needs to know about, so that you can build your interchangeable wardrobe. [Music]
First up, we’ve got the dreaded cargo pants and I say that with a love because I wore
cargo pants for years. Made from cotton oftentimes made with the
loose fit, cargo pants are casual. They have their purpose they have their place. I think a man should own a pair, but be careful
when you wear them, they are ultra casual. Next up, we’ve got drawstring pants. And, as the name implies, they’re identified
because of the drawstring. This allows you to cinch the waist. So, if you got a 30-inch waist or a 40-inch
waist, you can probably get away with the same pair of trousers. Made from linen, made from cotton, made from
synthetic materials, these trousers are going to be casual because of the loose fit. Next up, we’ve got Jorts. No, I’m not going there. Sorry. Next up, we’ve got pajama pants. Very similar to drawstring trousers except
in the choice of material. So, they’re going to use brighter colors
more flamboyant patterns. We’re going to see flannels, we’re going
to see nap surfaces, we’re going to see the use of wool to insulate heat. Next up, we’ve got sweat pants, we’ve
got track suit pants, and we have joggers. So, sweat pants are historically the oldest
style and these are going to have a very loose fit or going to have a drawstring waist or
an elastic waist may have the pockets. Next, we’ve got the track suit pants. Now, track suit pants going to use oftentimes
a synthetic material, going to have a very tight weave, and going to be something that’s
going to fit overall loosely although some can fit tighter. And what sets them apart is going to be a
stripe of color going down the side of the leg. Next up, we’ve got joggers, a modern take
on sweatpants. Up at the top near waist what we’re going
to find, again, they’re going to have an elastic or a drawstring oftentimes are going
to have pockets especially with the zipper so that you can keep something secured. But, as we go down the leg line that we see
the big difference. Joggers are going to fit much closer to the
legs and give you a streamlined look. Next up, we’ve got commuter pants, an interesting
hybrid between sport pants and dress slacks. So, when you’re looking a good pair of commuter
pants, they’re going to look like regular dress slacks. You’re going to say, you know what? I can probably wear this with a sports jacket
wear it with a nice shirt. But then, you start to touch it you look at
the details and you realize it’s made from a stretch fabric. It’s going to have maybe anti-wick properties
which these do, all of a sudden, you go back look at the pockets, you realize it’s got
zippers pockets. You see small style details which you wouldn’t
see on dress slacks and things like this I love in modern trousers. These commuter pants right here and the ones
I’m wearing which I’ll show you in a second are brought to you by Rhone, the paid sponsor
of today’s video. And I absolutely love this company. All of Rhone’s clothing is specifically
designed for the gym, for work, and for play. So, as you can see I’m wearing Rhone’s
commuter pant and let’s first talk about the fit. So, sizing I think it’s true to size, just
a really nice fit. But, let’s talk about the hemming. So, Rhone will give you free online hemming,
so you could actually determine exactly what you want that length to be. And let’s talk about the fabrics. So, first off, Rhone spends a lot of money
four times more than most big box sportswear brands on their fabrics and you can tell when
you put this on, they’ve got a nice stretch to them makes them incredibly comfortable. Now, another piece of gear they sent me that
I absolutely love is the Reign long sleeve shirt. And what I really love is the raglan sleeve. So, basically right here there’s no seam
on the edge they’ve got it sewn right in here. This actually makes it easier for the arm
to rotate when you’re working out when you’re staying active and I can tell you the drape
the feel of this fabric is really, really nice. Free shipping, free returns. Guys, I’m linking to Rhone down in the description
with the best discount code and deal you’re going to find out there. Right now, they’re having their best sale. They only do this a couple of times a year. Go check them out, guys. Okay. So now, let’s talk about the big debate
out there and that is what is the difference between chinos and khakis. And the easiest way to spot the difference
between the two is not the color is actually going to be the stitching. So, on khakis, you can see the stitching. On chinos, they’re a little bit dressier
and you’re not – they basically do a better job of hiding the stitching. When I’m looking at a pair of chinos, what
I’m looking for is these are going to come in a wider variety of colors, they’re going
to be dressier in general. Khakis, what we’re going to see is oftentimes
a looser fit. Khakis in general are going to be more casual. Next up, we’ve got our beloved denim jeans
and we love this because it’s so interchangeable. You can dress them up, you can dress them
down, and they are relatively inexpensive. Made from cotton, they are found across the
world and it’s just something that simply works in a man’s wardrobe. This pair right here non-distressed in a dark
indigo, I think every man should have in his wardrobe. When you start going with lighter colors,
you got to be careful, much more casual. If you add distress to it, of course much
more casual. Next up, we’ve got odd trousers and we got
suit trousers. Now, I want to explain the difference because
this pair of trousers right here could actually fit either depending on one thing. Does it have a jacket made from the same material
that it’s made to go with? If it does, it is a suit. [0:05:04]
So, an odd pair of trousers are trousers that you can buy out there separately from a jacket
and they don’t have a matching jacket, therefore they can worn with a sports jacket with a
blazer jacket, something made from a different material or even just a dress shirt or a casual
button-down. Next up, we’ve got corduroy trousers also
called cords. Very distinctive because of the wale. Wales are going to be the way the cotton is
sewn right here and it’s going to be either seven wales per inch or eleven wales per inch. This one right here, eleven wales an inch
which is going to make it a little bit dressier, but we’re talking very small differences
here. But, another thing to note with corduroy is
they can be dressed up I think even better than jeans. This one right here could be worn with a sports
jacket or even a blazer. Next up, we’ve got moleskin trousers and
cavalry twill. So, let’s talk first about moleskin. Moleskin is a particular type of fabric made
for trousers. Actually, pretty tough wearing and, yes, when
you touch it it feels soft and has a nap surface. But, cavalry twill, this one right here is
actually made to be worn with a blazer. Now, a lot of people avoid this because it
actually has a synthetic type of feel to it, but it can be worn in dressy occasions especially
with a navy blazer. And, up next, we’ve got gray flannels. Perhaps I think the most underutilized trousers
out there. Gray flannels are great for matching any type
of sports jacket. Their nap surface sets them apart from any
type of dress slacks out there. Made from a worsted wool and I think should
be in every man’s wardrobe whether in a medium light gray or a dark charcoal gray. All right, gentlemen. So, we’ve got trousers covered, now, it’s
about finding the perfect shirt. Check out this checklist I’ve got for you
right here. I’m linking to it down in the description. This video, I go over thirty items that you
need to know about whenever you’re going out there and buying the perfect shirt. And, guys, don’t forget, go check out Rhone. Check out these commuter pants. I absolutely love when a company comes in
and create something that can be worn in a wide variety of situations. You guys now I’m all about fit, fabric,
and function. Check them out, I’m linking to them down
in the description. Great pants I meant or great slacks or whatever
you want to call them, commuter slacks, commuter trousers, commuter pants. What do you think? Let me know in the comments, guys, what they
should be called. That’s it, guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. [0:07:11] End of Audio

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