$15 Gymshark Dupes on Fashion Nova?! | Fashion Nova Activewear Review

– What’s up guys and
welcome back to my channel. As you can see from the title, we are trying Gymshark
dupes from Fashion Nova, which I was pretty amazed they had these. So if you don’t know Fashion Nova, basically they’re this brand that kind of catered
towards like curvy women. I think their slogan is like “balling on a budget” or something, I don’t know if that’s their slogan but I feel like they say that a lot. But anyway, they sell really affordable jeans, cute little two-piece sets, very trendy stuff. I have a lot of their jeans and actually they’re like
the only jeans that I’ll wear because they fit the waist so nicely but they don’t like squish
the butt down or everything. But this is not a jeans video, this is a Gymshark dupes video. So a few subscribers commented
on some of my previous videos that Fashion Nova had Gymshark dupes and one really nice subscriber, I’m sorry I forgot who it was, she actually commented the links of the actual
Gymshark dupes on Fashion Nova and I really like, I had no idea these existed. Fashion Nova can sometimes
be a little difficult to navigate because there’s
like 80 pages of products. So like I was searching
the pages of active wear just not finding anything, so she commented the link
so thank you so much. Also this is just proof that if you guys want me to try something and you comment links, I will buy it, just saying. So I got three active wear sets. So here are the sets I… Ah! Oh they’re falling apart. They are the sets, I have not tried them on yet, I’m gonna do like a reaction
kinda thing for you guys and like give you my live
thoughts and everything as well as I’m also gonna compare them to my actual Gymshark stuff, so you can see if they’re the same or not. But yeah I have… This is supposed to be… Well I’ll just go one by one. So basically these were all about $30 but Fashion Nova… If you guys… Do not ever buy Fashion Nova
without using a discount code because if you have like the app Honey, there is almost always a 30 to 40 per cent off discount code. If you add something to your cart, Fashion Nova will Facebook
message you 20 minutes later and be like, “Oh you forgot this, “here’s a 30% off code”, so basically nothing on Fashion Nova ever has to be the full
price that it says. So these were all originally $30 but I got all three of these
for like $60 I wanna say? No less, I bought a pair of jeans too. But each one of these was about $15, I’ll go over prices and everything, but just trying to say, I think these are even more
affordable than AliExpress, because these are full sets, like top and bottom and not just leggings. And usually on AliExpress I can get a pair of Gymshark dupe leggings for like 17 to $20? And these are $15 for a whole set! So this is just about as
cheap as you guys can get. So the first thing I’m gonna
try is an Energy Seamless dupe. They’re called the With
Ease Seamless Matching Set and without the sale they were $29.99 and with the sale they were $18. $18 for a top and bottom guys! On Gymshark you would
spend $54 for the leggings and $40 for the cropped vest. So that is $94. You are getting this for $18. That is quite the savings
if I’ve ever seen it. They also have the version
of this with the sports bra, if you’re looking for like spaghetti strap or like you don’t want as
much support or coverage on your top. These come in the colors red, black, nude and olive and I got the nude shades, just ’cause I thought that was exciting. Also funny story, they thought that they sold out of these, ’cause they sold out like
right after I ordered, so they refunded me and
then still sent the item. So essentially this was free. They don’t have the greatest size range, this comes in size Small/Medium
or Large/Extra Large, so you only have two options, so I’m gonna let you know how I feel because in Gymshark I’m always a small, but honestly on Gymshark these leggings tend to
run a teeny bit small, so maybe these will fit me nicely, I don’t know. As always I in my description… I have my measurements
in the description below! Alright I guess we’ll just try them on. Okay so these are actually really good. I think that they might be exact dupes. They definitely feel like exact dupes and look like exact dupes. So normally with the top I would… Well first of all you can
like kinda see the pads, but you can see them with Gymshark too, we’ve all seen it. And normally I’d wear a
sports bra underneath this and wear this kind of as a top but… Okay I really didn’t think I
would like this nude color, but I think it’s really like chic. I don’t know, I’m kinda feeling it. But wow guys, these actually feel really good. In terms of sizing, I have a Medium in this version of like this little vest from actual Gymshark and this Small/Medium feels maybe just like the tiniest bit smaller. And I’ve had both a Medium and a Small in the Energy Seamless bottoms and this feels about in between, so I would say that if
you are a Small or Medium, you could probably go
for either one of these, it’s slightly bigger than a Small, little smaller than a Medium, as you’d expect no surprises there. But everything feels really good, like the leggings feel super soft and I kind of like that they’re a little bigger
than the Gymshark Smalls, because it feels like more um, just a little easier to get on, not as tight, not quite as much waistband compression. Okay so here are the leggings, they’re actually super cute, like I mean you can tell
these definitely look like a Gymshark dupe. Well okay I’m gonna go ahead and say that they’re exactly the same. And yeah I don’t think
they’re squat-proof. I don’t… They didn’t look very squat-proof, but these are such a light color that I honestly don’t
think they were squat-proof from Gymshark either. Yeah you can see the detailing, the eyelets, they’re all there. But I think for $18 that like, if you are looking for an
Energy Seamless dupe set, you should absolutely go for these. They also have different
colors than Gymshark, so it’s kind of fun. But since they didn’t
actually charge me for these, maybe I will keep them. Next we’re gonna try the Meet Me At The Gym Coral matching set. So these are a dupe for the Flex Shorts and the Flex Crop Top set. On Fashion Nova it
comes in gray and peach, I got the peach. So without the sale these cost $24.99 and with the sale it costed $14.99. So these were literally $15
for the top and bottoms. You know on Gymshark
it’s $35 for the shorts and $36 for the crop top, so you’re spending $71 for a total set and here you are only spending $15, so you are literally spending
a fraction of the price, this is crazy, I just dropped it! They also have size Small/Medium
and Large/Extra Large, so again not the greatest size range. Oh this is the shirt, I was like, “Oh this is
very small for bottoms” but that actually looks like pretty good. The fabric feels really soft too guys. And it looks like the same Marl texture as the actual Gymshark. So okay let’s try ’em on. So I like the color of the top. The bottoms? Oh I don’t know, I don’t know. Okay. Um okay so as you can tell, they’re very low-rise. I mean I’m usually pretty
confident with my stomach, but this? This is not the most flattering
thing in the whole world. Um oh god. Yeah I also feel like
the bottom of the shorts are just kind of not the cutest. But honestly with the
actual Gymshark Flex, they are also… They probably come around
the same point in my waist. I don’t know, the shorts? The shorts are really a no for me, but the top? Let’s just talk about just the top. I’m wearing a sports bra
underneath as you can kinda see. It has the same little contouring here, little band, I think this top is really comfy. It has cute little
detailing in the back too and that’s like what the
Gymshark Flex tops have as well. Okay I have a Gymshark Flex top and I think that this one is
actually much more stretchy and I think the fabric on
this is just much much softer. My Flex top is very stiff and like really squishes down my chest. This one is definitely much better. I mean it could be due to it
being like a little bit bigger, ’cause this is Small/Medium, but I’d say this fits like most Gymshark Small tops honestly. If you are stick-thin twig and
can pull these bottoms off, I say go for it, ’cause they really do
look like the Flex shorts. I think that they definitely are a great dupe for the Flex shorts, but they’re just… I want the waist to be higher! They’re just, they’re not the most flattering on me. That’s really all I’m
gonna say about this. Squat test it! And lastly we have a dupe
for the Flex leggings set with a sports bra. And these are called the
Personal Trainer Seamless Set. I don’t know where they got these names. Without the sale these were $30 and with the sale they are $18. And on Gymshark you were
paying $38 for the leggings, $35 for the sports bra. So that’s $73 for a total
set and this is $18. You’re saving so much money. They have it in blue, gray and peach and the gray is more like
a gray black kind of thing, if you’ve seen like… It’s kind of different from
the Gymshark colors but… And again sizes Small/Medium
and Large/Extra Large. Okay this Flex set, it feels pretty good. So the first thing I noticed
when I put it on is that the material is definitely
slightly different than Gymshark’s material, but in like a really good way. Like the material on these are so, like they’re so much stretchier. Let’s see if I can like… Do you see how much stretch that has? It’s so much stretchier
and softer than Gymshark’s. I personally don’t love
the Flex collection from Gymshark because I just feel like, I like their High-waisted Flex, but their original Flex, because I just feel like
their material’s very stiff, it’s just not my fave. On the Fashion Nova the
material is so plush and like stretchy, it’s very nice. So if you like the Gymshark Flex, I would totally go for these. This sports bra is cute, it has the little detailing in the band, it’s a racer back. It looks pretty similar to how the actual Flex Sports Bra is. Not a ton of support, I’d say like light support. I have actually never tried the sports bra from the Flex collection because like I don’t really look for light-support sports bras. They have kind of a low-rise for me, not my favorite, doesn’t make me feel great. But the back looks very
similar to Gymshark. It almost, it might be like a little low
on the booty contour here, but the lower booty contour
comes right below the butt. This little old band here is
like right above my underwear, this is how it is in the actual Flex too, which is why I don’t love it, but you can actually like
pull it up slightly more because the material is stretchier. So yeah I would say if you’re
a fan of Gymshark Flex, these are definitely good dupes, if not like better than
the actual Gymshark because they’re so soft. Do a little squat test. Okay Fashion Nova, okay I see what you’re doing, this is kinda wild. So basically a little recap. Everything seems basically
exactly the same. Sizing might be a little different, the fabric might be a little different. I’d say Fashion Nova is a little softer. I am a Small in Gymshark and all of the Small/Mediums
from Fashion Nova fit me pretty well. Almost everything is an exact dupe except for the cropped vest, the Energy Seamless cropped vest but unless you, I thought they were exact dupes until I put them literally side by side, so I don’t think anyone’s
ever gonna notice. So if you are looking for
affordable Gymshark dupes and really want a set, I think this would be the perfect option. You can get sets from Fashion Nova for cheaper than you can get
like even a pair of leggings from AliExpress or Amazon or any of that. So I think these are incredible options, the quality seems great. I mean they really feel
exactly like Gymshark and have all the same details, so that is pretty crazy! Yeah I hope you guys enjoyed
this video and if you did, please give it a thumbs up
and subscribe for more dupes, because we always ’em on this channel, so yeah thank you guys
so much for watching and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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