10 Women's Clothing Brands To Sell On Poshmark & Ebay

hey guys it's Nicole and today I'm going to do a little bolo video if you don't know what a bolo it is it is a be on the lookout brand which means if they popular brand that is selling and I have ten of them for you today that I thought I would share and I'm actually going to share the process of how I find these bolo brands and how you can use eBay to actually search their website and you something they call breadcrumbs to look for bolo brands so let's dive right into this I'm actually probably going to make this a pretty short and sweet and straight to the point video so the tools I'm using today are eBay just the yet of the website I also use a on my phone called completely it is for Apple only iOS only and I believe it cost a couple dollars it's not free I cut it for a very long time at this point um but that app gives me a lot of data about item selling on eBay it gives me self their rates it gives me average time it takes for the item to sell and then average selling price for the item so we're gonna dive into this I'm gonna share the brands with you and then I'm actually going to be sharing lots of details about the brand and why it makes it a below brand to sell on eBay or Poshmark or any market really ok so if we are going to transition hello look at this screen so this is the EPA's website the reason I use eBay is because they actually give a lot of data about their sold listings way more than the sides like Poshmark you can actually go in and see how many items have sold kind of when they've sold the prices they sold all of that good stuff so the first brand we're gonna be talking about is ala Johnson I am this is a pretty popular brand right now this is their actives on Potter sorry I'm gonna say Poshmark a lot we're talking about eBay this is their actives on eBay there's 1200 currently active and then for Souls there is 754 which is pretty good so those are kind of numbers you want to see the smaller amount sold I'm sorry the smaller amount active versus like a larger amount sold I'll show you a few examples here in a second but I do actually look at these numbers so there's 754 that are sold this has an average selling price this brand across the board in women's clothing category don't include like shoes or accessories just women's clothing the average selling price is a hundred and thirty dollars and it has a 51% sell-through rate which means that if it's listed fifty one percent of the items listed that's how many are selling and it sell within six days sorry so do you want percent of these are selling within six days which is fantastic that's a great selling rate that means as soon as you list it it's going to start selling so this is that brand we're going to actually open up one of the tabs here and then I'm going to try and find here it is so this is what the tag looks like it looks a very basic and boring but is definitely a bolo here okay so next up I am going to talk about how I use this up top so this is called breadcrumbs their ebay refers to it as breadcrumbs so these are related searches they kind of leave them across the top most of these at the top are also going to be below brands so all I do from here is I start clicking leave and I use the app completely to look at the data on them and then I figure out like oh yeah this is a bolo like this is a brand I should be looking out for if I'm just like sitting on my couch not really doing anything it's a great opportunity for me to be looking at these brands be getting familiar with their tags all of that stuff I will be putting up more of these videos for you guys over the next few weeks but this is kind of how I come to find this information so you could be doing it on your own as well hopefully this is super super helpful for you guys okay the next brand we're going to be talking about here I'm probably going to butcher the nail then Brochu Walker so this brand has 689 active listings and 160 solds so this brand does not have as high as solds but it's still good it does have a $30 average selling price and a 32% fell through rate within 12 days so this is actually the one that's probably the lowest like with salt through rates a little bit lower in the amount of time it's averaging to take to sell is a little bit higher but I still think it's a bowl of bran so that's why I'm showing it to you guys we are going to open one up really fast and just look for that tag together forever let's see okay so here's the tag I've definitely picked this stuff up before and sold it so I think I've even sent it in to like thread up before so I think it's definitely a good brand to be on the lookout for if you find it for around $5 I would definitely be picking it up okay so the next item we're going to go to we again just used our breadcrumbs at the top here and I found of this brand it is Caroline Contessa I believe is how you pronounce that again I'm sorry if I'm butchering these names it is what it is I'm giving you guys valuable informations that don't hate me because this one is really really good so there's only 209 actives and there's 78 solds that's good that's like my third of them are sold and you might not be this is these are not all brands that you're just gonna walk in and find it every their store but they are brands that you want to keep in the back of your mind right that not everyone's going to see not everyone's going to have and they're easy to pass up because it's not brands that you're recognizing constantly this brand has an average selling price of $92 in the women's clothing category on ebay 23% sell through weight within nine days so in my mind this is definitely a bolo brand let's see if we can find one of those tags to show off really fast here it is okay so there it is right there Caroline Contessa this looks like a very basic tag but you can see the cut of this is you know pretty fancy so this is from Lindo stuff which is one of the top they do millions Unseld every year on eBay okay next plan that we found was called Johanna Johanna ortus again I'm really doing that wrong that's okay because this is an amazing brand I highly doubt many of us are going to find this brand but you guys you never know that is why it's good to know these things now when you're looking at this there was only 56 of these listed you guys but 38 sold so almost the same amount listed as sold and the average selling price on this brand 282 dollars how many of you have heard of this brand I'd never heard of it before I started doing this research tonight but now it's in my mind and I know it and I know that it's going to be out there somewhere so $282 average selling price 52% souther rate within eight days so fan tastic find if anyone ever finds this let's go ahead and do a little search here and see if we can find one of their tags together this looks like a pretty basic seller to like they don't have a lot of listings sit here okay so here's the tag again look at those tacked on tags on the side so you see how the tag is literally just tacked on well it's not sewn all the way down the tag it's just on the corners that is a sign of a higher-end item so that is a tag right there that is def to be looking out for the next brand lots of us know this brand Veronica beard very popular brand right now I believe they're actually opening up a location in San Francisco which means they're expanding which means we're going to be finding more of it but this brand is super popular it has a hundred or sorry a thousand 473 active listings on eBay right now and a thousand 140 sold fantastic if you can get that number even if you if you find brands that have higher Souls than what's actually like listed that right there tells me big bolo run grab it and make the money average selling price for this brand is $144 37% souther rate an eight-day average time period according to the app completely which is not sponsoring this video you should be though I love that app I talk about it all the time it's a great tool for resellers okay let's see if we could find something does the dog I like to find just like this usually they're gonna have at the tags a little bit more so that is it I've actually found this brown before that's exactly what the tag was like very basic and not flashy but there it is oh okay next up we have the brand Zimmerman pretty high-end brand very sought-after I've never found this brand personally but I have heard of it before I definitely consider this a major bolo the current number listed is 3912 the current number sold is 1983 that has an average selling price of 83 dollars 21% south or a 7 days so those are all pretty good numbers and again the this brand does a lot of really pretty like florals and dresses I mean just gorgeous gorgeous pieces if you saw this at the store you would be like yes I should buy this I don't know here let's try and find a heat tag here nope this one well we might just pass on this tag but you get the point good brand definitely bolo ok this brand is Alice McCall I'd never heard of this brand but again I used the bread crumbs up top and I find these brands and then I store them in my memory and I can search faster after their story 798 actives and we have 281 solds average selling price on this is $91 in the women's clothing category 18% of souther rate nine days of listed listing and what oh you get my point here guys okay let's see if we can find a tag well of Australia brand they're very popular mm-hmm okay so this is it let's see if we can we're gonna have a very very basic tag right there guys and nothing fancy very basic very much a bolo okay yes an average selling price of $91 sign me up all right next up we have this brand which again I had never heard of but I use the breadcrumbs and up it popped sass and Bide two hundred or two thousand four hundred and ninety actives 541 sold that isn't the best but it's okay it does have a $81 average selling price that's like selling price and a 21% souther rate in nine days average selling time we're going to try and find the tag why is everything okay that looks like it that's so basic I would not have guessed but maybe I is anything from Australia what's going on with my searches right now guys I think market well whatever same ideas there we go there's another tag right there bad do all right so yeah this is definitely another one we have two more brands for doing ten in total tonight again thank you guys for hanging out with me if you guys like these sort of videos go ahead and leave a comment down below and let me know you want to see more bolo videos like this let me know you hate them whatever you feel now is the time to tell me cuz I I need to hear it if you guys want me to release more of these um so this brand is one of my personal favorite brands I love their pieces is self portrait they make gorgeous dresses I've worn one before the average selling price on this brand is a hundred and three dollars twenty four percent souther rate within nine days there it's it's not a hard brand to find I mean I found my dress I believe it like Nordstrom Rack six thousand actives 1500 solds gorgeous pieces guys just the asila wax that they do are really really stunning this brand sells really well on Poshmark and i would definitely pick it up the talia the very basic two let's see if we can let's see okay there's a us price I was like what's going on I don't know apparently a lot of these are Australian brands and who knows yes this dress is gorgeous love this dress okay so this is what the tag looks like pretty basic but again those tacked on tags you can see it stacked on the side that's usually a sign of a higher-end item okay the Philosopher's and I had never heard of before but again I found it using the breadcrumbs Alexis 5,000 actives 1000 sold average selling price $63 15% sell-through rate and eight days of listing here we go look at these gorgeous pieces that you know this stuff would be doing good over on Poshmark as well let's go ahead and try and find a tag for her no oh yeah basic there it is okay so those are all the brands that I have to share tonight I will be putting more of these up this month if you guys let me know that you like them and if you have any suggestions if you want to see I used to do a lot of these videos privately so I've done like different categories dresses that sell sweaters and like all the different categories so if you want me to break it up into categories or if you guys like just like the overall brands like this I plan on doing some shoe ones we're really gonna get down to business and I'm gonna try and help you guys learn brands that is my number one question and what brand should I be for hang up with a thrift store so hopefully this helps you guys out thank you so much for watching and I will talk to you guys again real soon bye

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  1. Hi! Just found you!!! Love your videos💙 i have been looking for a BOLO video like this … PLEASE do more 😊😊do you use EBay to find these good brands to resell, or do you use others as well? I have been doing poshmark for a year but very few hours a week .. can’t wait to quit my full time job to just sell in poshmark full time!! 💙definitively going to binge on all of your videos this weekend and take notes – THANKS! You are great and very simple.

  2. Thanks for sharing this BOLO brands, Yes please, add more per category like shoes, pants, sweaters, dresses etc….I am really learning a lot from your blog. Thanks again!!

  3. Thank you so much for letting us know about these super gorgeous brands, that's really very nice of you to do so. Yes please make more video's on this topic, and I'm learning so much from you, now I just need to sell what I've picked up lately, …or not so lately. Thank you and be well,…Sandra

  4. Great video! Very useful information, it will help me a lot I'm sure! I am wondering how you determine the average sale price per item? I am not finding that on ebay. Thanks!

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