20 thoughts on “10 Women's Clothing Brands To Sell On Poshmark & Ebay

  1. Hi! Just found you!!! Love your videos💙 i have been looking for a BOLO video like this … PLEASE do more 😊😊do you use EBay to find these good brands to resell, or do you use others as well? I have been doing poshmark for a year but very few hours a week .. can’t wait to quit my full time job to just sell in poshmark full time!! 💙definitively going to binge on all of your videos this weekend and take notes – THANKS! You are great and very simple.

  2. Thanks for sharing this BOLO brands, Yes please, add more per category like shoes, pants, sweaters, dresses etc….I am really learning a lot from your blog. Thanks again!!

  3. Thank you so much for letting us know about these super gorgeous brands, that's really very nice of you to do so. Yes please make more video's on this topic, and I'm learning so much from you, now I just need to sell what I've picked up lately, …or not so lately. Thank you and be well,…Sandra

  4. Great video! Very useful information, it will help me a lot I'm sure! I am wondering how you determine the average sale price per item? I am not finding that on ebay. Thanks!

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