10 Things Men SHOULD NEVER Wear!

I swear if I ever see one of you guys wearing one of these things Who am I kidding I don't care you can wear whatever you want but I decided it would be fun to compile a list of things that I personally think men should just not be wearing but again that's in my opinion you guys can wear whatever you want hopefully I don't get too much hate in the comments section which I know I probably will number one is worn out shoes now there's really not much to say here but there's a lot of guys that wear the same shoes and not out of necessity but more so out of just laziness reality is you can get nice shoes for even ten dollars in my back to school video I showed you where I went to go buy ten dollar shoes at H&M that looked amazing so it's not so much price the problem it's more so not taking care of your shoes letting that accumulate to the point that your shoes start wearing out and ruining your overall outfit number two is wearing a t-shirt where your sleeves are just too loose I've told you before how a t-shirt should properly fit and I've seen the strength a lot in long line tees now longline teens aren't bad in and of themselves but there's certain styles where it's just overly baggy to the point that it just makes you look scrawny which is the exact reason why you shouldn't be wearing number three this is just outdated and I hope nobody's still wearing this and it's boot cut or classic cut jeans both of these styles just end up swallowing whatever Footwear you're wearing and makes your overall aesthetic just look kind of off either up four straight slim and if you want and if you want a little bit more room on the bottom there's even zipper jeans that are trending and would look ten times more stylish number four a wrinkled suit a suit is like your coat of armor if it's wrinkled it's like having a hole in it you're vulnerable you want your suit to be sharp you want it to flow right you want it to drink if it has hard creases take it to the cleaners get it press and trust me it's gonna be the best 20 bucks you ever spent number 5 is an empty wrist you gotta wear something on these guys and if you're not a big into jewelry you must at least wear a watch it's crazy how many subscribers I end up meeting in the malls or when I'm walking out and about and every time I see you guys it's amazing how you guys are all looking stylish and till the tee you always wearing watches and guys are always coming up to you like hey Jose yo check my watch you check my shoes and it's always cool seeing you guys you're implementing the tips and how it's just boost your confidence and building your style overall now a great recommendation for a watch is from responsive in Sarah watches if you guys have never checked out Vince arrow I highly suggest you guys check them out these are some of the nicest watches you're gonna find at this price point I'm gonna have a link below also with a special discount code just for you guys because you're a viewer where you guys can go and check out their range look at them super close these watches are so well built for their price point that when you wear them I mean just look at this timepiece it looks like you're wearing a five hundred to a thousand dollar timepiece yet this thing is like a tenth of the price which makes Mancera one of the best investment pieces for you guys especially if you're building a collection and trying to develop your style if you want a piece that it's just classy looks money but it's still affordable you can fit your budget defense arrows the brand for you and I definitely suggest you guys check them out and check out their whole range everything from their chronograph which are my personal favorite I love the complications in the dial and I love the overall dial design but they also have more minimal and simple watches you can use daily again regardless of which model you choose you can be rest assured this is a timepiece that you're gonna have for years in your collection if you guys want to check out and Sarah and make sure your wrist game is always on point there's gonna be a link and discount code down below the sixth thing that no man should ever be wearing is a sweater or hoodie that has those lint balls starting to form now this is a phenomenon that starts happening to a lot of sweaters especially once you start using them a lot and washing them frequently and it's a clear sign that they're just worn out and dated first I would recommend your sweaters should always be dryclean this is a big step that's gonna avoid those lint balls to ever form and second if they are form you can use a razor using a razor you can easily just shave off those lint balls in and basically rejuvenate that sweater or hoody and make it usable again number seven the flip-flops not so much sandals flip-flops those rubbery cheap think that most guys wear out in public I know it's cringy nobody wants to look at your feet let alone look at your feet on those 99-cent rubber foot fly number eight cargo shorts well I think the last time I worked cargo shorts I was like in kindergarten that should tell you something cargo shorts are at least our short option you will ever choose or ever decide to wear however reality is that if you find yourself a pair of cargo shorts with slim pockets chances are it looks good the problem is either when you buy cargo shorts with baggy pockets that just gives you these weird humps or you decide to use those pockets and actually end up stuffing it with your everyday carry number 9 our transitional lenses so I still remember when I saw these came out back in the 2000 now the concept of transitional lenses in general aren't bad it's the designs they look like they came out of the Terminator movie really these things don't suit any type of face shape and throw you back to the Backstreet Boys era nowadays with so many companies like sunglasses USA or worry Parker you can buy frames at like 50 bucks that are 10 times more stylish super affordable and will actually suit your face shape and finally number 10 is wearing too much fragrance that's the last thing no guy should ever wear it doesn't matter if you're wearing the most expensive best smelling fragrance every woman loves if you pour half the bottle on yourself instantly makes that fragrance tacky it'll give a headache to anybody around you and turn most women off instead of turning them off and that's basically it guys those are 10 things no man should ever wear let me know what you think down below if you guys like this video don't forget to drop us a like down below also don't forget to check out our sponsor band Sarah I'm going to have them link down below as well that's it for me today see you next time

25 thoughts on “10 Things Men SHOULD NEVER Wear!

  1. Boot-cut jeans are great when you're wearing boots..and boots with most other types of jeans can make you look like you don't know how to dress. yourself

  2. This dude smh

    “Shirts should be skin tight”
    “Pants should look like leggings”
    “plain stuff looks better”
    “Watches watches watches !”


  3. I have to disagree with the transistions lenses. They're very useful for people with photofobia, and more convenient than buy a sunglasses and change the original lenses for sunglasses prescription lenses, spending much more.

  4. Things to avoid
    1-take care your shoe.
    2-fit sleive
    3-loose cut jeans.
    4-make your suit clean.
    5-wear something on wrist.
    6-avoid flip flop.
    7-avoid short pant with more pockets
    8-avoid bad looking frame.

  5. Worn out vans,nike sb, Adidas skateboarding that are not too clean yet not to dirty are actually pretty good for fashion depending on your style and they kinda tell a story like worn jeans that you havent cleaned for a year then when you wash the pair it looks great(just my opinion im only 12😂)

  6. Transitional glasses are usually for medical reasons. We cant use sunglasses. 🙂 transitional glasses can be put to different frames also.

  7. Dayi bi nefes al amk. Zaten dediginden bisey anlamiyorum. Yabanci dilim olsaydi youtube kanali acip burdan calip video yayimlardim. Zaten bizim youtuberlarin yaptigi birsey.

  8. Baggy jeans are fine my man. Not crazy baggy, but a little big of baggie is fine. Lemme guess, you’d recommend some but huggin skinny jeans that only chics should wear, yet numerous metro guys somehow can handle wearing.

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